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  1. C

    L77 afm lifters swapped to ls7

    So I have changed all 16 lifters and trays in my l77 to ls7, a new genuine cam (L77). They valley cover is l77 also. I bought the car and it never Dropped cylinders so I was assuming The dod delete kit was in Clearly not, no biggie. So currently It idles a bit low and threw up an oil pressure...
  2. M

    Failed lifter or something else?

    Hi guys Just today when driving to my parent's house (45km) i noticed car was making a very loud whinying noise when I arrived, seem to be coming from the passenger top side of the engine (near the water pump and alternator), inside the cabinet it sounded like I had the fan/AC on max (was off)...
  3. M

    vt v6 lifter noise

    hi there, my vt v6 exec just recently sezied a motor, changed motor for a less milage secon hand motor, however there is a ticking noise as soon as i start it when its cold, it lasts about 5 mins till it starts to warm up, i believe it is a lifter because thats a common problem with the...
  4. A

    DIY safety campaign – tell us what you think!

    Nearly 50 Aussie men have died over the past decade after getting under their car which had been raised for DIY repair or maintenance work using a jack, ramp or stands. That’s nearly five deaths a year, not counting the many other serious and often irreversible injuries people have suffered...
  5. C

    Clicking/Chicking noise coming from engine

    OK so ive got this noise and sounds like chick chick chick. its not a solid knocking maybe a tapping type noise. ill post a video if need be. when cars cold u can barely hear it. afta a few minutes of driving it gets louder and louder. And of course as the revs go up the noise is faster. And it...