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  1. B

    Rear LED light install VF SSV series 2

    Hi guys, Just joined today. Wondering if anyone knows where to get VF rear led lights installed. Unlike the VE which was easy, VF you have to take the rear bumper down. I have had the LED lights for A year and I’m too nervous to do it myself. I would mess it up. Anyone know a good installer?
  2. H

    Vz Commodore

    Hey ladies and gentlemen i was just wondering what would be the best headlights and tail lights to put on my Vz? I want something that looks cool but is also functional my car is Black any help is greatly appreciated Cheers
  3. S

    Vt commodore rear tail lights and brake lights not working!!!

    Hey guys, I've tried checking the fuses to the rear parkers and brake lights and I replaced them, I also have changed the globes but it's still not working. Does anybody have any ideas of what this problem could be? My licence plate lights and reverse lights are still working.
  4. I

    VS Ute Central Locking

    Hey everyone, be warned I'm car illiterate :S So my question is when I push the button on my key for my 95 vs Ute my interior light comes on but no doors unlock. I'm sure I'd have central locking because I can't manually lock my driver side door without it being closed. Fuees are all fine...
  5. Seamust

    Calais V puddle and door light upgrade

    Hey just wondering if anyone has changed the bulbs in the mirrors and doors and if so how did you get to the lights and what bulbs did they take ? Thanks
  6. K

    VX Park lights not working

    Need help! I have recently purchased a 2001 VX Acclaim with several issues which I intended to fix. I am down to the last issue before a WOF and can't figure it out. Front Parking lights are not working (rear are fine). I have replaced the bulbs and the fuse. Any ideas what else this could be?
  7. B

    Brake lights and left indicator turn on with headlights

    Hey guys, So when i turned my headlights on the other day my brake lights turned on and so did my left hand indicator not flashing just solid when the headlights are off everything is fine. I have check fuses and relays in the engine bay and in the car. Check the rear passenger side rear tail...
  8. D

    VX Calais Brake Lights are haunted

    Haunted. Yes. Haunted. Now I have your attention, does anybody know why or have the same issue as this? My Brake lights decide to stop working occasionally. Like they will be on and fine for a while, then they stop working and start working again when they feel like it. We have replaced...
  9. S

    Wk fog lights

    What size fog globes does the wk statesman take would like white ones Not sure about a led conversion
  10. TommyC0412

    03 vy ss commodore indicator fault

    Hey have a 03 vy ss and the drivers side indicator is funtioning with the head lights. If the lights are off it works normal but when driving at night with headlights on the indicator just stays lit up not blinking. Anyone know a fix ive tried the flasher relay but didnt make a difference...
  11. N

    Need help with VY Executive Instrument Cluster.

    So, long story short... I attempted the dash light mod on the cluster, changing out the green LEDs for blue ones. I managed to pull this off successfully, with the exception of the cluster resetting all its programming. Everything was working fine last night, but I've gone to drive off this...
  12. N

    Misc. Light Questions

    I'm just about to change a few of the smaller lights on my VE Berlina Wagon (2009) from stock to LED lights and I have a few questions that a few hours of searching haven't been able to solve (apologies if I missed a thread with the answers) 1. What kind of bulb does the light in the wagon boot...
  13. N

    Replacing VE Footwell Bulbs?

    I'd really like to replace the stock footwell light bulbs in my 2009 Berlina with some LED bulbs - does anyone know what type of bulb the stock footwell light uses, and how one would go about replacing/changing the bulb? Cheers!
  14. S

    LED driving lights

    hey guys this might be a silly question but I was just wondering if its possible to leave the LED driving lights on when your headlights are also on? I've got a VF2 ute cheers
  15. S

    VF 2 UTE tail lights

    hey guys was just wondering if you can get the LED station wagon tail lights fitted on the utes? are they the same? cheers
  16. L

    VE SV6 LED's and headunit as well as some exhaust stuff

    Hey guys, Recently (a week ago) i sold my vu and purchased a 2010 ve sv6 series 1. I have been impressed with the car, quick, quite, reliable and so much fun to drive. But the interior as its a series 1 isnt the greatest, i would like to purchase a better headunit. I have searched for...
  17. A

    So I have some odd wiring in my taillights..

    Hey guys. I had my rear taillights replaced on my VE sv6 oday to the LED ones and I noticed a tonne of extra wiring on one side of the car. Here's a pic : http://i.imgur.com/GctGLdAh.jpg As you can see there are a tonne of wiring, that isn't present on the other side. The guy who sold me...
  18. I

    Wiring DRL - fuse keeps blowing

    G'day lads, I've got a tricky question for you all. I've wired up my DRLs using a relay, in line fuse and a in cabin switch. The positive wires from the switch and relay have been hooked up directly to the battery and same goes for the negative wires from the switch and relay. When the...
  19. N

    Help with Air Con Controls (HVAC)

    Hey guys, recently I've decided to put my interior back to stock color. The only problem is I've lost some of the globes for my air con control. I went to u pull it to try find some gloves but all the units are different. Mines from a VX so I can't pull the front facing off like you can with...
  20. shedevil666

    VR calais 5.0L into vr EXECUTIVE

    hey guys, I have done a conversion from 5.0l Calais to executive. I have the car started I have reds, and break lights but no head lights or tail lights ! ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE and the only thing I have un hooked is Neons that were on the car before I got it the switch on thee dash...
  21. H

