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  1. lovedores

    VE Park Light Holer Loose

    Hi all, My front passenger side parking light holder is loose and jiggles around which I suspect is why it has blown, not sure if it is related to the low beam light exploding! Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem...time for a new holder? I was thinking of wrapping some electrical...
  2. E

    VY Cluster LED & LCD Removal

    Hey All, Have bought a new cluster as parts of mine have fried (Gotta love the LCD black ring of death)... I have got plenty of experience with soldering etc, but am having trouble removing the LCD's and LED screens at the solder points on my cluster to be changed over. Has anyone had much...
  3. A

    Ignition Ring Light on VE Omega 2008?

    Hi guys, I just bought a VE Omega 2008 and there is no ignition ring light which is pretty annorying. I am wondering if the bulb is dead or if Holden did not bother fitting one ( as they also removed the light in the glove box for that edition...) Are you guys able to confirm if there is a...
  4. Mac70

    LED brake lights

    Hey guys, I’ve suddenly started having issues with one of my brake lights. The left side is working perfectly, yet on the right side, only 6/10 LED lights are lighting up on the brakes, and they’re very dim. If I have tail lights on, they’re all perfect. With tail lights on, and braking...
  5. A

    Seat belt warning behaviour

    Hi, I don't know if it's just mine or whether it's a standard VE thing, but I've noticed a little quirk with my '06 Calais in that during engine startup, the instrument cluster will chime (presumably to remind the driver to fasten seatbelt) but if I'm actually driving and my seatbelt comes off...
  6. Feral007

    VY V6 Elec Issues...

    Gday Guys & Gals, I bought a vy v6 crewman couple of months back now, and im guessing it was played round with by the previous owner. i have fixed a few issues but there are still some i cant figure out. i know these cars have had fuel sender issues but mine is fine, the problem im facing is...
  7. snuglez

    Engine light

    Did a stand still for 5 seconds in my ve sv6 manual ute and my check engine light has come on , should i be worried ?
  8. N

    Parker Talight and Number Plate Light's Not Working

    Hey all, I need help, got a VX sedan, my rear parker lights and number plate lights aren't working. Checked the F4 fuse (illumination, park lamps) is all good and the globes are all good. Other than that, can't diagnose anything else. I'm not that great with electrical but if anyone could...
  9. D

    VZ randomly running rough and stalling while driving

    Hi Everyone I've been reading the forums for troubleshooting a VZ issue but can't find what's the problem so I thought I'll ask you guys, you all seem pretty sharp. Its a 2006 VZ v6 berlina auto sedan thats starting to idle rough at the lights occasionally then will stall if taking your foot...
  10. soleit

    WH Statesman cornering globes

    I figured it's time to see why the cornering lights weren't working when I indicated at night. Very easy to diagnose. The plugs are all there but the bulbs aren't. Anyone know what wattage or bulb ID they are?
  11. M

    How long untill engine light re-appears after being cleared

    Hello all iam only new to this so iam not sure if this question is in the right place. I own a 2006 VE Omega 3.6L Auto. Recently the check engine warning light came on so I went to a mechanic and got them to run a scan it gave me 2 error codes: P0056 Heater Circuit Bank 2 Sensor 2 and P0158...
  12. M

    VZ 'Check Powertrain' Need some ideas....

    Hi, a few months ago a 'Check Powertrain' light appeared on my Calais. I had it looked at by a Mechanic who said that it was the 'Evap purge valve/solanoid' Needs replacing. After hunting a new one down, i replaced it and the light was still on. I took it to another mechanic for a second...
  13. A

    Interior light problems

    Ok so I have this very strange problem with the interior light of my 03 VY Calais. Today I was driving along and noticed that my interior light was on. All the doors were closed and the switch was set to "Doors". When I switch the switch to "off" nothing happened. The lights did not turn...
  14. S

    Cluster/dash LED upgrade

    been looking around for new cluster/dash lights for my vx commodore, i recently just jumped on ebay and bought some cluster led's to see how they went assuming led's are brighter than incandescent usually i just grabbed the cheapest and most promising ended up grabbing some T5 globes with a...
  15. Jaz11

    Right Tail light and Number plate lights gone?

    I guess this would class under wiring and so on... so i just got home and noticed 1 of the little white led number plate lights i bought of ebay was flashing on and off instead of staying on so i pulled it out, then put it back in...all of a sudden my right tail light and both my number plate...
  16. Vy S SC

    HID H4 VY HI/LO or Single Beam?

    Hi there. I was going to purchase a HID kit from the following site : http://www.delonixradar.com.au/hid-xenon/car-hid-lights/h4/dlx/50w/index.php#Questions I do a lot of rural driving and was going to install them in a projector headlight. I am a bit confused with which kit to...
  17. M

    ABS fault light on

    Hi, I've got a series 1 VR Exec. They didn't come standard with ABS, I think it was fitted as a factory or dealer option. A little while ago the fuse (#9) for the Heater A/C Cont. overheated. Instead of blowing it melted and the terminals moved together to stay conductive. The socket also...
  18. C

    rocker switch light not working

    iv hooked up some leds in my car to a switch but i cant get the light on the switch to work does anyone know how to get them working
  19. C

    2004 Clubsport YII shift alert light

    Just picked up a 2004 Clubsport YII and every time i floor it a light comes up saying shift up, it also has an alarm on it.. is there a way to turn this off. The car is an auto so i don't understand why it would be telling me to shift up in drive.
  20. S

    light up car badge

    ive seen a few cars recently that have their car badge with a light behind it. ive seen the chevy ones on ebay but no holden ones, anyone seen one or know where to get it?
  21. J

