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  1. M

    Lowered front end, stock rear height?

    G'day, My VY SS has been lowered like crazy (I imagine it's SSSL in the rear but I haven't checked) and I'm trying to raise the car because it's not really suitable like that for a daily and I don't fancy getting defected anytime soon. I've bought some stock rear springs that came off a VY...
  2. 2002 Vy Commodore, Wagon

    2002 Vy Commodore, Wagon

    SS front bar. SS side skirts. Stock rear bar with a custom lip. SS headlights. SS grille. Painted by my dad and myself in DNA Candy Paints Violet Thunder, with different purls and base coats to make it one of a kind. Aftermarket taillights which I actually ordered by accident. :') Recently...
  3. A

    Lowering VF on coil springs

    Hey guys just wondering would it be ok to get lowered springs on stock shocks? I only plan on getting sl all front and back. I read somewhere that they would be fine, but I wasn't convinced enough. Anyone have experience with this? Also. What is a suitable price to have springs installed...
  4. G

    ABS Light after installing lowered springs

    Hey Everyone, First post here so I hope it is helpful. I had my abs light come on after lowering my 2003 VY Berlina. After checking everything was structurally ok after the instal I did a little further investigation. If you have this fault don’t stress, here is what I did to fix it. Step 1...
  5. zeropalooba

    Clunking noise from IRS lowered with camber kit installed

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced problems with camber kits causing bolt holes to become flogged out. Some years ago I installed low king springs at the rear of my VS Acclaim with camber kits on the inner bushes. I had a shop do an alignment (the car was never right afterwards, steered...
  6. K

    Vy ute offset

    For the guys with lowered vy utes what size rim and offset are you running? My ute's is pretty bloody low and running 19x9.5 with a +22 offset and the rears rub only on decent bumps in the road. Looking at getting new rims so just wanting to see what everyone else is running
  7. A

    Best type of shock

    Not sure if this is the right area to post this, but I have a 2003 vy ss commodore that has always had a scraping problem on the rear right tyre. I have had the springs upgraded to the double SL heavy duty king springs which are a huge help but at times I've seen the height from my tyres to...
  8. Stars-VZ-SS

    Has my 2006 SS VZ Crewman been lowered?, Chipped?

    Hi Everyone, You may have seen previous posts sorting a few same issues with my former 2007 VZ Crewman S and now my 2006 VZ SS Version. I'm loven the new beast but can only ponder the history of this beauty. Came from WA and people suggest a regional area. Interior all but perfect (fine Iron...
  9. H

    What springs should I get? VZ CLUBSPORT

    Just wondering if someone could please guide me on what springs to buy for my VZ Clubsport. The part numbers I currently have are; Fronts; KHFL-47SL+ Rears; KHRL-46SLHD Just wondering if anyone has this combination and would like to post some pictures to help me with my decision...
  10. V

    VR VS Ride Comfort..

    Hey Guy's and Girl's.. Just wondering if all these utes have a harsh ride or not? curious to find out if i can make it a little bit more smooth.. because ATM if I closed a container with milk and chocolate syrup in it and sat it on the seat, it would turn into a milkshake with in a minute drive...
  11. S

    VL spring setup

    just got my vl on the road, its on 15x7 ceptors so im just wondering what spring setup suits it the best. don't want it to be completely dumped, just to have a nice ride height if u know what I mean. mainly looking at king springs so sl ssl etc. if u have any pics of your spring setup post...
  12. A

    Change King Springs When Putting In New Shocks, Now Ride Is Higher?

