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  1. O

    Looking for a LPG vapour converter, SV6 Wagon VF 2013, mine is dead..

    Hi, n00b here.. I have a Sports Wagon VF SV6 LPG 2013, and my vapour converter is now dead; I took it to Holden and to one more place in Carrum Downs in VIC, and both told me that this part is nowhere in Australia, on Back Order with Holden, ETA is 6-8 weeks... It kills me, I need to work...
  2. S

    VE LPG Slow to Start

    Hi, I have just bought a dedicated LPG VE Wagon which is often very slow to start. It does start every time, but can take up to 5 seconds of turning over to finally ignite. Once started, it runs great. I replaced the battery yesterday to rule it out as the original was at around 50-60%...
  3. H

    Duel fuel issues

    Hello everyone, a while ago I posted a thread talking about issues with my 94 vr with a LG2 Duel fuel buick, Turned out to be a weak ignition system. I am currently having a issue with the car now, and am seeking some advice/knowledge from the community, thank you in advance. So I drive car to...
  4. H


    Geday, not 100% if I’m going about this the right way as I never use forums and this is new to me. So plz be kind so I just bought a duel fuel VR Ute, fairly standard gas setup that was done in 2006. I was driving, ran the gas completely dry, switched to petrol. The car started driving like...
  5. Y

    Lpg under bonnet filter bowl??

    Hi everyone. I.ve recently put a new filter and o rings in the filter bowl/solenoid on my lpg car. There.s a little circular piece (magnet maybe?)just floating in the bowl beneath the filter. Does this sound right or does it have a place it should be. I pulled apart a spare i had to check and it...
  6. Y

    Setting omvl lpg converter on vt?

    Hi everyone. My vt's running a bit rough on gas. The plugs and leads aren.t that old and the gaps are fine so i doubt my backfires are being caused by that. Does anyone know how to tune an omvl lpg converter to get myself out of trouble until i can get it to the gas man? Any good ideas on how to...
  7. S

    Lpg converter..what's this?

    Can anyone please tell me what this hole/pipe/vent is for and what should be attached and where should whatever attached attach to? Thanks
  8. T

    VF 2013 evoke factory LPG Gas filter location?

    Hey fellas, Quick search revealed nothing. I have a 2013 Factory LPG VF evoke @ 114k kms. Looking to replace the LPG filter, unsure where it is Seems to be in a different location than the VE's. Any help would be great. Cheers.
  9. Connor Newman

    Sv6 series 2 (lpg)

    Hey guys just question about exhuast set up for ve sv6 series 2 lpg My partner picked up a hazard series 2 ve running on lpg and only has a single exhuast on one side the diffuser only has the one cut on that side for exhuast tip Was wondering if anyone has set up a dual exhuast system on...
  10. LX8Adventura

    Ls1 gas troubles

    Hi all. Just after som help. My vz adventra ls1 motor is dual fuel. Recently it's been running rough at idle, fine while accelerating and cruising. It idles fine whilst on petrol. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  11. Adrian's Vr

    LPG issues

    Hi all me again, so i rebuilt my motor and all underneath and interior for my Ls and now it runs fine and all but i put a manual ecu in and copied all the lpg wires, but when i switch over to it the gas primes then starts for a second but switches of again, before my build it started when cold...
  12. P

    VE Surging under load on petrol - misfires on lpg

    New here, never owned a commodore myself but had a VT Berlina Wagon & this VE for the missus. Don't hate on me I've owned LOTS of Holdens (pre commodore, HQ series, Torahs, EJ, HT etc) and only one ford I was given as a paddock basher for the kids. Didn't last long lol. Just hoping someone can...
  13. 0

    Heeeellp!! Newby VZ’er

    Hi All, I’m new on the VZ block and was hoping to get some help or pointed in right direction PLEEEAASEE???! So I brought my 2005 VZ Acclaim last week off a very shady appearing seller (lol!) car was cheap looked good condition n I needed a car ASAP so ignored my gut when it was telling me to...
  14. S

    Changing rear trailing arm

    Hey, car recently got sideswipped by a truck which just kept on driving while i was parked, and it bet the drivers side rear trailing arm to the point where the rear wheel is facing inwards. I've purchased a new (and unbent) trailing arm, just wondering if I need to remove the spring to take...
  15. S

