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  1. R

    Cup holders and light bar

    Hey guys, I have a 2005 vz sv6 and I want to install a berlina/calais trim around the center stack so that I have the cupholders up there. Just wondering does anyone know if this is possible? And because I live in country vic and drive alot at night I am thinking about installing a light bar...
  2. B

    Single LCD screen not lighting up

    Hey all, just recently changed globes in my dash cluster one of them being the screen, but plugging back in didn't light up (all works though) being globes from Pull It I got a second globe swapped that one in but still no light. Before I start pulling apart getting suggestions please. Is there...
  3. O

    No dash lighting after head unit install

    Hey all. I have a 98 VT and I got a mate to install footwell LESs for me. For power he tapped into the head unit power in the head unit loom so they come on when the car does. Ever since then my cluster climate control or shifter nothing on the dash lights up. I've replaced fuses and all what...
  4. M

    ex cop ve ute problems with internal lighting

    i recently run my battery flat i discounted it recharged it and once reconnect my dash and stereo were stuck in night mode , it is a ex cop ute so it has the switch near the sun cases which never actually worked the whole time ive had the car mind you but ive reset every setting push both...
  5. jayden.2.2

    Interior lighting

    Hey Lads, Does anyone know if you can change the color of the lights on the power window master switches, the shifter light and the sportsmode/traction control lights? Perhaps by changing and LED or something? The areas i mean are circled in the photo below. Thanks in advance
  6. D

    Options Menu?

    Hi all, I have just joined this site today to ask this question. I know this may be a dumb question, but I would like to know how to access the menu where you can change the cars settings. To be specific, I want to enable "approach lighting", "egress lighting" and "beep remote lock", as they are...
  7. S

    VX Executive Phillip Diamond Head Lights

    Hello, This is my first post so it may be LQ. I recently bought some new halogen globes (Diamond Vision 5000k H4) As being an inexperienced eager teenager that I am I completely forgot about changing my parkers which does not have the correct lighting running through the whole headlight...
  8. J

    Legality of aftermarket lighting

    Hey guys in the process of doing up my vs i figured i would as i got a new engine dropped in but i would also like to install some aftermarket lighting. just wanna know if it's legal in queensland and victoria as i'll be moving there soon. Im not talking about stupid neons and **** just coloured...
  9. W

    VZ UTE - Slimline Subs/Interior Modifications

    I feel like i've seemingly gone through every thread on the internet and not found what i'm looking for... For some background info, all the information relates to an install into a 06 VZ Thunder S ute, of which I will be taking delivery this coming Saturday (unbelievably excited). I'd...
  10. Thurlz

    S2 Acclaim Footwell Lighting

    Fairly new to car modding, but been researching and found a lot of helpful info. Just a few fine details I can't quite understand yet. I'll be installing my own LED footwell lighting in my VT s2 acclaim in the next week or so.. Now, my car does NOT already have footwell lighting in it.. So I...
  11. SamssuperVT

    need a vt calais headlight switch TODAY!

    can anybody help me out. i need a vt calais headlight switch today asap. if you have a spare one lying around and wanna get rid of it or sell it let me know. not too much though. MELBOURNE around the western suburbs plz thanx. msg me ur conctact details soo we can arrange pick up. gimmie a...
  12. R

    Trailer Wiring

    I am just fitting a tow bar to my VT commodore wagon. Is there a prewired harness run to connect up the lighting or do I need to splice into the tail lights? If so what is the best way of hooking it up?