    Hi Guys I had rear SL's in my vy and stock springs in the front. after buying a second hand complete set front and rears sl's I got monroe gt shocks installed too. The sl springs i had in the rear were changed to the new sl springs when the new shocks were installed. The rear is now sitting...
  13. H

    My 2009 Red VE SV6

    I'm currently in year 11 and been working for a while saving hard to try and get a VE for my first car! Picked it up today and so happy with it, exactly what I wanted. Details MY10 SV6 Lowered on pedders suspension Series 2 SSV wheels SSV taillight Future mods planned Exhaust...
  14. J

    VT won't start first go

    Hey guys, yeaturday I lowered the rear end of my car(exec vtii sedan), I put in king springs SL, but not the front yet(I don't have shocks yet) but not it doesn't start straight away, i turn the key, and it kicks and kicks and kicks, THEN it starts, whereas before it would start as soon as I...
  15. Z

    Vu ss s2 herron white

    My Ride - mafless tune, otr, lowered, pacemakers, full twin exhaust 2.5", Sound System 12" Sub JVC Deck, 6 Speed Manual Full Gold SS Leather Interior 330 rwhp (dyno) (have 19" vx gts rims for it but need to get tyres for them)
  16. J

    Question about lowering a VT commodore?

    Hey, I own a VT commodore, and just put some Pedders on front and back, dropped the car a fair bit. 100mm is available. My question is, I would like to go a bit higher, without taking out my springs, I just want it to sit nicely. I currently have 15" stockies on. What I want to know is, if I...
  17. C

    what is the maximum offset i can get for a vu ute

    hi just wondering what is the maximum offset i can get for 8.5s and 9.5s under a vu utes gaurds if its lowered. thanks p.s for deep dish rims or at least that you know of
  18. A

    HYP090 VN Berlina Build from 3.8L - 304 - 355

    HYP090 VN Berlina Build from 3.8L - 355 Hey this is my vn berlina project... Its currently a POS 3.8L v6... but i recently bought a vs statesman 5L as a project but decided to use the vs as a doner car for my vn... ill be transferring the 304 over to the vn so i can drive around with the v8...
  19. V

    Tips on raising VS without changin springs

    Okay this is a really random question, and i couldnt find it anywhere on the site but i need to raise my car but i dont wanna change the struts over again, atm its sitting at roughly 90mm with lowered springs and sitting on 15' stockies, it sits high enough if i put on my 19s but then cant get...
  20. Scheme

    Vn - vs rear wagon height

    Really at a loss as to WHAT Springs I should get, I've owned Kings before, and I have an offer for some Pedders and Lovells. Can anyone who owns a VN - VS WAGON upload pictures of their wagons ass end, and let me know what brand and specific model springs your running? Really need to get...
  21. JSTCOZ

    [QLD] Lowering on 20's and 'bump stop' question

    Hi Guys, STORY: I had 20's on my car and had SL all round, no worries. I wanted the car lower so got SSL in the rear, car was scrubbing and was burning plastic alot (guards already rolled). - While the SSL were in I tested the drop of the car with my mechanic. Got in car, handbrake...
  22. Mase1990

    Theres a storm coming.

    This is what it looks like thus far... :S
  23. Mase1990

    Vy storm Advice

    Hey, I'm looking to get my V6 storm an exhaust and lower it a bit. Probably just a mild steel exhaust just to give it a bit better sound. Also looking to lower it around flush with wheels. Anyone have any advice as to what would be a good place to go to? And if you've got similar stuff...
  24. Mattde

    Springs Shocks and Whatnots

    Ok so this post is mostly for helping educate myself. Problem: My Vx currently sits stock ride height. Solution: Drop it. So, to do this im assuming the first step is to get springs changed. How much is it usually and is this an easy DIY job? not sure exactly what height i want it yet...
  25. P

    Lowered Ute Defective

    Sup all, got pulled up last night after having had my ute lowered for 3 months now and got a $100 fine for it being too low... It measured at 80mm to the lowest part of the exhaust at the rear with approx 150kg load in the tray, empty tank and only myself in the car. So I was way under the...
  26. J

    Exhaust hangs low and wanting super lows

    Just wondering if anyone has pacemaker extractors (part number: PH 5059 i think) on a v6 vy with king spring super lows KHFL-47SL (front) KHRL-46HD (rear) and has had any problems with clearance running 17" wheels? The extractors seem to drop down really low.
  27. T

