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  1. O

    Everything needed for lowering car

    Hey guys so next weekend me and a mate are going to attempt to lowering my Stock VT 99, Going to purchase SSL fronts SSSL rears , KYB struts n shocks. Might be a stupid question but will the parts come with new hardware and if not am I best off buying new hardware. What else should/will I need...
  2. A

    Buying Used Coilovers

    I've recently found some used XYZ coilovers for my VF, the seller has stated that nothings wrong with them and all is working well. My question is, are there any problems with buying used coilovers? id have to double check how many kms on them, but are there certain things I should lookout for...
  3. RorzaaBoy

    What lowering springs will fit my 94 vr wagon

    I couldnt find vr specific king springs, just wanted to know what other models will fit. Cheers
  4. A

    Lowering VF on coil springs

    Hey guys just wondering would it be ok to get lowered springs on stock shocks? I only plan on getting sl all front and back. I read somewhere that they would be fine, but I wasn't convinced enough. Anyone have experience with this? Also. What is a suitable price to have springs installed...
  5. P

    Vt recommended suspension set up

    Hey all, know this has probably been asked a few times but thought I’d try get a few new opinions Recently lowered my Vt sedan (IRS) sl fronts and ssl rears king spring all round. It rides fairy well but still stiff compared to some of the other lower cars I’ve been in. The shocks are worn and...
  6. Randymate

    VE Eibach Springs Pro-Kit

    Hello everyone. I am wanting to lower my VE SSV Redline and not wanting to use King Springs. I have read up on the Eibach Springs but haven't found many photos, or reviews from commodore drivers. Just curious on how much it would l (photos would be amazing) and the comfort of the ride. Cheers in...
  7. B

    How many coils to cut out of a vp?

    So I've got a vp sedan, looking to.lower it and I know everyone says not to cut springs but #### that. How many coils should I cut and what would it look like if you have pictures available??
  8. G

    Vs IRS Berlina SUPER LOW or ULTRA LOW?!

    Hey guys, dunno if I wanna go super low or ultra low! If you could post some pics that would be cool! Also I have 15" stockies on atm, possible upgrade to the 16" s2 Calais wheels! The current hubcap to lip measurement is 390mm would like it to be at least 340. Don't wanna get hassled either...
  9. Smallies

    Found a handy site when looking to lower my VY.

    Hi All, In the process of deciding how low to go on my VY Wagon I stumbled across this site which has images of many models with many different spring heights. It really helped me to see a range of options quickly rather than scrolling through threads on JC. I've already posted this same...
  10. Smallies

    Found a handy site when looking to lower my VY.

    Hi All, In the process of deciding how low to go on my VY Wagon I stumbled across this site which has images of many models with many different spring heights. It really helped me to see a range of options quickly rather than scrolling through threads on JC. "Holden Gallery" Enjoy!
  11. H

    Help lowering 1994 vr sedan

    Hey just need some advice with lowering my vr, I am wanting to put sl's in the front and rear and I am wondering if I need to do the shocks in the the front and rear
  12. V

    2001 VX, what is legal! Help!

    Looking at lowering and start working on my 2001 VX Commodore, im on my green p's and a lot of people have different opinions on what is legal to do to my car and what isn't. Hoping someone can clear a few things up that I've heard! 1- what is the lowest i can drop it? and what type of springs...
  13. A

    Change King Springs When Putting In New Shocks, Now Ride Is Higher?

    Hi Guys I had rear SL's in my vy and stock springs in the front. after buying a second hand complete set front and rears sl's I got monroe gt shocks installed too. The sl springs i had in the rear were changed to the new sl springs when the new shocks were installed. The rear is now sitting...
  14. B

    After opinions for lower vz ute!!! Shoot away

    Lowering my vz ute! Already have superlow kings for the front, really want to drop the ass end though, will ultralows sit nicely? I have stockies on the rear, anyone got some good ideas of what springs would sit it nice and low :) Shoot away! Cheers! :beer chug::beer chug: :beer chug:
  15. J

    Anoooottthhheeeerrr LOWERING question.

    Can you guys please post a pic of the back end of the car with SL springs? As I have some pedders and mine sit a bit low, not sure if they are SL, or SSSL What is the most common and safe (legal-ish) way to have a car sitting on back, over the tyre by a bit? Thanks guys! :)
  16. Holden vz

    removing vz rear springs

    need help on how to remove and instal rear springs on vz sedan
  17. Holden vz

    Pedders lowering springs

    i just bought some lowering springs for my vz commodore that is already lowered , but the lowered springs on the rear of my car are cylinder shaped and the spring i got from pedders are more round shaped, just wanted to know if they fit or not before i try to put them on
  18. G

    VX Front suspension knocking/ Clunking after lowering and New Sway Bar Links.

