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lower springs

  1. M

    King springs ssls

    Okay so I want to lower my wagon, but someone keeps telling me to get a size lower for the back so sls for the front and ssls for the rear to make it sit level, is this true?
  2. T

    Hey guys desperately need lowering advice for my vt??? :)

    Hey everyone i have a vt series 1 s pack 5 speed manual and it currently is standard height but sitting on 18 inch rims with 245 tread i just want to lower it as much as possible without having to go into rolling the guards or camber kits or anything i just want it to sit nice and level. So yea...
  3. faBReGaS

    [VIC] WTS: my 2 rear king springs SSL for 2 rear king springs SL on VY. **SOLD**

    DESCRIPTION: Swap/Trade ITEM: I would like to swap my 2 rear King Springs Ultra Lows for a couple of Super Lows. They are off a VY SS and are in very good condition. LOCATION: Melbourne, Victoria CONDITION: Used. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pay for shipping costs if from...