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  1. S

    VT locks intermittently acting up

    as the title suggests guys i have a VT SS commodore and my locks are playing up. i replaced the battery, BCM and battery terminals and their still acting funny 99% of the time everything works beautifully, but maybe once or twice a week they stop working altogether and i gotta climb in...
  2. P

    Best Door Locks - VL commodore

    So i recently bought a 88 VL Executive and not having had it for even one day, it had already been targeted by thieves. well they didn't manage to break into it, but they did damage the locks.. so my question is, what are the best door and boot locks I can fit on a VL? I've read about solex...
  3. W

    EGR hardtop central locking?

    Hi guys i was wondering how you hook up the central locking on the EGR hardtops, mine has the manual lock that you push in and it unlocks which is whats hooked up but there is also the the actuator for the central locking under it that just pushes a plastic rod with a round top a cross and back...
  4. M

    locked out :(

    Hey guys in a little bit of a sticky spot . My battery is dead in car so central locking not working and my key won't open door . Any ideas on how I can get in with out breaking a window or lock ? Got my missus vs so wanna take all the stuff out of mine but can't get in . The only idea I have is...
  5. JA2Z

    Tips for removing internal door covers

    Hi Guys, I want to work on my central locking. Do you have any tips for removing the internal plastic panels from my car so that i don't break anything. And what is the best way to get them off the door lock? is a special tool required or can you make something up yourself? thanks.