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  1. J

    Tramsmission Oil Cooler pipes and fittings

    Hi. New here and could only find a couple of really old threads on this, so posting this one. I had to replace the radiator in my VX Berlina (2001 model). This radiator has dual built-in oil coolers. Does anybody know of a place that sells hoses/pipes for both the in and out lines as well as...
  2. Andrew Young

    L67 conversion VS ute

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations with setting up a higher flow fuel pump for l67 conversion plus also if anyone has done braided fuel lines if they can recommend a "kit" or sizes and adaptors/ guide. Cheers
  3. Paul_grima

    VL - Screwed into fuel lines???

    Hi everyone. Today i was mounting my sub n amp in my vl and as i was screwing a screw on the floor of the boot just above the fuel tank, i heard a sound of like air leaking out from underneath the screw. I undid the two rear bolts on the fuel tanks backets and dropped one side and had a look but...
  4. N

    i need help

    i have just recently purchased a 86 vl, i have bought a LSD diff for it to, i wanna get new brakes for it but i dont know what i need, hand brake line? is it different? disc brakes? calipers? braided lines? any information on this subject would be really useful

    Chrome exterior line

    Hey, On the outside of the VS there is a plain looking line around the car (grey i think) and basically I want to make that chrome instead. It looks just like tape or something. Know where I can find something to put over the top of the original grey lines? Cheers Matt