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  1. J

    HiD Bulb Replacement & Legality Question

    I recently purchased a second-hand VS ute for my mother. I'm not car savy so of course I have had nothing but trouble. A few days ago, the ps headlight blew. I tried to get it out to see which one I should buy but it looked weird and wouldn't slide out. Turns out there is a HiD conversion kit...
  2. P

    vy ute straight pipe

    Hi all.. I hate the sound (or lack there of) coming from my vy ute.. I want to take off the muffler and put on a straight pipe in place of it.. hopefully to achieve some sort of sound.. would this sound different or rediculous or what?... and is it legal in qld?.. cheers
  3. J

    Question about lowering a VT commodore?

    Hey, I own a VT commodore, and just put some Pedders on front and back, dropped the car a fair bit. 100mm is available. My question is, I would like to go a bit higher, without taking out my springs, I just want it to sit nicely. I currently have 15" stockies on. What I want to know is, if I...
  4. J

    Ute lowering!

    Hey everyone I have a VY Series 2 S Ute and I want to lower it so the tub sits level... I was thinking SL in the front and SSL in the back.... Does this look good and also does it sit at road legal height in VIC 100mm or something ??? Thanks heaps
  5. aussieakito

    Illegal things

    Hey guys, Im not sure if i posted this in the right area please guide me to the right area if i didnt already put this in the right area. I was just wondering if some of things where illegal. -Mirror Tini -Airbag suspension -Tinted indicator and brake lights -Neons (i dont like them...
  6. S

    [WA] Anyone know the WA laws for suspension and wheels?

    I have recently moved to Western Australia and bought a VS Commodore, all I want to do is lower it a little bit with a stiffer shock/spring combo and put on some larger alloys (probably factory ones from a later model). I just want to know what the rules are so I can keep it all legit? Cheers
  7. speed__demond

    wagon legal springs

    okay i have a vr wagon sits like a tractor has anyone lowered one before?. im thinking super lows all round but the law in vic is 100mm off the ground and id like to stay legal

    Expressing Christmas/holiday spirit with my car

    Hey Guys, Wonder what i can do or put on my car for holiday spirit? Saw you can get red noses and anteles for your car and those are 'allowed' by the police etc. What else does this mean we can get away with? Thoughts i had was like tinsel on your car and stuff if it is allowed. I saw...
  9. Vy S SC

    20inch rims Vy S pac

    Hi guys, im looking into putting some 20inch rims on my 2003 Vy Spac. I was wondering if they are a legal size and if they would void my insurance? I have the stock FE2 at the moment but i find theres sooo much space between the tyre and gaurd with the stock 17 inch rims. Would the 20inch rim...
  10. DAVIDC

    Are 19's Legal on my VN executive?

    Hey guys, i was just about to buy some 19 inch rims for my VN executive that i am doing up for my first car. Its lowered, exhaust, aero body kit etc etc. Anyway yeah just wondering if 19's are legal and if anyone would insurer me? If not are there anyway around it because ive seen alot of...
  11. [p]wrr-247

    need legal help

    if any1 noes a good lawyer in nsw western suburs region pm the details plz
  12. Brittennn

    Insurance claims

    Hey all im Jake and im new to this forum. i was just wondering if anyone has had trouble making a claim due to mods on your VZ like tinting, rims and being lowered etc.? im looking to mod my car and am trying to do some research first. cheers guys.