    VX on LPG 02 Sensor Question

    In my v8 VX 2000 Commodore which is converted to LPG, I almost always have a check engine light on when driving on LPG. My OBD 2 gives me the code P152 - 02 Sensor 1 Bank 2 High Circuit Voltage. When viewing live data O2 sensor 1 Bank 1 will be running as normal, perhaps on the low voltage side...
  16. DEiiTY

    VX II 3.8L Ecotec LPG Overhaul (Backfire/Air Box/Smell)

    Before I start, I will admit I am a complete noob and have next to no idea what I am doing. That being said, I do have an electrical engineering degree and I've toyed around with car electronics before, so I do have a capacity to learn, but there are so so many people talking trash and saying...
  17. M

    VY hissing and issues with LPG

    Hey all, long time reader, first time poster. Had my 2003 VY Ecotec V6 Dual fuel for about 2 years now, had a fix a few things (alternator, radiator), but I've run into an issue I'm not certain about. Over the last couple of months I've been using it on LPG, but I've noticed whenever I idle or...
  18. E

    VY Commodore Overheating, Rattling and Not Starting(?)

    I purchased an Automatic VY Holden Commodore last week for $800. At first, it was overheating a lot. It would constantly stall and no longer start for a while. A mechanic jump started the car and said that it'll briefly run (for no more than five minutes) before the metal expands again. Upon...
  19. E

    VY rattles (and breaks down) when running on unleaded, but not on LPG

    Hey all, First post here. Not car savvy but I've driven Commodores my entire life. This is my third car, and the first time I've run into issues. I bought it for $800 and it runs on petrol and gas. When I first bought the car, it was overheating. I didn't realise at the time, so I took it for...
  20. D

    LPG problem, please help.

    Hi I'm currently driving a Berlina VY 2004 that is converted to LPG ( so allow to use both petrol and gas as fuel) I know that every 20k you need to replace both liquid and air filters. However, I am unsure as to where my filters are located, what type I may need and what they're look...
  21. Connor Macnab

    VE LPG Engine Cover

    Hi guys, I've currently got a 2009 VE Omega with an LPG system within, and I was wondering if it is possible to find/modify a V6 Omega engine cover to allow for the solenoids to be covered also? View of the engine bay, anybody have any suggestions or solutions? Cheers
  22. D

    LPG issue

    Hi all, my vt is shuddering on LPG, the type of shudder when coil has a flat spot, and cut out on me once this morning but runs fine on petrol. Any ideas?
  23. L

    [Ecotec] 2 Hole Air Intake Mod - VX Equipe Running Dual Fuel - I Need Some Help Please!

    Okay so first thing I'm new to the whole forum thing. So sorry if this is in the wrong place or something. But my question is In want to do the 2 hole air intake mod to my VX Equipe. 1. I am wondering if there are any negative effects from this mod? 2. It is a dual fuel car will I...
  24. N

    1992 Holden Statesman II, Starts on gas then stalls.

    Hi All I recently stopped at the petrol station and put about 30ltrs of gas in the car. Got in and switched it from Petrol to gas. Car started and I drove away. While cruising down the highway, I switch it back to fuel for a couple of hundred meters then back to gas, to where it stopped...
  25. F

    Depressurising system running lpg and petrol?

    So I need to replace the fuel filter on my vp commodore. I jacked up the car, removed the fuel pump relay from the fuse box and started Up the car, expecting the engine to stall in about 10 seconds. The car ran for over 10minutes without stalling?! Although I have been running the car...
  26. G

    VY Berlina Wagon FE2 with LPG donut tank - cost to change to standard suspension?

    I've a series 1 Berlina wagon. I installed injected LPG setup about 20k ago. I know FE2 is loved but I don't like the sports suspension firmness/lowered height. LPG installer said no need to change FE2 rear springs to Holden LPG springs etc. as FE2 is more firmer & it would be ok. What's the...
  27. M

    LPG system playing up // LPG error codes?