    Hey all, Recently I lowered the front of my car by about 45mm (rear 60mm) and also replaced the standard sway bar links with aftermarket 'S' shaped ones. After doing so I have realised a very loud and definite knock/ clunk every time I go over bumps. It almost sounds as if the suspension hangs...
  19. T

    Lowering my sv6 ute ve

    i am wanting to lower my sv6 ve 2010 ute and after some advice and steps, i am planning on getting king springs SSLs and monroe shocks.
  20. Brad SSV

    Lowered 07 SSV

    Okay so I'm wanting to lower my SSV on sssl's all round and then going for a 3" xforce exhaust but not sure if my car will still be legal height in Qld. I was told sssl's have me 20-30mm above legal height but nothing to tell me if xforce hangs lower than stock.
  21. C

    Replacing front struts on VE II Omega

    Hi Guys, I know there are already a few threads on here about lowering VE's, but i havent found one that addresses this issue. I bought one of those suspension packages with super low king springs and monroe GT short travel shocks and struts for my VE II omega. Now, the rears went in no...
  22. calais2dy4

    Lowering vy helppp!

    hey guys, ive got a VY calais with 20"' rims, 245 width and 30 profile...i want to get it lowered to sit on a mint height, however i dont want any rubbing or scraping on bumps what so ever...considering getting my guards rolled and flared aswell..advice please? cheers !
  23. R

    Airbag Suspension, SA, adelaide

    Hey, i have rear airbag suspension with 3/8 lines in my vt, ordering the accuair self leveling with the e-level remote upgrade but first i want to try to find an engineer that will inspect it after its all done, if anyone knows of an automotive engineer that will do it, please let me know and a...
  24. M

    put sl springs in front off vs sedan and didnt lower?? what can be prevent it lowerin

    hey fellas just wondering y when i put sl springs in the front off my vs y it didnt lower ?? all help appreciated thanks
  25. JSTCOZ

    VT SSL front with 20's (245/30/20) will it fit?

    Hey everyone! I've got 245/30/20 tyres and had SL front and SSL rear king springs in my car for ages. I'm wanting to put SSL front king springs in the front. Just don't know if it will fit the tyres? Any experience or advice would be great! Praying the tyres will fit!! Thanks :)
  26. I

    What Springs to put on vy sedan?

    yo yo, Ive got a vy executive sedan and want to get it lowered. I want it as low as possible but to still be able to get up a driveway here and there. And to also still be able to do grassies without it out being so low the car hits the ground. Anyone that has a lowered vy :surprise:HELP...
  27. T

    lowering my vt

    how much would lowering my vt commodore cost would i need new shocks as well im hoping to go pretty low
  28. H

    SL's or SSL? need some advice and wondering what experience people have had??

    what to lower my car not sure what to go? 98 VS Statesman
  29. C

    Question about Suspension

    I've recently purchased a set of peddars lowered suspension (springs no shocks) and am looking to add them to my VT Com. If I am to go from standard stock coils to lowered do i need to get the camber readjusted? also is their anything else i need to get looked at whether it be lower profile...
  30. Tw11ga

    [VT] Lowering and Replacing Bushes

    Hi all, My mechanic recently told me all the bushings in my 98 VT V6 are shagged (done 345,000km lol) So I'm think of lowering it now and replacing all the bushes with Nolathanes at the same time. I have been looking on the Nothalane website and they have two different kits, one for...
  31. JAKE-26

    lowering vt with phat tyres?

    dHey all. Been debating with myself for ages about the whole lowering my car sitch. I want to but the cost etc etc etc... My cars standard exec height at the moment, though due to towing for years I think it's a tad lower than stock. ANYWAY, recently i purchased some new rims, and its running...
  32. S

    How low will Super-low or Low springs make my VS commodore?

    I've got a 95' VS Executive, I've just put some 17" rims on it and want to lower it enough just to make the gap in the guards a bit smaller. Does anyone know how low Super-low and Low springs will make it??
  33. P

    Lowering Vs Ute ?

    I have a VS ute but i have read some articles about lowwering them but there have been some different things about lowering it :s Some people say just spring like kingspring and stock shocks but i have read that can cause problems like damaging you DIF etc. Whats the best way to go?
  34. X

    VE SV6 lowering??

    hey guys im looking to lower my sv6 a bit, just wanted to know people experience with this, and how much they think is ideal to lower the car. also i got quoted $1300, by holden, for them to do it, and its a new car, so my warrantly wont be void, is that a good price range?? thanx
  35. Commo_Carl

    [VR-VS] How to change your suspension/lower your live axle commodore

    Just lowered my VR commodore ute the other week. Was pretty straight forward. Thought i'd post a quick rough guide on how to do so. First of all you will need (to do proper job) * Set of super low springs * Set of lowered shocks * Adjustable Panhard Rod (got all mine from ebay)...
  36. W

    Factory Lowering

    Simple question - I just cant find an answer... When Holden factory lower a ute, how low do they go? Taking delivery of my Thunder this weekend, and the ride height is right at the pinnacle of my 'must do' modification list. I dont want it to scrape, and from what I've seen (pics on...
  37. Bring-da-Ruckus

    My VY Acclaim SerII ....... CHECK IT OUT!!!

    Ok so here is my VY Acclaim which is a 2003 model. I have tinted the tail lights METHOD- with Nite Shade by applying three coats of Nite Shade to the tail lights then 6 coats of clear coat, then using 2000 grit sandpaper to sand down the clear coat to shine it up, followed by some Ultimate...
  38. S

    Springs for my SSV

    hi guys just wondering if a set of lowered springs from an ssv ute will fit into my ssv sedan? not sure if they are different or not.
  39. J

    ultra lows and super lows with stock wheels

    i know are a lot of lowering posts but havent been able to find anyone whos put ultra lows or even super low king springs with the stock 18" wheels.... can this be done or do i need to wait until i can get the 22 inch wheels im waiting on?? dont really want to try in case i have a car almost...
  40. age1314

    Lowering car

    :) Just fitted the car with lower pedder springs... was wonder if i take out my plastic mud guards on the rear (not mud flaps) will it b bad to keep them off?