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learners vic

  1. B

    My VN V6 Berlina. (First Car)

    Well, yeah. I am getting my learners this year (I'm in melbourne, No turbo's :@) and i got handed down this VN Berlina with a V6 Swap. It has around 250,000km's on it and is pretty clean (imo). It has some mods such as a 2.5" exhaust, suspension and springs, steering wheel, amp... and that's...
  2. TheDmac

    220 hours in Vic?

    Anyone got information on this? I'm on my L's still, up to about 70 hours (only taken me about a month, and its all legit, drive every day lol) but i hear they want to rise it to 220 hours or something in Victoria, even by July 1st? I'm interested to hear why.