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  1. D

    Got an interesting one for you guys.

    Hello guys thanks in advance for any advice you give. I have an 05 vz exec and for quite some time it's has been clunking and thumping and thudding over bumps at a decent speed say 80km +. They can range from quiet to very loud and can be quite scary at times. To me the sound is never...
  2. Loud Ve

    Loud Ve

    My baby is pretty stock and sadly I took off the road six months ago after the bcm stuffed up. She's a standard 6 with a straight pipe and has an amazing note to her. (Well I think so but my neighbours disagree ) Putting her back on the road once I'm finished fixing my vy. Had a collection of...
  3. T

    Excessive drone and Vibration

    Hey there. Recently completed my exhaust system but think I may have givin the car a bit more then she can handle. So far I have headers to 2 and a half inch pipe. Welded into a 100cpi high flow cat followed by a 2 half inch straight pipe out back. The sound out of it is remarkable but I have...
  4. J

    Just Bought Yesterday; 2002 VX Commodore, Have any advice?

    144,700km, 2002 vx Commodore Extractors, Sway bar, strut brace, High flow exhaust, KN air filter, 19 inch rims, lowered, bad clear coat peel on RHS
  5. James1142

    VR ute Exhaust

    Hey I have a 94 VR V6 Ute and and looking at putting a exhaust system on it, ive been told that dual exhaust sounds beast but can only seem to find single tip exhaust, does anyone have a good place to buy exhausts? All I can find otherwise are exhaust tips but I'm sure that changes nothing but...
  6. M

    VF SSV Reversing sensor and indicators very loud after amp installation HELP

    I have had my VF SSV for 9 months now. I literally drove it from the dealer to car audio shop and got 3 amps and all speakers changed running off the standard holden headunit. The VF's had only been out for 1 week so my car was the guinea pig for the car audio shop. It sounds great but it...
  7. moocow

    Thoughts, opinions and advice?

    This is my VS that I've slowly been working on over the last 8 months or so. Was basically my "P cruiser" lol My Garage What do you guys think? Keep in mind my budget isn't that great XD
  8. T

    VX SS knocking noise

    Hi all I know this has probably been asked time and time again but I can't find anything that matches my problem. In the past my car has made a knocking noise right at 5k when due for a service but now seems to be more regular usually once car is warm. It's fairly noticeable noise as you can...
  9. K

    VS Lukey exhaust SQUEALS when under torque with full car.

    So, i baught a new Lukey cat back with rear muffler delete. I Put it on and then realized the shop forgot to send me a clamp, put it together anyway and sounds terriffic, no leaks even without the clamp. I can drive any way i want and it will be fine, but as soon as i have a full car and i...
  10. J

    Lukey 2.5 catback, vt commodore not loud!!

    Hey all! I have a 2.5 (with res) on my 99 vt. It's got a nice note and all. But when I really put my foot down, it seems like the exhaust sound goes away, and the engine roar takes over. Anyone else experience this? All I want is a loud car!! Lol
  11. V

    VT Holden, Sound system - Exterior - Interior - Mods!

    New to this so thought I'd start by talking about my car. First up it's a 1999 December built VT Acclaim Series 2 Phantom Mica. I'm the second owner, bought it with roughly 160k now has just hit 180k km's. Don't have a pic of when I first got it but it's looked the same for a few years, haven't...
  12. andrews0604

    what is the loudest v6 exhaust?

    hey guys, ive got a 01 vx calais, i had a system on it already and it was very loud dont get me wrong. it just wasnt the note youd expect to here from a commodore more like a skyline or something dropping it. i want to have the loudest gruntiest sound for a v6, anyone got any suggestions? cheers
  13. JSTCOZ

    [QLD] Varex/butterfly muffler to replace centre muffler?

    Hi guys, Love my exhaust system but lately I've been worried going out at night with a loud car because (a) Everything sounds louder at night, and (b) Can't tell what cars are police. I want to be able to quieten down my system so I don't worry about it, but still want all the loud and fun...
  14. H

    Exhaust sound

    hey guys, i have a 1990 vn commodore and i get my p's in 8 weeks and want it to sound like a v8 or at least loud and deep by the time i get my p's, but dont have heaps to spend. whats the easiest way of going about this? mates have told me to get a cannon but i dont think they suit commodores...
  15. JSTCOZ

    Cops caring about exhaust loudness?

    Hey guys, Was just wondering if cops are still cracking down on hearing loud cars and booking them anymore or not? You see subaru's and other jap craps with cannons on them and they don't seem to ever get booked. Anyone on here ever get booked lately for having their car being too loud? If...
  16. JSTCOZ

    V6 - Cannon exhaust - Dual Tip

    hey guys, I'm bored as hell and was looking at exhaust vids and stuff and thought I'd ask a question. Is it at all possible to have a 2.5" catback system with no resi, with a 5" cannon exhaust BUT to have a dual 3inch tip over the cannon so it doesn't look like you have a cannon on your...
  17. JSTCOZ

    different muffler = different sound? (not exhaust)

    Hey all, Got a 2.5" catback system with center muffler and no resi. I like the sound but wouldn't mind it being louder as it is rather quiet, I want it to be head turning *insert joke about 'cops head turning'*. Like how you hear a loud lancer go by your house, is that possible for a VS V6...
  18. JSTCOZ

    VS 2.5" exhaust with no mufflers?

    Hey all, I got a 2.5" system on my car a month ago and want something louder all round and sounds different. I was going to remove my resonator even thought i read people saying 'no it drones', 'you'll gte pulled over' blah blah blah etc. I looked under my car the other day and realised my car...
  19. Jezmont

    Replace tappets in VR

    Hi Hoping someone can help with a couple of questions... 1. The engine is tick tick ticking away. I want to replace the tappets myself, if I can, as I know it costs an arm and a leg to get it done for you. Does anyone have any idea how or could give me some instructions?? 2. Today when...