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live axle

  1. Commo_Carl


    I thought I might share this series of videos here for you guys. I'm sure this will help MANY of you guys on here. Basic run-down - VR V6 Commodore, custom turbo monster ute, going from 3.08 to 3.73 diff gears, M78 live axle (applies for most live axles and majority applies to IRS too)...
  2. Kierab

    [NSW] WTB: Front Ultra Low springs for a VS sedan, live axle.

    DESCRIPTION:/ Wanted to Buy / ITEM: Front ultra low springs for a vs sedan. LOCATION: Northshore of NSW, Hornsby, Chatswood, etc... CONDITION:used, new would be nice though DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: i can arrange postage, or if your close ill drive. PAYMENT OPTIONS: cash, paypal if you...
  3. Gunzero

    Ford NC LSD center into VS Live axle

    I have a 92 Ford NC fairlane diff center LSD borg warner 78 series just wondering if it would go into my 95 VS live axle diff iv been told as long as its BW 78, 4-spider center, 28spline axles it will fit but i dont know so ill ask you guys
  4. B

    diff swap questions for vs

    VS commodore exec series 2 live axle no abs about to replace noisy diff in vs, and cannot remove flange bolts connecting tailshaft to diff on my replacement diff that has remnant of cut tailshaft still attatched. So I have decided to cut them of with a grinder. Now if the same happens with the...
  5. Brendo169

    live axle or irs

    hey guys im about to buy a 96 vs series 1 executive it has the 5L backed by t5 just wondering if it would have live axle or irs....i have been told that the executives came with live axle but not sure i know that the car has a lsd also what are the benefits of either system in your opinions
  6. S2_VR_

    For The Sake Of Lowering!!...about IRS and Live axle i need some help...please

    Hi guys, i have a VR executive With "Live Axle".....and i just bought a VR Calais Shell with New (1500k's) Pedders suspension all round.....my question is i am wanting to transfer the lowered suspension from the calais to the executive....but the question is what can i transfer???.... i...