    I've bought a 2010 VE series 2 with factory fitted LPG. It has been driving beautifully for the past few months. After a recent fill up, it randomly started to jerk while driving on the freeway (I usually drive it at 100km/h to and from work). Then it automatically beeped and switched itself to...
  28. T

    VT LPG heater tap hose question?

    hey, got a 99 vt had a LPG conversion not factory, its a really dodgy setup wiring is ridiculous, whole setup pretty dodgy actually, anyways to the point. I never use LPG ever, but car has been over heating recently just found its one of the heater tap hoses is leaking its the one that runs to...
  29. D

    LPG Backfire Issue - Solution

    Hi all, my VS V6 continues to backfire whilst Running on LPG when i have simply forgotten to change down a gear for say, going up a hill or overtaking, or catching that amber light... when normally the engine produces enough torque to not require that gear change... i'm afraid to lend my car to...
  30. C

    Where to find the LPG filter?!

    Hi all I have been perusing the net for hours on end trying to find something applicable to my car but to no avail, so thought I'd start a new thread here. I have a 2003 VY Executive (dual-fuel, ex NZ police car and taxi) and it is long overdue for the LPG filter to be changed. So far I...
  31. T

    VEII Omega LPG fuel indicator malfunctioning

    Hi all, I recently bought a second hand (ex police) 2012 VEII Omega 3.0L LPG with about 60,000k's on the clock. About 2 weeks later the fuel indicator read empty and it came up with the very low fuel warning. Thinking there might be a leak I put a couple of litres in to see if things changed and...
  32. T

    Buzzing noise when accelerating on LPG only

    Hi , whenever i accelerate there is a buzzing noise which seem to come from under the bonnet on the left side. This only happens while on LPG and only when accelerating. It does NOT happen while on petrol. The buzzing noise is worse in winter and less in summer. I am thinking, it is something...

    Was the VT SS ever released with factory gas?

    I brought a VT SS on gas recently, and it got me thinking whether Holden ever released the VT with factory gas? Also, I'm trying to obtain the history of my car. I don't think it's stock, and I want to know what has been done to the motor without paying heaps. Any ideas?
  34. T

    VT II, Car dies out of nowhere?

    hey, ive got a 99 vt series 2, as i was driving it the other day i stopped to go into shop came out and car wouldnt start like it was out of petrol, so as mines dual fuel (not factory i dont think) switched over to lpg but i know i didnt have in gas in it still started but was chugging as it had...
  35. N

    Knocking/tapping sound in VS ecotech 3.8L gets louder with RPM

    Hi all, first post so be gentle. Had an LPG backfire in the VS 3.8L while on the freeway (blew the clips off the air filter box) and now the engine is making a very distinct knocking/tapping sound that gets louder with revs. Prior to this there was a different tapping that went away with revs...
  36. 2t4me

    VE Series 2 SS - gas conversion questions

    Hi Peeps, have just joined the forum and this is my first post although I have read quite a bit one here over the past - maybe too much cos now i'm confused!! am very active on a couple dirt bike forums (hence the username!) and have learnt a heap on them so now that I'm going to be...
  37. J

    colour code for all wires from ecu. Desperate!

    i have a vx commodore on gas. anyway something to do with the module is cutting my car out while i am driving on gas. my gas light switches off power goes battery light comes on and the car comes to a slow stop. it runs fine on petrol though as long as the gas is disconnected. but it would be a...
  38. R

    Vp lpg works but stalls when I switch to petrol

    Hey guys, I've had my vp for about a year now and it has always ran well on lpg but petrol has always been sketchy when you would switch it from lpg to petrol I thought this may have been a fuel filter or fuel pump problem so I did a service and changed them as well as air and oil filter(this...
  39. speed__demond

    help! i have spark and gas but no start.

    okay vr v6 it stoped working a few months back out of nowhere. I have another car so I left it but im trying to get rid of it now so gota fix it. it has spark and I replaced the coilpack anyway but didn't make a difference. I found a broken ground wire above the cas and fixed it but still...
  40. EYY

    Vs v6 LPG Wiring

    Hi guys, I've just got my hands on a Sprintgas LPG system for my vs statesman and am at the stage of wiring it all up. In regards to the lambda controller, I need to find out how to wire it all correctly. I assume that one of the wires goes to the oxygen sensor and another to the stepper...