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led lights

  1. F

    2010 Holden Commodore Omega SIDI - Aftermarket LED Lights

    Hello Guys, Just wanna keep this simple Have a 2010 Holden commodore Omega SIDI - (not series 2) 3.0L V6 I am after aftermarket LED lights for the car to replace stocks Reason: something different and better looking and especially day time LEDS are cool i suppose Very few googling them not...
  2. I

    Dash and heating/air con switches lights(bulbs) size

    Hi again, 3rd thread for the night! So i've tried searching the forum and honestly I can't find out what size bulb I need to buy to replace the stock one's in the Dash/instrument cluster. Are they T5's? What about for the 3 switch aircon/heater panel? are they neo wedge 4, 4.2 or 4.7?? I'm...
  3. Blazed1101

    [NSW] LED light strips

    ITEM: 80 cm LED light strips / compleate wire up sets LOCATION: Central coast CONDITION: New PRICE: around 15 bucks each for strips or send me a PM for sets (depends what you want or need) + postage DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Post or pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit...
  4. M

    Incorrect wiring for interior lights

    Hey guys Putting some LED's in to replace the current bulbs in my centre interior light hub for my 05 VZ Acclaim. Chucked them in, turned them on and they don't work. I spoke to the guy where I got the LED's from and he reckons a few models like the VY and VZ were incorrectly wired during...
  5. TXB-409

    VT Berlina boot and footwell, need help.

    Hey guys, Just wanting to change the light inside the boot to make my subs look better rather than the stock shitty yellow globe, but I can't seem to find a clip or anything to take it off to change the globe. Can anyone tell me if there is a clip or if not, how to get to the LED inside it...

    Bermuda Blue VT with underbody green LED lights

    Hey guys, Contemplating on getting some underbody green LED lights for $100 put on my Bermuda Blue VT S-pack (no spoiler). My interior has 4 footwells with LED lights and 2 small neons that pulse to music in my car, can see in my video attached. Was wondering if you think i should do it or...
  7. Raremetal

    10v interior light?

    Hey guys. So, I was upgrading all my lights on my VR, so I through while I was at it I would upgrade the interior lights as well. So I got x2 blue LED 12v bulbs for inside, and I gets them in the mail and I take out the old one and put in the new one, and nothing happens? So I have a look...

    Opinion on my interior lights? (VT S-Pack)

    Hi this was in the VT-VX section but i wanted it in the general instead. ey guys, just wanted to know what you all think of my VT S-pack interior lighting? My car is Bermuda Blue, but i had green LED lights in my old green vs and took them out of that and in my new car. Do you like...

    Opinions on my VT S-Pack interior lights?

    Hey guys, just wanted to know what you all think of my VT S-pack interior lighting? My car is Bermuda Blue, but i had green LED lights in my old green vs and took them out of that and in my new car. Do you like what I've done? Any suggestions on what else to do? (also the LED lights are alot...
  10. JSTCOZ

    LED button location suggestion?

    Hey Guys, Getting my LED lights put in my car tomorrow and hooked up to the accessories. Have 4 of them, one on driver's feet, passanger feet and under the front seats facing backwards. Just trying to figure out where to put the LED button, thoughts so far was to either place it in the...
  11. mrc25381

    LED Blinkers

    If you replace all your turn signal globes with LED's, don't you need resistors on each of them due to the lack of amps they pull?
  12. C

    Installing LEDs into Commodore 1996 VS

    I want to intall LED strips in either the front door storage areas or the front footwells, I kind of want to do the first as everyone puts them in their footwells. Just wondering though is there a interior light wire on the doors I can tap into, because I dont want to have to run a wire from the...
  13. M

    Vp replacing bulbs with LEDs...

    i just bought some red LED lights because the ones behind my dash aren't working and i dunno how fast im going at night. took out all the face and stuff and theres a lot of bulbs... anyone know which ones i change?