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limited edition

  1. G

    [WA] Collector Car Restoration, Can Adding Rare Accessories Boost Value

    Hello everyone I am currently working on a Restoration project on a Holden Collector Car, my questions are about overall resale and if adding extra eye for detail would value the vehicle more. I'll give an example of what I mean, let's say the resto car is a 73 Statesman Deville and it had a...
  2. V

    VL limited edition info needed

    I have two VL's one is a v8 berlina with a 5.0L out of a vk ( going by the engine number) that i have owned for 1 year the other i have had for 6 years it is a 6 cyl auto it originally had exec interior but i changed it to berlina it is Holden brigade red (so I am told) color coded bars has...
  3. premium

    VL LE Bumpers

    Hey Guys, So; I may or may not have stacked the VL, but it's all good, merely cosmetic damage. That's the good news. The bad news is that the front bumper is more or less f*cked, and it's not a standard bumper, as the Limited Edition Exec VL's came out with the silver bumpers. Does...