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  1. Ashy2

    Vx ls1 Black smoke

    Hey guys, My brother in law recently Acquired a vx Calais with a Ls1 including; Vcm 710 cam Fuel cell with 60L raceworks tank and Bosch o44 pump Gfb fuel reg 2800 high stall converter When he’s taken it for a ‘drive’ it’s started Playing up, and throwing black smoke out the rear, we’ve been...
  2. L

    Cam package

    Hey guys I have a Ls1 vy calais with a few small mods nothing internal an thinking of doing a cam package but just don't know what I'm really in for I don't use the car as a daily so I am looking for something quite lumpy was just wondering what is a good cam kit to go for and roughly how much...
  3. G

    VY LS1 swap / dual fuel car

    Hey guys. My car is a VY Berlina series II auto V6. I was wondering if it’s possible to convert to LS1 if the LS1 donor car is dual fuel. Do I have to convert my Berlina to dual fuel or can I just do the conversion while staying on just petrol? Any further advice would be appreciated too guys!
  4. C

    Extractors and exhaust

    Hi just wondering if anyone can tell me if ls1 extractors from vyss are the same as ls2 extractors ¿? Question2 ; will my twin 2-1/2" stainless xforce exhaust system from vy ss ute + will it fit my VE SSV UTE??
  5. Jparr97

    What To Do Next?

    hi i've got a 2004 vz 5.7l SS, i have fitted a full exhaust system (4 into 1 1-3/4" headers 100 cell cats and 3" catback) and an OTR( kept the MAF) i got the car tuned at profection hume in ACT at the start of the year and it made 253 rwkw and am very happy with the results. i do what to get the...
  6. KaneoLS

    Project Blown LS1

    Hey everyone, I’ve just purchased a LS1 stock engine and my plan is to build this engine from the ground up with a 6/71 supercharger on top with a 3 port big n ugly hat. Now I know a bit about engines but this is my first engine build and I have no idea where to start or what to do exactly. Any...
  7. N

    Radiator fans always on high with AC. Never shuts off.

    So as I said in the title, both my radiator fans on my Commodore VXII SS are always on and on high speed when I turn on the AC. They only shut off a few seconds after I turn the AC off. I cannot use the AC like this, because the fans will definitely burn out, and the fans loom connector gets...


    Alright lads and lasses, I've had a partially built LS1 sitting in my shed for ages now and am finally in a position to be able to drop it into my Calais. Now I know it's obviously much cheaper to just go buy an SS but where is the fun and sense of achievement in that! As far as I know, I can...
  9. R


    So basically I need to repair/replace the gearbox in our VT HSV and I was looking for advice & recommendations as to where/who to carry out the work. Any help will be kindly appreciated as there are so many dodgy repairers out there.
  10. A

    vh ls1 & 4l60 conversion

    hey guys, putting a ls1 & 4l60 into my vh commodore, 4l60 has been rebiult and shift kitted,3500 highstall convertor. ls1 is carby with a 750 holley & victor jr edelbrock manifold. does any one have any tips or info on a shifter i could use keeping it close to factory look if possible? also...
  11. R

    Xu6 Intercooling Time

    So i have finally decide i want to intercooler my xu6 and wanting to know what people have done going about it.. like upradged valve springs or roller rockers? is there a list whats the go is it as easy as slapping it in and getting a tune or is there more to it... Also it is A2A cooler
  12. M

    VE SS L77 ticking sounds

    Hi guys, Just bought a 2010 VE SSV REDLINE UTE, L77 With 140000km. Has a folder of receipts including 355rwkw dyno sheets. Sold to me as 'needs lifters replaced' and I got it for 11k. Im hoping that's a good price and that's all that's wrong with it. As I have just lost my house, 2 cars and...
  13. S

    [NSW] Wh ls1 overheating

    Hi guys. Recently got an wh stato haven't had it for long and have been stitched up with overheating issues. Originally had a leaking heater tap (due to rotted out feed hose end) have since replaced and clean out the hoses. Still the car overheats, basically you take it for a spin for 20mins...
  14. Andy Stovell

