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  1. V

    Calais Shale and cream leather colour the same?

    hi, I’ve got a cream leather interior in my Calais International which is cream on the leather and grey on the plastics. I have seen online ‘Shale’ interiors. These have a different colour plastic trims to the grey but I was wondering if the leather colour is the same as mine. I know the...
  2. Brenton_S

    VE SSV perforated leather seats? And potential SV6 fitting.

    Does anyone know where I could find a VE SSV Leather Seat Base Onyx Trim that has the perforated leather in the centre of the base seat? I cant find anywhere that has new or near new quality. (Similar to this) My VE SS passenger leather seat base has begun splitting at the seams and is past the...
  3. ReaperTBS

    Changing Colour of VE Calais Leather Seats

    Hello again, everyone. Just curious to know whether anybody here either knows of an effective, lasting way to change the colour of the interior leather, or has done it themselves. I'm considering changing from the cream interior colour scheme to black. I've read that the top few layers may...
  4. ReaperTBS

    Putting VZ Calais Seats in a Lumina

    Hi there! Anybody know if putting some VZ Calais powered seats (leather, preferably) in my Lumina would be as simple as removal from the rails, and installation to the lumina rails? Will i need any additional looms/bolts/mounts/anything to install them and get full fuctionality?
  5. S

    vz calais memory seats in earlier model (memory function working)

    Just finished installing my vz calais memory seats in my base model vx just want to show how i wired them as i couldn't find a decent wiring diagram. The vx has 2 wires already for the standard seats which are just power and ground. I had to run a new wire from an ignition source to the new...
  6. M

    Does anyone know?

    This is probably the silliest of all the questions, but I'm going to get my car wrapped a green colour and I'm also looking at changing the interior to leather and I was wondering, is it possible to get dark green leather seats and door trims somewhere, somehow? I'll probably end up putting...
  7. VjamesY

    [NSW] VZ calais black leather Interior

    ITEM: Black leather Seats and 4 door trims out of a VZ calais LOCATION: NSW, Hills District CONDITION: Used PRICE: $1000 open to offers DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: The seats and door trims are in good condition, removed from a...
  8. B

    [VIC] VN 5ltr Calais, $5k spent on car in last 6 months!! NEGOTIABLE ON PRICE!!!

    ITEM: 1990 series 2 VN Calais PRICE: WAS $6500 NOW $5900 NEGOTIABLE!!!!!! LOCATION: VIC, Werribee YEAR: 1990 SERIES: VN series 2 BADGE: Calais ENGINE: 5ltr 304 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Imperial Blue over Asteroid Silver EXTERIOR CONDITION: Excellent INTERIOR CONDITION: Very good...
  9. X

    [XC1TE] Jake

    Name - Jake Car - Vs Exec S2 Engine - Ecotec 3.6, 2.5 Lukey Exhaust, Pacemaker Extractors, Chipped, Rebuilt at 175,000, Now 198,000 Suspension - Lows All Round Wheels - 16" Million Rims, Painted Black, Sport Tyres, Red Walls Interior - Standard Interior Audio - Pinoneer...
  10. makdaddz

    leather trim

    anyone know where i could pick up vt/vx Calais cream leather interior back and front seats and inserts?
  11. makdaddz

    Vt interior

    hey boy's how much would a cream calais leather interior, front/back seats and trims set me back?
  12. iaydemir

    [VIC] WTB - VY leather interior

    DESCRIPTION: I am after leather interior for a VY, doesnt matter wether its berlina, calais or SS depending on condition. LOCATION: VIC CONDITION: Good nick DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will travel or pay post PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: MSG 0433 398 079 or email...
  13. VjamesY

    VY Calais seats into VY Executive... Few quick questions

    Hey guys, Ive looked around the site but couldnt find the exact info required... Ok so Ive got a VY executive and being impulsive have bought a full VY Calais leather trim for my car. I was just wondering If the seats will plug straight in and work? as the Calais seems to have a...
  14. MotivationThoughts

    Interior Retrimmed

    Hey all, Thinking of getting my interior done. 99 VT Exec. Seats, Doors, Dash and maybe more. Thinking Red Leather, or Blue. Anyone knows prices?, Of all or just Seats? Difference between Leather and Vynal? Thanks Guys
  15. davo43

    Can't seem to source a leather auto shifter boot - help!

    Hey guys, Does anyone know the part number or where to source a genuine leather shifter boot for a vz auto?? I ordered a part from Holden which was described as "4 seam, anthracite stitch, leather shift boot" and it turned up and it was vinyl - just like my executive but with 4 seams...
  16. davo43

    Dave's VZ executive wagon

    Hi everyone, though it was about time I introduced myself and my car. I'm Dave and I drive a VZ executive wagon in odyssey blue. The mrs and myself bought the car about 6 weeks ago as we needed something roomy, comfortable and reliable for our upcoming road trip across Australia :) The car...