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  1. Tanski

    Installing Line Output Converter Help/ Ve Ute 2008

    Hey guys, I’ve been reading a couple forums about installing a LOC (AP3042A) into the Ute but just can’t wrap my head around it, I’ve tapped into all necessary speakers and that, but the 2 Channel LOC I’m using has a (brown) gnd audio and a (black) gnd, I don’t know what to do with these ones...
  2. AZ_SSV

    LOC off rear subs in ve ssv

    Hi guys has anyone run an loc of the rear stock ve subs? I had a crack and it didn't sound too good. Should I just piss the stock subs off and run the loc off the rear door speakers? Also perhaps I should have run the loc before the amp. Any ideas? Cheers Az
  3. A

    Ve SV6 stock headunit with amp and subs?

    I have a VE SV6 that is in desperate need of new speakers, i have researched all the speakers and amps i need to purchase. But now im really stuck on what kind of Line Output Converter i need? Im running 2 amps, one 4 channel to run the speakers and then a single channel to run the sub, does...
  4. M

    Adding Speakers to VE Sportwagon

    Hi There Just a question that i havnt been able to find an answer for after lots of forum searching... Previously in my last car i had: - 2 pairs of rockford fosgate power 5 x 7's - 1 rockford fosgate p500-4 (4 channel amp) - 2 kicker CVR Comps - 1 Alpine MRX-M110 Because there is...
  5. D

    VE Series 2 LOC AND SUB INFO

    Hi all, . . i know its been covered a lot with ve series 1 LOC installs on this forum and others ive read many many Im hoping a few of you guys have started playing with the holden iq radios allready, if not i will post and post pics of anything i can to help the next guy..... i would...