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low beam

  1. V

    Low beam globes in VX Monaro

    Am I correct in thinking these are H11? I've seen some LED versions on the 'net (UK based ) for AUD$12 or so. Anyone tried them. Rated at 100w they say? Thanks guys.
  2. S

    highbeam not working but lowbeam/parkers are

    Hi all! just wondering if anyone could help me out with why my highbeam isnt working? checked fuses, replaced globes etc parkers and lowbeam work fine i just have no highbeam..
  3. Shhtef

    Headlights on lowbeam dim or off until I give them a bang, but highbeams work fine.

    Had my battery jump started by RACV and ever since the lowbeams are either dim or off, can be either or both at a time. Lights play up when switched to auto or on, sometimes turn off when they should turn off either manually or automatically. The highbeams work fine however. If I give the...
  4. LOYAL

    Help Please! Headlight problems...

    All fixed, thanks anyway