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lowering vz sv6

  1. S

    vz sv6 lowering ? help needed!! =[ pics?

    hey guy ive got a vz sv6 which has 18's and was lowered on lovells ? but it just doesnt sit low for me. the lovell springs are just low's. i was thinking about going king springs on front and back. super lows at front (SL) supersuper lows at back (SSL) and another question would that be...
  2. C

    vz sv6 lower help!

    hey guys, i was wondering if you guys know of anywhere or anyone who could fit my springs on my vz sv6 for cheap! i have the springs already that were already fitted on it but had to be taken out due to time and cash wasters piggys. let me know if you guys know or could do it for me at a good...