    Intermittent SVS

    Hi guys, I've got a 2004 VZ SS 5.7L LS1, 175,000kms as of 2020. AVG. 10L/100km on highway, 15L/100km Town Recently, when I accelerate quickly upto about 120kph, I get a SVS warning which beeps and then disappears. After reading some forums I've replaced the Oil Pressure Sensor/switch but...
  15. Chipz

    VZ SS decelerate stall(rpm drop)

    Hey all I can not work out what is going on with my car and need as much advice and suggestions as I can get! My 5.7 Crewman Auto has all of a sudden desided it wants to have a drop in rpm below idle every time i get off the gas and can stall because of this. When it does the "decel rpm drop" it...
  16. Kiwifolk

    Car chews through Alternator regulators

    Hi guys. Got an interesting issue. I’m on my 3rd alternator and it’s causing issues. The battery charges normally at idle and on the gas but over 4500 rpm the voltage randomly drops just low enough to engage the alarm on the dash. 12.3 ish volts. I’m told is the regulator on the alternator...
  17. R

    Electrical Gremlins after reinstalling motor - VX2 SS commodore

    Hi everyone, I need some advice. Last night I got my vx started back up for the first time after rebuilding the engine. I am now experiencing some issues today that I cannot seem to get my head around. Here are the symptoms when I turn the car on: Trac Off, Check Engine Light, oil light...
  18. M

    Vz ss lifters replacement

    Hey guys, so this week I’ve noticed that tick tick tick only slight coming from the 5.7 LS1 and can assume the lifters are on the way. I’ve got a quote of $3500 to do the job which seems excessive. Can anyone let me know of a mechanic and rough cost if they have had it done before . Located...
  19. L

    Safety mode VZ Ls1

    Vz Ls1 stuck in safety mode. No throttle. Need to test tps then pedal. Any quick tests for tps or pedal sensor? Also any places in NZ that sell used ls1 commy parts need cheaper option than Holden. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers. Bathurst Weekend coming up!!! Can't wait.
  20. MiKExAUS

    Suspected flex-plate noise LS1

    Hi Guys, Long time no post.. Wondering if the LS1 A4 experts would care to give me their opinion. Got a rattle heard best from underneath the car near the trans bellhousing as seen in video. Here's the link: Can anyone confirm my suspicions? I always thought I had a bit of lifter tick that...
  21. N

    [Other] Wanted to buy Commodore VX LS1 engine wiring loom

    ITEM: WTB Commodore VX LS1 engine wiring loom LOCATION: Ship to Saudi Arabia CONDITION: Used PRICE: Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Willing to ship to the Saudi Arabia PAYMENT OPTIONS: Paypal CONTACT DETAILS: PM me through the forum OTHER INFO: it's a 4L60E Auto with cable...
  22. N

    Dreading LS1 Misfire!

    Hello. My VX SS has a terrible misfire with a rough idle that is throwing no codes. Here are a few things I've noticed. 1: car starts right up, so I don't think that the fuel pump is bad 2: when it's idling rough and I try to press on the pedal, sometimes a loud popping noise comes out of...
  23. V

    VU maloo auto to manual

    G'day guys, I have a worked 02 vu maloo thats auto that I just got a full 02 vu ss to do the conversion. I know this has been posted a few times but I can't get a straight answer. Do I actually have to change the ecu/pcm to go to manual? And if so why would i not be able to just keep my stock...
  24. C

    Handbrake Issue

    Hey guys after a bit of advice I have a 2002 vx ss and I notice the handbrake not holding as well as it used to this started a month or so ago and now when I put it on sometimes it holds as it should and other times you can feel the car move slightly as if it hasn't done it's job properly, when...
  25. RyanDZ88

    T56 gearbox service

    Hi I have a 01 vx ss with a T56 manual 6 speed box with 213xxx and as far as i know its the original box. This is the 1st manual ls1 i have owned all previous have been auto and want to treat it rite and give it a full service. Was reading that dex 3 is the best is this true as I'm a lil...
  26. V

    VX HSV dash cluster into VU SS

    Hey guys, I am thinking of putting a VX clubsport dash into my VU SS and I can't seem to find any information on whether the 3 window VX dash will fit my SS any information would be appreciated. Cheers
  27. V

    vy calais 5.7lt knock sensors

    Hi . Im about to replace my leaking rocket cover gaskets so i thought id continue and do the valley gasket as well. Should i do the knock sensor harness as well. if so anyone know the part number for them. cheers
  28. Sam Droscher