    LED Dash conversion questions

    hey just wondering what blue LED's would i need for a VY ute? would this do? eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d also could i jut buy normal LED's? what have other people used?
  22. GIJoel

    LPG dash light with aftermarket Impco system

    Hey all, About a month ago I had an Impco duel fuel system installed in my VT Berlina. I know there's an LPG light on the dash, I'd like it to light up when I'm on gas, but have no idea how to enable it. I'd also like to replace the aftermarket fuel switch, with a Holden one, but I don't...
  23. B

    08' ve glove box/boot light fuse help!!!

    since buying my car over a year ago i have never had a working boot or glove box light, it never really bothered me, but now its starting to bug me so its time to kill the issue, i have checked it out and all wiring and globes are fitted, at first i thought it was just the globe so i replaced...
  24. T

    Glovebox light wont turn off

    hey guys, just had my Line out converter fitted and turn on wire was run to the hands free plug behind the glovebox. since getting my car back (and the LOC works great i might add) the glovebox light will not turn off. i cant get my car back to the auto elec in the next day or two. i...
  25. S

    Installing led's to footwells

    I've just bought some neons for my series 1 sv6 and i want to hook them up to the center light.. I've read on other threads that you go up to the light it self and tap into the wire there. But is there an easier way? Can you tap into the wire under the door kick step thing or the a pillar? If so...
  26. stevebutler

    I've had enough.

    Right i've had enough with this stupid VT. Can anyone think of any part of the car that could be causing the highbeams to draw small amounts of power from the passenger low beam (when the high beams are off), and only the drivers side highbeam to work (passenger low beam dimming at the same...
  27. stevebutler

    Please read and advise. headlights

    Okay so heres whats happening. On a trip to Melbourne from Adelaide i had something fall from the back of a truck and smack into the front of my VT Berlina. After that i had one dull headlight, bright parkers, one highbeam and headlights turning off when high beams are on. I took it to auto...
  28. stevebutler

    My headlights are on drugs.. help?

    Angel Eye dramas :( https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=2029127226449 Story goes. Driving to Melbourne from Adelaide, a small rubber object (soccer ball size) fell off the back of a passing truck and struck the drivers fron corner somewhere. Since then... 1. parkers seemingly work fine...
  29. KrisHolden

    VZ Calais Boot Light not working

    Hey guys! Something unusual is happening. When I open the boot and lift the lid, it takes like 1min before the light comes on. Can anyone be kind enough to make any suggestions? Does anybody know how to correctly remove the light bulb cover without causing any damage? Appreciated it!
  30. J

    [SA] VE omega/SV6/SS Brake Lights/Lamps

    ITEM: VE SV6/SS Brake Lights/Lamps DESCRIPTION: Factory red brake + indicator lamps for VE. bulbs included. CONDITION: perfect condition PRICE: $50 all together for both. TRANSIT: pick up only. based in bedford park, adelaide.
  31. DmanVT

    air pressure gauge modification for light help :/

    hey all, i have a question, is it possible to put a light in behind the dial of a pressure gauge ( that doesnt have a light hole ) so it can be visible at night? i have a pressure gauge that i want to put in my car for my airbag tank, i was wondering if i could drill a hole in the back of...
  32. R

    [VIC] WTB: VY SS headlights (genuine)

    ITEM: what to buy VY SS Headlights (pair) new or second hand in good condition LOCATION: Victoria, Melbourne CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: depends if they are new or used, make me an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: i dont mind paying for postage, would prefer to pick up...
  33. C

    [QLD] FS: VE Headlights Omega/SV6/SS Genuine Pair

    ITEM: Pair of GENUINE Holden SV6 Headlights. LOCATION: Brisbane QLD CONDITION: Used, in near new very good condition. Only fitted for 30,000kms. (upgraded to projector style lights.) PRICE: MAKE AN OFFER! CHEAP! Can split pair. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up preferred, can also be...
  34. bmarriott.live

    Replace headlights vx exe

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me the easyest way to remove the old headlights, so i can replace them with altezza's.
  35. J

    shift light on a standard taco?

    i was just wondering if theres any way you can wire up a shift light to a standard tacho and set what revs the light comes on?? cheers!
  36. StormVY

    [VY] Splice in LED light strips to your fog light wires.

    *Please note I did this on a VY Storm (aka SS bodykit) so the wiring and switch availability may not be there for everyone. Check here for some info on hooking up your lights without a fog switch, ie. to your parkers.* This is just a basic mod and will only apply to a minority who a) Have fog...
  37. J

    VE SV6 and SS-V Brake Lights Swap??

    Hello world, Does anyone who owns a SS-V not like their black brake lights and would be keen for a swap with SV6 red brake lights? My SV6 is brand new! Jayceon
  38. mrc25381

    Headlight chrome

    Dudes, What would I use to recoat the chrome on a headlight? I went to clean one the other day and ended up wiping the chrome clean off in 1 or 2 spots back to this yellow crap. So I'm wondering is there like stuff you can paint or stick on to replicate a chrome finish? I've used "chrome"...
  39. hfcmad

    [VIC] 6 Foot Aquarium Light

    ITEM: 6ft Aquarium Light LOCATION: South East Melbourne CONDITION: Used PRICE: $100 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up Preferred PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM Me OTHER INFO: I have recently upgraded my lighting on my 6ft tank so I'm selling this one It...
  40. Gunzero

    Engine light coming on

    when i start my car the engine light comes on only started doing it when i put a pod filter on it only says on for a bit then goes out