    [VIC] vy II acclaim wagon

    ITEM: blue vy series 2 wagon PRICE: $10500 LOCATION: victoria - cranbourne YEAR: december 2003 SERIES: VYII BADGE: acclaim ENGINE: ecotec 3.8l TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: blue EXTERIOR CONDITION: good, except for clear coat peeling on right side. few dints and scratches...
  28. speed__demond

    wagon legal springs

    okay i have a vr wagon sits like a tractor has anyone lowered one before?. im thinking super lows all round but the law in vic is 100mm off the ground and id like to stay legal
  29. I

    VX Berlina lowered with black 20's

    hey guys. just wanted to show some pics of my car, im 17 and this is my first car. I bought the car off a mate who had done some engine mods to it to make it quicker than the average ecotec. right now it is on ultra lows at the rear with the original springs on the front, the black 20s on there...
  30. S

    un-even stance after being lowered??

    hey guys and girls, i drive a VY S II and just had my car lowered (professional, not DIY) and 2 weeks later i have noticed that it now sits un-even. the left rear is lower than the right rear?? i can only just squeez my hand between the gaurd and the trye on the left rear (how i want it) but on...
  31. Scheme

    $750 VN WAGON - Project

  32. M

    My VZ Executive - First Car

    This is my VZ Executive I bought it stock standard and have slowly made it into something I am quite happy with. I would like a body kit but I also need some kind of cash influx. I have added... Wheels - 19 inch SSV genuine Holden Led Daytime running lights Removed mud flaps Lowered with...
  33. KeaganKaotic

    Are 'ultra low king springs' illegal?

    Looking to put Ultra Lows in the rear of my VN Wagon (new project) Anyone put them in a VN, VP wagon? Is it illegally low? This is how high mine sits at the moment, stock: Cheers
  34. bmxbogan

    [QLD] for sale commodore airbag kit rear only

    commodore air bag kit out of my vz but will fit any irs commodore 3/8 lines 400c varair compressor 9 gal tank 3 switches up down side side slam drop in bags valves everything you need to bag the rear of your commo selling due to i want coilovers so will swap for coilovers or vz parts plus...
  35. M

    Lowered VX S Pack Fe2 Suspension, Pics!!!

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has a picture of there vx s pac that sits on super low king springs all round? Or even ultra low king springs in the rear? I'm trying to decide which to go for cause it makes it difficult with the stock FE2 suspension and knowing what it will look like! Any help...
  36. Kierab

    Lowering VS Commodore that little bit more...

    So i got my car lowered on super low (front) and ultra low (rear) springs about 4 months ago Since then i have always assumed that getting shortened shock would make it look that little bit lower and that I would get around to buying them once I had the cash. But since Ive done a little...
  37. T

    [VIC] WTB SSSL Springs for VY ute

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted To Buy ITEM: Super Super Super Low Springs for VY UTE LOCATION: Melbourne CONDITION: New or used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can pick up, will pay for delivery PAYMENT OPTIONS: Will pay cash or bank transfer CONTACT DETAILS: 0402-709-825 OTHER INFO: None.
  38. P

    MY10 'Poison ivy' SV6 ridin 22's

    This is my 6spd manual MY10 SV6 with the mods i hav done so far (next will be the engine when im off my p's). Day of Delivery:boxing: Lowered(ultra lows for the rear super lows at the front) with 22" Advanti Gauntlets and ssv tail lights. Without the spoiler.
  39. Vy S SC

    20inch rims Vy S pac

    Hi guys, im looking into putting some 20inch rims on my 2003 Vy Spac. I was wondering if they are a legal size and if they would void my insurance? I have the stock FE2 at the moment but i find theres sooo much space between the tyre and gaurd with the stock 17 inch rims. Would the 20inch rim...
  40. V

    what is needed to lower a Vz commodore?

    hey people i have been looking around and these machanics just waste time and tell you to buy there crap, I got 18"s on my 2005 vz commodore and i think its time to get it lowered, would any1 who has done it before suggest what i should be getting as in to go and buy my own suspension kits, etc...