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low springs

  1. Kierab

    Getting a bolt off the shock, yeah fun!

    So I'm pretty much stuck on this one bolt and I am yet to discover what I am doing wrong. The more I try the more worn down the edges get so If I f*ck it here, seems like its all going back in and I have to give up. Pretty annoyed. Ive compressed the springs down and from what I read in...
  2. N

    NUMODE90 Clean Quicksilver VX Calais Supercharged. on 20s

    Hello just posting some pics of my 2000 VX Calais S1 NAME: shawn (NUMODE90) MODEL:2000 VX Calais Series 1 KMS: 153000 COLOUR: Qucksilver ENGINE TYPE: Supercharged L67 POWER: Standard EXHAUST:Standard GEARBOX: Stock DIFF: LSD (stock) BRAKES: Stock SUSPENSION...
  3. Kierab

    Another Spring Question...

    Ok so i know there are heaps of questions + answered about all types of kings springs on here, but what I need to know is about 'Kings Ultra Low Springs' in the front of my VS commodore. As much as I've tried, I can't seem to find much on ultra lows in the front for a VS. Anyway, would this...

    [QLD] VT-VZ 2x SSSL rear King Springs (less than 2months use)

    Springs Sold please close SOLD please close thread.