    Blokes!! I need help choosing the right rockers for my cam

    Hey guys, I’m new to this joint and have only posted just once. Here is my second: I’ve been building my engine, I’ve never had any experience doing this or anything with engines but I’ve always had a passion for going fast and nearly killing myself. I’ve got a VZ SSZ Ute and I’m done pretty...
  29. S

    Need tune after diff ratio change

    Hey guys, Ive recently changed the diff ratio in my vx commodore (ls1) from the standard 3.08 to 3.73, so now my speedos out by 18 percent or so and the shift points aren't right. Just wondering if anyone here could suggest a good place to get the speedo sensor ratio retuned to suit the new...
  30. W

    VZ Rough Idle on Warm start

    Hi all, This one sounds like a bit of an oldie but a goodie. I've got a 2004 VZ SS ute 5.7 LS1, you all know the one. It's got a VCM performance intake (so no MAS) and makes noise but doesn't go anywhere quick. Starts fine cold, when you start it warm later in the day 15 min 30 min whenever...
  31. F

    Ls conversion

    Hey team, im hoping someone can help me with a few questions about the ls1 as I’m looking at putting one in a car and require some information. Is the vt manual t-56 a slip yolk tail shaft? What size fittings are on the power steering pump and if possible can someone add a picture of the pump...
  32. R

    Need help!!!! Urgent

    Basically I blew up my old setup which was an ls1 with a 236/242 Howard's cam and turbo running on e85, if I have pit a bog stock engine back in will the computer run the new donk ????
  33. J

    Diff Clunking/Grinding AFTER Diff seal replacement?

    G'day to you all. I've recently purchased a 2003 WK Caprice with 233,000ks on the clock. Ran like a gem, no odd sounds. Took it to my local mechanic, good reliable guy, stated that the Diff Pinion Seal was leaking -and to get it sorted "sooner rather than later" The week after, I made the...
  34. V

    Vz ls1 rough idle and service vehicle soon message

    Hey guys I just bought a 2004 vz Calais it’s factory auto ls1 it’s got 290 000km andhasnt been drivin for a few months I’m assuming only because it’s summer as **** and the heater was on full bull when I picked it up but anyway it runs rough and it actually stalled on me when I was leaving the...
  35. K

    Used ls1 prices

    so I’ve started looking into buying a ls1 out of a wrecked car and so far I’ve only found some for around 1600$ but I’m not too keen on paying that much, other sellers are asking me to give a price and I’m not 100% sure what to say, I found a cammed, 160kms but needs Welch plugs done, I was...
  36. Kiwifolk

    VZ Calais LS1 Power Steering Rack return line issues

    HI all, has anyone else had issues with their headers rubbing on the power steering return line? I am onto my third setup in 4 weeks. My latest setup doesn't fit either unfortunately. I am running Coby Headers and they rub on the hose. Under load with a couple of hard gear changes seems to be...
  37. VTSS Adelaide

    Vt ls1 fuel pump cut out while driving

    Hey would any one know why my fuel pump would just cut out while i was driving its not the pump because i ran power to it and it worked and theres no power to the relay when i bypassed it need car to get to work any help would be appreciated
  38. VTSS Adelaide

    Vt ss ls1 cut out while driving now wont crank over

    Car was running fine then just cut out when i stopped i tryed starting it with no luck bypassed fuel relay still no luck ran a wire to fuel pump that worked. then the cranking suddenly stopped so i bypassed the starter relay and that worked but wont crank by key i changed all fuses and relays...
  39. 6

    Ls1 high rpm electrical failure

    Gday guys, i'm in need of some advise. I have an 03 wk ls1 stato. (Always a commodore man though, and soon to be again) Every time i take her up and over 5000rpm all the electrics shut down, (radio turns off, aerial goes down, traction control kicks in, then theres nothing at all, almost...
  40. M

    Vx ss front reo bar bent

    Hey guys, The front reo bar on my vx ss is shagged all bent and buckled out of shape. Just wondering if a reo bar from other models can be used on it? Like vt and ss or executive acclaim all those sort of different commodores or are they all the same across vt/vx? Cheers for the help