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level 3

  1. K

    Need a level 3 patch loom!

    So lads, this is my first thread, and I didn't want it to be, I've been looking for a relevant thread for months. Anyway, the level 2 dash in my VR Executive has had broken contact points for as long as I've had it. So obviously, no fuel or water temp without a solid whack on the dash. I'm over...
  2. M

    Vn Calais LvL 3 Cluster

    Hey All , I'm in the middle of customizing my Vn Calais Cluster ......... So far i have most of the new globes ( still waiting on a few ) , also have organised the new custom Fascia Plates . My question is to anyone that might know is can VS LvL 3 cluster LCD Panels be used to replace the...
  3. H

    wiring a vr stage 3 cluster

    can anyone tell me how or point me in the right direction 2 find a wiring diagram for hookin up the 4th plug n trip computer into a vs any help would be awesome
  4. I

    Vx cluster issue, need help

    Hey guys, parts of my cluster have stopped working, ive taken out the cluster and identified a broken copper trace on the board. just a question how to i take it apart? ive removed the needles, the face and theres some torx screws that ive removed. i cant figure out how to separate the back...
  5. Keesh

    [VIC] FS level 3 cluster and 4th connector

    ITEM: vn/vp/vr/vs/vq level 3 cluster and 4th connector loom LOCATION: victoria northern sub's CONDITION: Used vg cond PRICE: Firm $160 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pickup from fawkner or local delivery greensborough area PAYMENT OPTIONS: cash on delivery only CONTACT DETAILS...
  6. aussie4life11

    [WA] WTB: level 3 Instrument cluster

    ITEM: Level 3 instrument cluster, wiring harness and trip computer control box to suit 94 VR V6 auto series 2 acclaim LOCATION: Mid-west, Western Australia CONDITION: Used PRICE: $100. maybe a little more but as im unemployed its a bit hard lol DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay...
  7. tezza

    [NSW] VS Level 3 cluster

    ITEM: Level 3 instrument cluster LOCATION: Sydney, NSW CONDITION: Used PRICE: $65 or best offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup in Sydney or can post for a cost PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on pickup or Direct Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: Ive got a spare level 3...