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ls1 manifolds/intake

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    Ls1 Turbo Manifolds

    Hi all, Just wondering if any1 knows where I can get the Two pipes that go from the stock headers to the turbos which are use in the gen TT kit by LS1TURBO Ive tried getting them straights from ls1 turbo but they no longer make the kits? Also if any1 has a single turbo manifold for a ls1...

    Ls1 manifolds who to belive

    HEY im building up a new ls1 the specs are c.o.m.e racing 232/242 cam and springs to suit, port and polished heads with 3 angle valve job,speedpro roller lifters, manley chrome oly pushrods, rollmaster trutrack timing chain and a few other bits and pieces..... But now its come down...