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lights on dash

  1. M

    How to change Cluster colour

    Hi guys I have a 2008 Ve Ssv can someone please help me. I'm over the orange dash cluster and I want to change it to something different what are my options.
  2. L

    Vn Calais Lcd Dash lights not working?????

    Hey guys new to forum! I have a VN Calais and the 3 window LCD screens don't light up properly! the left one doesn't light up at all, half of the middle one and all of the right one but very dim. there is no bleeds and all the info is there just not lighting up!! How do i fix it? do i need a new...
  3. All style

    1995 VR Acclaim ( lights in dash )

    hey guys i was just wondoring the stock white lights behind dials on dash im going to change what light size will fit in there the t5 ? or t10 i have brought a pack of t5s but if i take a part to see if they fit i wont be able to drive to shop to get more so i need to know what size and how...
  4. M

    VE SS V Redline fog lamps not working

    Ok Ive just bought the new baby home and do you think i can work out a simple little issue like getting the fog lamps to work. Na not the case can anyone shed some light on this. To answer some ?s yes the lamps are there (fog) and on the knobe that you turn the lights on there is two...
  5. V

    EMS light coming on amongst others

    Hi Commodore enthusiasts, I have a great VX Berlina which I have never had a problem with until now. The other day I was driving and the EMS light came on as well as the ABS, TRAC OFF and the airbag light. They stay on but are not on everyday just sometimes. I have read in the manual that is ok...