    ¬ Lights aren't working anymore, Cupholder stuck open !!! ¬

    Hi, I'm new here So my *PRND321* illumination isn't working anymore as there is no lightening, is there any way to fix it? what to replace? Also my left cupholder is stuck open and won't close. a common problem or i need to tear the dash and figure it out myself? help will be much...
  22. V

    After market Rear Tail lights

    Hey, this is my first post :) I'm wondering about after market rear lights, I was looking on eBay and found two I like but don't know which to choose. Maybe you guys have it on your car or any other ones that look great. My car is white so black ones will preferably look better. First one...
  23. T

    Vr Brake Lights & Indicators playing up? Need a little help :)

    Hi I got an issue with my lights and wondering if someone can point my in the right direction to fix it. Only one of the brake lights is lighting up while putting my foot on the brake. When I turn my headlights on both the rear brake lights glow so the bulb isn't blown, then when I put my foot...
  24. J

    vy ute tray lights

    has anyone ever connected lights in there tray. for example a fluro light or a rope light. did you have to run a wire from the battery?. or did you have a power source in the tray, thanks john
  25. Jaz11

    Maloo Front Bar Grill LED's...

    I need opinions, You know when you see something and you're not sure if you're going to love it or think why did i do this... You can get these LED grill kits that wire the same as your interior light so that whenever the interior light comes on so does the grill lights. I imagine, walking...
  26. theking

    Dash light adjuster

    Hi guys, I hope you all are having a pretty good time and a fun summer. I'm having some trouble with a button on my car, and I couldn't seem to search for it appropriately on Google. I was hoping to get some help here. The 2 upper buttons "+,-" with the moon next to them, above the...
  27. J

    Hi beam dash light problem

    I recently brought this car and I'm getting it ready for rwc. Noticed the high beam dash light does not work replaced bulb checked fuses but still cannot get it to work any ideas on this?? Also the green cruise light has the same problem Need to fix it or won't be rw please help.
  28. V

    Vh headlights

    Vh light wiring diagrams Hi all, having problems with my vh sle headlights, both park lights work, no low beam and only Lh high beam works, anybody have any ideas? Or wiring diagrams?
  29. V

    Vh light wiring diagrams

    Hi all, having problems with my vh sle headlights, both park lights work, no low beam and only Lh high beam works, anybody have any ideas? Or wiring diagrams? Cheers
  30. T

    VE Series 2 ambient lighting

    Just recently installed some ambient lighting on my series 2 omega, thought i would put up a picture and share the idea if anyone is interested in doing it themselves. They look pretty bright in the picture but, the lights are facing towards the dash and aren't too bright at all !
  31. W

    E1 Clubsport lights?

    Hi guys does any one no where i could get after market lights or the proper ones for a e1 clubsport front bar got given a bar from a mate and cant seem to find much in the way of information on the first series of hsv's or do any other lights fit in the holes in the bar? Any help will be very...
  32. M

    VZ: short between left indicator and dash/parking lights

    Hi all, out of the blue today, I have a short between my left indicators and the dash board panel & parking lights. I wasn't doing any work on the car (in fact I am holidays at the Sunshine Coast). With lights off, the parkers flash with the left indicators. When parkers are on, the left...
  33. S

    [NSW] Wtb vl calais parts

    DESCRIPTION: VL Calais interior, side panels, rear panel, rear lights, front lights ITEM: In description LOCATION: NSW, Wollongong CONDITION: New or Used, must be in reasonable condition DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will travel to pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: Preferably cash on pick...
  34. Holden vz

    Wiring Problem Headlight Switch

    Hey Guys Ive recently put in fog light on my vz but it didn't have wiring so i got a wiring set of eBay everything is working but i wont to control the fog light of the ss headlight switch instead of the one provided with the wiring set i just want to know where to tap the switch wires into...
  35. Holden vz

    SS Headlight Switch Installation

    Hey guys just wondering how i remove the stock vz exec headlight switch, and wire up my fog lights witch have there own separate switch to the ss switch Cheers
  36. davey32

    VY Replacement Headlights

    Hey guys, recently I've been looking to upgrade my 2003 Vy S headlights - h4's... I'm over the poor range and look of the OEM bulbs.. Just wondering what replacements would get me a quality range + a slight blue tinge but still legal as I don't want to mess around with HID's and still be...
  37. R

    VY Auto-headlights and Low Beam Faulty.

    Hey guys, Just had my alternator go (over-charging) and got it replaced. When it died, it dropped out all my lights. I've since replaced all the dead fuses I could find, which were only for the interior lights. They now work fine. It's my auto-lights and low beam that aren't working...
  38. M

    pre-apprentice needing help

    I'm stuck on an assessment . When the park lights are on and I turn the indicators the park lights flash in opposite time to the indicator . Any help is appreciated
  39. F

    Issues with lights and indicators on vp Calais

    Did some searching on Google and can't seem to find my problem so posting it on here. The problem is my high beam will work when pulled to flash but not when pushed forward. Also my indicators won't work when signalling left or right but all work when I use the hazards can't seem to find the...
  40. S

    highbeam not working but lowbeam/parkers are

    Hi all! just wondering if anyone could help me out with why my highbeam isnt working? checked fuses, replaced globes etc parkers and lowbeam work fine i just have no highbeam..