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  1. S

    Lowering VU ute

    Hey guys, i didn’t know where to post this thread or how to use this website that much, but i had a quick question about how i would go about lowering my vu ute further than SSSL height springs, at the moment i have KYB lowered shocks, and king SSSL springs (rear only) i was wondering if there...
  2. C

    Lowering my ute

    Hey guys just looking at lowering my VP ute. I know this is on the VR-VS thread but they are more common in Utes anyway. Just after photos of your guys Utes on different heights so I can decide between lows and super lows
  3. xDriiftPrincess

    How do you install a 4 point rear adjustable toe and camber kit?

    I have a '95 VS Calais and was just wondering how hard it is to install a rear toe and camber kit? Do they need to be pressed? Special tools? Basically everything I need to know to install them! (: Cheers guys!
  4. xDriiftPrincess

    [QLD] WTB: VS IRS Lowered Suspension

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to buy ITEM: After VS IRS Lowered Suspension LOCATION: Logan Surrounds. Can travel. CONDITION: preferably good DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will travel a reasonable distance for pickup. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: MUST suit IRS...
  5. moocow

    Thoughts, opinions and advice?

    This is my VS that I've slowly been working on over the last 8 months or so. Was basically my "P cruiser" lol My Garage What do you guys think? Keep in mind my budget isn't that great XD
  6. S

    Help lowering and random sounds

    I have a 91 Executive Vn, on mags, dobinson superlows and shortened monroe shocks, its not low enough and I don't know how to make it lower without making it illegal? any ideas? THANKS =D :idea3: Also I have a random knoking sound coming from my front right strut somewhere after I put the...
  7. R

    VY Auto-headlights and Low Beam Faulty.

    Hey guys, Just had my alternator go (over-charging) and got it replaced. When it died, it dropped out all my lights. I've since replaced all the dead fuses I could find, which were only for the interior lights. They now work fine. It's my auto-lights and low beam that aren't working...
  8. P

    Does VZ Clubsport front bumper sit lower than VY SS bumper...

    Hi all, I have a 2003 VY SS ute with a vz clubsport front end.. My question is, does the vz clubby bumper sit lower than the standard vy ss bumper? Currently it sits too low at the front and was wondering if i should switch the front springs back to standard. Pretty sure the rear springs are...
  9. T

    VE SSV - dyno results low?

    hey all, ill list off the mods on the car to start with Orsomm OTR Hurricane 4>1 1" 7/8 headers 200 CPI hi flow cats 2.5 inch perry/HM catback. so basically OTR + full exhaust system i have had the car mafless tuned and run up on the dyno. now before any tuning was done - just bolt on mods...
  10. amos_executive

    [WA] King Spring SSSL(ultra low) rear, SSL front & GT Monroe Sport Short shocks **SOLD**

    ITEM: King Spring SSSL(ultra low) rear, SSL front & GT Monroe Sport Shortened Shocks LOCATION: Perth CONDITION: Used, but great condition PRICE: chasing 400 but make me an offer, am willing to sell springs/shocks seperate DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will deliver at buyers cost PAYMENT...
  11. D

    [NSW] WTB - Kings Lows for VZ Ute - rear

    ITEM: WTB: Kings lows for VZ Ute rear. KHRL-127. LOCATION: NSW, Newcastle CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: Offer me. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can pick up locally or will pay postage. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, paypal? CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected], PM OTHER INFO...
  12. A

    1996 VS Statesman 5L Cruiser Build Thread

    Just Bought a 96 vs stato off a mate at work... not bad nik... 300000 on the clock but that neither here nor there... rebuild will be first up... so i thought id post a build thread cause i dont see many of these running around all sexed up and angry... This is the only pick i have at the...
  13. BigBoss

    FE2 springs and shocks?

    Hey guys, if i install FE2 springs in my VE omega will i also need to change the shocks? Thanks :)
  14. speed__demond

    wagon legal springs

    okay i have a vr wagon sits like a tractor has anyone lowered one before?. im thinking super lows all round but the law in vic is 100mm off the ground and id like to stay legal
  15. tHe_sTiG

    Low rpm while cruising bad?

    Hi there mates, I've got a VZ Executive 175 kw 4 speed auto, I do a mix of urban and highway driving on the way to and from school. Highway speed limit is 80 km/h, urban is 60km/h . At both speeds, the rpm sits at about 1400 rpm (at 4th gear for 80km/h, 3rd gear for 60km/h). Would that be...
  16. JSTCOZ

    SSSL King Ultra Low springs being put in back of VT - S pack??

    hey guys, Used search function but couldn't find what i wanted. Got a VT-S pack so it has the kit and the FE2 suspension and shocks? Will the S-packs shocks be good enough to fit SSSL (king ultra lows) in the rear? Also curious with the kit how high off the ground it is going to be? thanks...
  17. P

    low bcm to high bcm???? HELP

    wanting to install the remote boot release function in my VS. just wondering if this is a case of obtaining a high bcm + plus all the harnesses required for the bcm and then plug it all in appropriatley and have a working high bcm???? with of course the matched key head. i have a 97 vs...
  18. TrikkBen

    [TRIKK] Ben's Bagd VS

    [TRIKK] Ben's Bagd VS. ***All Pics On Page 1*** Hey Guys Name: Ben Model: VS Acclaim Colour: Custom Botanica Mica Mix Bodykit: VS S Pac Engine Type: Ecotec Engine Mods: Running a T5 Manual computer with Stage 4 Performance Memcal, Factory CAI, ASR Circuit Comp Race Oil Pan. Power...
  19. D

    commodore low speed fan on all the time?

    I recently purchased a 99 Commodore VT Executive, auto, v6, etc.. The low speed fan relay was missing when I bought it, and i bought one and put it in.. I now see why the relay was missing - it stays on all the time. The high speed fan operates properly, turning on when it gets hot or...