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  1. Tickle me elmo

    VE Brakes head scratcher

    Hi all, Gotta be honest here I'm stumped, completely - totally stumped. I bought a 2010 VE ute that had been sitting unused with a blown engine for about 18 months. Long story short I replaced the engine (so it was mobile) and then started on the process of restoration (mechanically) The brake...
  2. C

    Door lock when turning ignition OFF

    I have an issue with a VY S2 Calais they I recently bought. I know there is a function to lock the door when you put the transmission in Drive, which I have turned off, but this is not what’s happening. I turn the ignition off and the doors lock. Half the time I manually unlock the door and the...
  3. I

    VS Ute Central Locking

    Hey everyone, be warned I'm car illiterate :S So my question is when I push the button on my key for my 95 vs Ute my interior light comes on but no doors unlock. I'm sure I'd have central locking because I can't manually lock my driver side door without it being closed. Fuees are all fine...
  4. G

    VZ unable to lock with key

    I just recently got a 2005 VZ equip wagon from a dealer it was working fine past few weeks apart from now I'm unable to use the remote locking or my rear left indicator stays on till the battery dies and now I'm unable to lock the car with the key so if anybody has had similar problem I'm...
  5. P

    New Keys/BCM not locking/unlocking remotely

    Hi All got my first commodore, a 2003 VY ute 4 months ago and it's great with no real issues so far, but both the keys were shot - batteries dead and rubber key buttons shredded. So after a bit of research on here elected to replace the bcm and get 2 new keys. Had to take it to Holden Dealer...
  6. Longy188

    VZ Central Locking Alarm!

    Gday i was wandering if someone was able to help me or put me in the right direction, i have a VZ SV6, and for some reason it has just started acting weird when i lock the car it alarms as if there is a door ajar or open and when i check eash door boot bonnet etc they are all closed and shut...
  7. T

    Vp Calais central locking problem

    My Vp Calais central locking stopped working suddenly. The security still works when I press the remote but none of the locks come up. I'm thinking since they all stopped at once its not the actuators but more likely a fuse or relay. Does anyone know where the fuses/relays are located,they are...
  8. J

    VX Spontaneously Unlocking

    I have a 2001 VX S which has started to spontaneously unlock. When I lock it everything seems to lock just fine, then some time later it will suddenly unlock all of the doors. Sometimes this happens in mere seconds but often it doesn't happen for hours, and sometimes not at all. It seemed to...
  9. MattyC

    Door lock Jam's

    Hey guys, I have a series II VT S 1999 and when i unlock the doors with the remote the front left door unlocks but it wont open because i have to still flick it up like 2mm's for it to fully unlock. Does anyone know how I can fix it - this has only happened from yesterday night. Cheers.
  10. S

    Keyless central locking not working

    Hi I have just bought a 2003 VY Lumina and both keys are unable to perform keyless entry. Although a little tatty both keys still work fine manually unlocking the car and starting it. What are the chances that both keys are faulty or their batteries are dead...is their anyway I can test...
  11. B

    Central locking not working

    I installed a new sound system today and now my central locking doesnt want to work. When I push the lock button the lights flash as if its locked but it doesnt lock and same with unlock. When I lock it by key the drivers side door locks but the passengers does'nt. Any suggestions???