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  1. C

    Vs diffs

    Chasing a new diff for my vs ute, found a lexcen wagon I could get one from but need to know if a lexcen wagon diff would fit. Being that it's a rebadged commodore I thought it might. Any help is appreciated
  2. Holden Statesman/Caprice Wagon aka the Lexadore

    Holden Statesman/Caprice Wagon aka the Lexadore

    So this is my toyota lexcen which we all know IS a holden at heart. full statesman conversion including all interior from carpet to seatbelts and even rear seats
  3. v6nutz_2012

    Level 3 Clusters interchangeable?

    Ok found a Toyota Lexcen Level 3 cluster at my local wrecker, just curious if it's EXACTLY the same as a VN level 3 cluster If so, are replacement screens easy to find? 2 of the screens have bleeding
  4. S

    P-plater performance mods any ideas?

    I'm a red p plater with a VS V6 lexcen. I wouldn't mind a few upgrades to give the ol girl a bit more power n acceleration. Anyone got any ideas? Bearin in mind the budgets not overly great. Cheers
  5. S


    Gday i've just got my first car. Its a 1996 vs commodore but rebadged as a toyota lexcen. Will that affect any parts i need to get? And also, id like to mod it. Any ideas for exhaust to make it sound a hell of a lot louder and improve looks........... Cheers.

    [VIC] Wrecking VN Commodore/Lexcen V6: RIMS+MORE!

    ITEM: Wrecking my 89 VN Toyota Lexcen/ Holden Commodore. A lot of parts still available LOCATION: Rowville, Melbourne CONDITION: Used PRICE: Parts range from $5 to $300 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can post parts at buyers expense or be picked up from Rowville, Melbourne. PAYMENT OPTIONS...
  7. skunks.monks

    [VIC] FS: 1993 Toyota Lexcen VP II

    ITEM: 1993 Series 2 Vp Lexcen LOCATION: Outter Eastern Suburbs Melbourne YEAR: Feb 1993 SERIES: Example: VP II BADGE: Example: CSi/Executive ENGINE: 3.8l Buick SII TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Burgandy EXTERIOR CONDITION: Excellent except for some few minor marks on rear...
  8. P

    Can a VR trip computer be installed in VR Lexcen

    Hello Everyone Im hoping someone can help.Im putting my poor old Lexcen (poor mans Commodore) back on the road after 3 yrs of no Licence.(driving while having too much fun) I was wondering is it possible to install a trip computer into my VR Lexcen csi? And what would I need eg different...

    My First Car, VN

    Hey Guys!! This is my first car, Its a Toyota Lexcen that i bought early last year! The Car is soo smooth, i guess the one good one of the batch. No Rattles, no problems what so ever!! So far the Vn has a 3 inch stainless steel exhaust with headers, Lowerd 2 inches on king springs, chipped...
  10. J

    [NSW] VR Lexcen/Commodore! Needs cosmetic restoration.

    ITEM: 1994 VR Lexcen / Commodore LOCATION: Wollongong, NSW YEAR: 1994 VR Lexcen SERIES: VR BADGE: CSi ENGINE: 3.8litre V6 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Blue/Purple... see photos EXTERIOR CONDITION: ... could be better INTERIOR CONDITION: interior is alright except the...
  11. R

    Lexcen Turbo Questions

    i have a 96 lexcen thats done 212,000 k's. im looking at either a vs turbo kit for it or maybe putting a vr/vs V8 in it. In a lexcen because the only models to come out were V6's is it possible to put a V8 in without and major structural work. And would it be worth dropping a turbo in at 212...