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liquid gas

  1. F

    Liquid LPG Conversion on a GEN III LS1

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know an installer in perth who is able to convert Gen III LS1's to Liquid LPG?Gaspower said they could about 3 months ago using a JTP system but now they are saying they can't. Might be something do with the fact they are now using kits from Orbital (I believe). I've...
  2. H

    VZ LPG Conversion

    Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before but i'm so terribly inept when it comes to JC and my car. I have an 05' VZ Exec sedan and was wondering whats the deal with LPG conversion. 1. What is the total cost of conversion after rebate? 2. Is the fuel cost going to be dramatically...