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  1. H

    Best Cams+Extractors for LFX?

    Apparently the mace cams aren't real great and the xforce extractors seem to be for LLT only? What are the best cams and extractors for a VF SV6 LFX build? And don't bother answering "just get a V8" or "V6 isn't worth modifying" because I have seen 500rwhp builds and it's basically the same...
  2. C

    Did Holden lie about the power output for the LFX V6?

    I know the title sounds delusional and I don't really believe this claim either but I'm currently in a debate on the YouTube comments section where this guy is telling me that the LFX in the Commodores supposedly has 240kw like the Camaro, but Holden advertised it with 210kw to meet the...
  3. LachieKb

    [VE] How to: LLT to LFX engine swap

    My brother and I recently completed a successful LLT to LFX engine swap for my 2009 SIDI VE SV6 ute and figured it would be beneficial to share the process for anyone else who is thinking of doing the same. The whole swap was completed for just the price of the LFX + cats, with no tuning or...
  4. C

    500HP Twin turbo LFX!

    Here's a thread on forum called "G8 Board" in the U.S which shows an LFX making just over 500rwhp: https://www.g8board.com/threads/500hp-twin-turbo-lfx.278449/ The potential on these engines haven't been realised (at least here in Australia) and could give the Barra boys something to pay...
  5. Jakebierman

    2013 VE S2 SV6 LFX Sump info

    Hi guys, first time posting, usually just lurking around for info I'm in the process of swapping a VF lfx crate motor into an VE, I'm seeing everywhere that the sump needs swapping but was hoping someone has a manual with a pinout for the ve lfx oil level conector, thinking of possibly modding...
  6. M

    Ve fuel pressure drop on crank lfx p228c

    My 2013 VE SV6 LFX, has just decided to have a fuel issue one day any not start again. I've replaced both the electronic and high pressure fuel pumps. So on prime I get 60 to 65 psi and the beginning of crank it rolls up to 1800psi, hits 1800 and then dies off to 30 psi and I cannot figure out why
  7. LachieKb

    Timing Chains + Rebuild or LFX Swap?

    I’ve been having issues with my MY2010 SV6 ute, and I now have a couple options to finally fix it, but both will be pricey and I’m not sure which I’m better off doing. TL/DR at bottom. The first issue is that the 2 centre cylinders are down on compression (both 100psi while the other 4 are...
  8. A

    Is it bad for fuel pressure to get low on a CAMMED sv6

    Hi guys and girls. I have a cammed sv6, and I was told not to let fuel get below 1/4 in the tank due to low fuel pressure otherwise “[my] engine will blow”. Now my question is, is this true for all driving conditions or just racing conditions?
  9. J

    Calais V LFX 3.6 Exhaust

    Hey everyone, I've just bought myself a 2017 v6 calais v. Would've loved to go for the 6.2 to match dad's redline but unfortunately I'm on my p's for another 3/4 years. I want to replace the exhaust on the calais, but I don't know what to change it to. I want a little bit of a note and a little...
  10. N

    Vf sv6 - High idle

    I recently cammed my vf sv6 series 2. However, after driving I soon realised that it was idling far too high at around 1050rpm. I’ve had two tuners set the idle at 700rpm through the ecu, however, in drive it still remains at 1050rpm. Before anyone suggests checking vacuum leaks, as I initially...
  11. M

    VF Evoke missfire (shudder) at idle and at 1500rpm

    Hi all, putting this post up for my mum as I'm trying to do my best to not have her spend money at a mechanic. So story goes like this Mums car (2014 Holden evoke sports wagon) has a 3.0 v6 so basically a lfx or an alloytec, about 10 months ago mums car developed a slight missfire at around...
  12. Fu Manchu

    [General] Alloytec Engine Assembly

    Found this great video showing the assembly process of the Alloytec engine. Might help someone. This one is twin turbo, but you get the idea. If only they put a twin turbo 3.6ltr in a Commodore. (Yeah, I know what I'm saying).
  13. M

    VF SV6 advice

    Hey all, I'm after some advice or help in regards to my 2014 VF SV6 wagon. It's been off the road for 2 months now and honestly it's killing me! I've got some sort of problem with the engine where it has thrown a few coded at me, it idles extremely rough and is in a sort of limp mode, the left...
  14. S

    LFX Fuel Pump compatibility with LLT Engine

    Hi Everyone, Apologies if this had been asked before...I couldn't find this specific info. Can anyone tell me if I can run a LFX Fuel pump in an LLT engine without any modifications? I know that Holden list them as different parts but the LFX pump looks the same so wondering if it will run in...
  15. M

    12mm vs 25 mm manifold insulators for LFX

    Hey all. Looking to grab some manifold insulators for my 2013 lfx. Not sure to get 12mm or 25mm. Would there much of a difference? Please help
  16. Hannah B

    Putting SV6 engine into Equipe Ve series II 2011 ?

    Hey need some help here, basically i know basics about cars but when it comes to engines i have no idea what i'm talking/reading about. Long story short, my Equipe ve series II 2011 has developed an engine knock and i've got a good mechanic who's been trying to find an engine to swap for me and...
  17. P

    Sv6 engine swap llt to lfx

    Hi guys I've got a blown ve sv6 llt engine and I've also got a running Lfx sv6 engine with full loom and ecu which I would like to put in blown Ve my question is the only difference i can see between engines is the exhaust outlet is a single port on the lfx and the llt is a 6 port head I also...
  18. G

    Swap a Dead LLT for an LFX.

    Hi Guys this is my first post. I've got an MY10 VE SV6 with an LLT engine which recently kicked the bucket (knackered big end bearing). I want to swap it for the later model LFX engine as they are easier to find, lighter and have a slightly higher power output. I was wondering if anyone...
  19. Danthuyer

    250kW VF SV6 .......... now there are two

    Hi Everyone, Some of you already know the good news but for those who do not we have had another VF Commodore here in AUS install and tune these cams from the team @ MACE Engineering and we are happy to share the positive results with you. This particular vehicle started off with ~190rwkw...
  20. Danthuyer

    LFX 3.6L SIDi cams - RESULTS !!

    Hi Everyone, Some of you already know the good news but for those who do not we have had another VF Commodore here in AUS install and tune these cams from the team @ MACE Engineering and we are happy to share the positive results with you. This particular vehicle started off with ~190rwkw and...
  21. Danthuyer

    SV6 1/4 mile run @ Willowbank

    So whilst I am up in sunny QLD for a holiday I took the LFX for its first test 'n' tune session at Willow bank. I am happy with my 3 runs and the VF got a bit of interest in pre-stage from other holden guys. 14.995 @ 95.81 14.852 @ 95.71 14.774 @ 96.82
  22. C

    LFX 3.6 SIDI - Exhaust, OTR and tune

    Ok, I have a MY12 SV6 SIDI LFX ute that is manual. I've been looking at an OTR for it as I know that mace have been working modifying them for the LFX for some time now. Is it worth putting an OTR on a V6 ? I'd want to put the VCM one on as I know many people with them on their V8's, and they...