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lowered springs

  1. H

    Lowered my VF

    Hey guys, I had my VF SII SV6 lowered with King Springs. Every time I go over a decent bump or hole I get a knocking noise mainly on the front left. The front right seems ok. Taken it back to the shop that changed the springs and they said they can’t find anything wrong....any ideas???? Cheers...
  2. K

    Vz lumina?

    has anyone got a vz lumina that is lowered on rims and done up, I own one and am not too sure wether to spend money on it?
  3. mfrancis1990

    VFII FE2 and Walkinshaw Lowered Springs

    Hi New Poster, I am just about to take the plunge and purchase a 2015 VFII Calais-V V8 demo. I think it is a pretty good deal; includes 20inch HF wheels, tint, boot lip spoiler and they are fitting Walkinshaw lowering kit for $50K drive-away. But I am wondering whether the car will...
  4. F

    Vy Commodore Ute lowering and suspension???!!!

    Hey fellas just wanted to know what would be the best products to buy to lower my vy ute. I'm pretty useless at cars but still trying to learn but yeah if anyone could give us a hand or advice would be great ! I have got a quote from Pedders Suspension. They emailed me a list of what they are...

    Sedan Springs in Rear of VY Ute KH46HD

    Can anyone tell me what height my VY SS ute will sit with KH46hd springs in the rear compared to my FE2 springs? Thanks
  6. T

    VT new struts and bearings problem

    Hi all Just bought some suzuki super super low struts and top mount bearings and bushes for both sides of the front. 2 Front Struts Holden Commodore VR VS VT VX VY Super LOW Shock Absorbers | eBay I have already got king springs in the car so i just reused them with the new struts. After i...

    Front springs lower than SSL?

    Hey Guys, Wanting to know if King Springs go any lower than SSL at the FRONT for VT commo v6? Really needing the front lower on my car but can't seem to find any lower than SSL. If they don't exist, what do people know about getting springs professionally "compressed'' ? Thanks in advance :)
  8. N

    My VK Commodore, 3.3L

    1984 VK Commodore 3.3L 6 Cylinder Auto Lowered springs 2.5 Inch Exhaust Fresh Paint Job Future -New or Reupholstered Seats in Cream colour, not sure what I can get my hands on for a good price, hoping for around the $400-800 mark if possible, unless I get my hands on anything cheaper...
  9. I

    What Springs to put on vy sedan?

    yo yo, Ive got a vy executive sedan and want to get it lowered. I want it as low as possible but to still be able to get up a driveway here and there. And to also still be able to do grassies without it out being so low the car hits the ground. Anyone that has a lowered vy :surprise:HELP...
  10. taylooor

    I want to lower my VT but not to the point of it being illegal, HELP

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can give me a hand. Im looking to lower my VT commodore, but only as low as I can go without making it illegal if I get pulled up. Is there any type of springs that are designed for this? i.e. ultra, low kings etc or what? Any help would be...
  11. JSTCOZ

    [QLD] Lower Springs in the rear on 20's ??

    Hey guys, I've got 20's on my VT and i know i have SL Kings in front and my mate told me he fitted SSL Ryder springs in the rear? (picture below) Few Q's: (1) Do you think the rear is as low as SSL Kings? (2) What springs will I need to to get the rear gaurd to be covering the...
  12. nathanVY

    [VIC] Shed cleanout! 5x wheels, lowered suspension, sway bar

    LOT 1: 4X VS Calais Alloys (with tyres) + 1 spare (VP SS i think) 2x Pirelli - 205/65r15 94h (70%) 2x Goodyear - 205/65r15 94v (60%) 1x Dunlop - 215/60r15 94v (30%) LOCATION: Geelong, VIC CONDITION: Used PRICE: $90 for the lot. Open to offers and swaps PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit...