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lower spring suspension

  1. T

    Hey guys desperately need lowering advice for my vt??? :)

    Hey everyone i have a vt series 1 s pack 5 speed manual and it currently is standard height but sitting on 18 inch rims with 245 tread i just want to lower it as much as possible without having to go into rolling the guards or camber kits or anything i just want it to sit nice and level. So yea...
  2. jaron88

    Lowering My VT, Need IDEAS

    When lowering my car do i have to buy new struts or can i used the original stock struts?? and also my car is sitting on 17'' mags/rims, how low can i go so that i dont damage my tyres?
  3. L

    Lowering and raising my VYII SS UTE

    Im looking into raising my currently lowered SS Ute. I purchased the vehicle recently and it came lowered 50-60mm i think. I dont like the look and ride of the vehicle at this hieght and am looking to raise it. I am also not a huge fan of the height that the vehicle comes as standard. Would...
  4. Phantom33

    HELP: What springs should I get?

    I got a VZ ute. Its got 20s with Superlow King springs all around atm. But I still feel the back is a bit high. So I don't know if I should go for a set of Ultra low springs for the back 2 or not. Would it be too low? Can anyone give me some help or suggestions? Cheers :thumbsup: