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lose power

  1. G

    VX loses power running on petrol, fine on gas

    picked up my Grans VX a couple of weeks ago, done 55000km dual fuel and in overall great condition. Has been running well the last few weeks on gas and petrol, but the last few days running on petrol, it’s suddenly lost power, engine was still running but wouldn’t rev over 2500 and had to pull...
  2. F

    VS engine slows down and loses power at 3500-4500rpm

    Let me first mention this isn't me whining that my car doesn't go fast enough... 95 VS, 3.8 ecotech engine obviously. Only mods are CAI and an LPG duel fuel conversion. The car was serviced 10 days ago (By a mechanic, not me), it's been doing this since before the service... I left it...