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  1. lovedores

    VE Park Light Holer Loose

    Hi all, My front passenger side parking light holder is loose and jiggles around which I suspect is why it has blown, not sure if it is related to the low beam light exploding! Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem...time for a new holder? I was thinking of wrapping some electrical...
  2. Q

    V8 , VS Caprice Engine Clang

    I have just had a "recon" engine put in my Vs. Went and picked it up , made it about 30km before i could hear and awful "clang" sound coming from the engine. I stopped and got out was running smooth so i hit the throttle and at about 2500rpm there it was. Its real loud and sounds bad but only at...
  3. Holden vz

    Front Bumper Clip

    Hi Guys, Just notice that my front bumper is hanging off a little on the left side between the guard , I tried to punch it back in place but it wont clip back on, anyone know how to fix it or would I need to replace the clip? if so where would I get the clip from?, and how do I put it on the car?
  4. P

    Vn s1 clutch freeplay

    Hey guys new member here just bought a 5 speed s1 vn for 800, theres heaps of freeplay in the clutch it works fine tho, where the cable goes through that hole before the fork he adjuster bOlt was heaps loose so I tightened it a bit it's still hand tIght seems tO be going thrOught the gears...
  5. W

    VX SS Backrest

    G'day, The backrest on my VX SS on the drivers seat seems to be loose? There seems to be about an inch or two of movement. The base seems fine though. Really annoying under moderate to hard acceleration. Anyone know if there's something i can tighten? Cheers.
  6. O

    VT Calais electric seat rocks back and forward. Worn bush ???

    I have a 1998 VT Calais. The driver's seat rocks back and forward slightly. This has nothing to do with the track or ratchet mechanism. The problem is with the bushes. The threaded rods go through the electric motors. At the other end, they mount via a plastic bush and pin to the seat frame. As...
  7. T

    VZ ute knocking at rear left

    hey guys, just recently i fit an aftermarket exhaust to my ute. all good, and then about a week later i noticed a "knocking" noise. which i suspected to be the exhaust hitting under the body somewhere. crawled under the car and shook the [email protected]!# out of the exhaust and it has plenty of room to...
  8. F

    wobbly gearstick

    hey all the gearstick in my manual VSII V6 is wobbly as. when in gear it has about as much play side to side as it does in neutral (really not exaggerating) i wanna fix this to make my gearchanges nice and crisp so what im thinking is buying new gear linkages from holden and putting them in...