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lpg problem

  1. M

    VE Dedicated LPG Idle Issue

    Hi All Wondering if anyone can help. I have a 2013 VE Wagon Series 2 with factory dedicated gas 144,000km Having an issue with it’s idle, engine light coming on at times and showing stability control fault. Put on the scanner and showed fault cyclinder 2. Check spark plug which was broken so...
  2. S

    LPG tank removal

    So I own a 3.8L VY commodore series II and it was dual fuel (so LPG and Petrol) but I never once used the LPG as they don’t sell it where I live (I live in a remote town) and it just got annoying since it was taking up half the boot space and I kept getting “Low LPG” on the dash so I got it...
  3. DEiiTY

    VX II 3.8L Ecotec LPG Overhaul (Backfire/Air Box/Smell)

    Before I start, I will admit I am a complete noob and have next to no idea what I am doing. That being said, I do have an electrical engineering degree and I've toyed around with car electronics before, so I do have a capacity to learn, but there are so so many people talking trash and saying...
  4. S

    Omega VE 2 duel fuel runs rough on petrol

    I didn't use my car for a month. May just be a coincidence but two Days Into driving the engine light came on as started running rough as if not on all cylinders. Upon restart the light was gone and it was fine. Since then whilst running on petrol it felt rough like not firing properly a bit...
  5. H

    Quick help required made a silly little mistake

    Hey guys, I'm not very good with cars but I always try fixing the problem myself, I have a 2004 commodore series 2 V6 with after market LPG installed, so today my car's alarm was being annoying and I opened the hood found the alarm and disconnected it, however right above the alarm there was a...
  6. R

    Vp lpg works but stalls when I switch to petrol

    Hey guys, I've had my vp for about a year now and it has always ran well on lpg but petrol has always been sketchy when you would switch it from lpg to petrol I thought this may have been a fuel filter or fuel pump problem so I did a service and changed them as well as air and oil filter(this...
  7. S

    Vt Berlina '99 Duel fuel switching issue

    Hi guys, I have a 99 VT 3.8L Berlina on duel fuel. Recently the air flow control broke which i got replaced (a hefty $290) It was runnung smooth until the next day after the repairs. The car was running on Lpg and when i stop a little bit longer at the lights, the car stalls. So i start it...
  8. T

    LPG issues on 07 omega

    4 months ago i had my 07 omega installed with a orbital liquid injection system, fantastic system but i have recently had a few issues, when raining while breaking hard or turning right the engine will cut out. the car has 260 000 on the clock I have had it back to the installer he is...
  9. S

    VY LPG indicators (display & needle) not working

    Hi everyone, I've got a VY 2003 Dual Fuel wagon with dash indicators that are playing up I've filled up my LPG tank last nigh (50 Liters) and the electronic display and tank needle indicates that the tank is empty. I double checked and attempted to put more LPG in the tank, but it thank...
  10. rrrev

    vs factory lpg and petrol problem

    go easy on me as this is first post and its more than likely in the wrong place! i've got an oct 95 vs with factory lpg fitted and recently the heater tap broke 2 k's from home in the dark.did a quik fix and plugged the hoses. the engine started to cut out on the way home and it clicked i'd cut...
  11. T

    Lpg system installation with problems

    dont worry about it, ill get help from somewhere better then here