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  1. C

    Double timing chain interfering with cam angle sensor.

    G'day fellas Need some help with my build I'm doing an ls1 to ls2 engine swap and I'm stuck. My ls2 has a double row timing chain and the cam angle sensor on my timming chain cover is interfering with the chain. It's not actually the sensor that is hitting the chain it's the bulb at the...
  2. R

    2011 S2 VE SS thunder starting issue

    Hey Guys! Got a really odd starting issue with the LS2 in the VE SS Thunder. Ever since I bought the car I've had this fault and now I'm actively staying to fix the bloody thing! Fault: Vehicle fails to fire on first ignition or cranks over for a exceedingly long time before firing...
  3. A

    Its not always lifter tick. Ve SSV.

    Posted a thread on here a few weeks back regarding what I initially thought was just a lifter tick. After getting it to the shop it turned out to be an obliterated timing chain tensioner. Knocking noise: https://youtube.com/shorts/bdhhjY1etkA?feature=share I'll add that in addition to the...
  4. W

    DBW-DBC conversion (LS2) [solved]

    Hi all, Does anyone know how in-depth it is to hack the LS2 in the SS to run a cable throttle? The delay in the software is driving me nuts and making precise control a real chore (perhaps there's a hidden setting/safety exacerbating the delay? I do intend to reflash the PCM in the near...
  5. Jparr97

    Ls1 243 heads?

    I have a 2004 vz ss ls1 6sp man, the engine has the 241 heads on it and I was wondering if the 243 heads would fit, if so what do I need and is it worth the upgrade. Car is currently making 253.5 RWKW what kind of gains would I be looking at.
  6. K

    Vl ls conversion

    Hey guys recently got a vl berlina rb30 manual, i want to go down the path of ls conversion ls1 or ls2, just wondering if anyones done it and would be able to assist with questions, thanks
  7. lmoengnr

    Extractors and exhaust

    Question 1: Exhaust ports will be the same, but what car are the LS2 headers fitted in? Question 2: No, wont fit.
  8. ILKSA

    vz maloo ls2

    hi boys have problem with safety mode issues? can anyone please help happenes every time it's driven. whether its driving normal or giving it bit.. when i give it abit warning low oil alarm comes up + safety mode ?? cheers
  9. ILKSA


    GDAY BOYS, have a vz series 2 maloo 6ltr and I've got bit of a head ****! regardless how i i drive it, just normal or giving it bit it jumps into safety mode/limp mode. if i give it bit, safety mode + low oil low warning ??? (even though not has oil) can anyone help plz??!
  10. M

    VE SS L77 ticking sounds

    Hi guys, Just bought a 2010 VE SSV REDLINE UTE, L77 With 140000km. Has a folder of receipts including 355rwkw dyno sheets. Sold to me as 'needs lifters replaced' and I got it for 11k. Im hoping that's a good price and that's all that's wrong with it. As I have just lost my house, 2 cars and...
  11. H

    CAS Problem !!

    So ive just had my crank angle sensor replaced and the car has chucked a dummy spit!! No central locking. Lights coming up on dash. Cant start. Security codes coming up etc. The mechanics are thinking semding away bcm and ecu ?? They've checked fuses etcc. Has anyone got any idea. Or if its...
  12. M

    Flat spot VE SS-V 6.0L

    Hi guys, I’ve got a 2007 SS-V 6.0. It’s got a flat spot until about 2000rpm. The car shudders and practically just feels like I’ve blocked off the intake and it’s trying to stall it’s self, just bogging down. I’ve replaced plugs, all the leads and coils seem fine, and I’ve just replaced the MAP...
  13. M

    Flat Spot at low revs - 2007 SS-V 6.0

    Hi guys, I’ve got a 2007 SS-V 6.0. It’s got a flat spot until about 2000rpm. The car shudders and practically just feels like I’ve blocked off the intake and it’s trying to stall it’s self, just bogging down. I’ve replaced plugs, all the leads and coils seem fine, and I’ve just replaced the MAP...
  14. D

    VE 6.0L Cam and lifter failure

    Hi Everyone, I have a series 2 SSV with the L77 6.0 Litre engine. It had a top end rebuild with a few upgrades in 2014, has done approx 60,000kms since. Here are the specs: Comp cams 114° lsa Duration @ .050" intake 224 exhaust 230 Lift Intake .581 exhaust .588 Morel tie bar lifters Stainless...
  15. A

    Ve r8 conversion to omega

    Bend the chassis on my ve r8 with very little damage to everything else . Am going buy a omega or cheap shell to transfer all running gear interior etc any tips? Guessing all ECU need to be swapped I know it would be easier to transfer to a ve ss or v8 shell but I am in nz and these cars are...
  16. Mitchell Pope

    VZ Calais- Alloytec to LS Conversion

  17. L

    W457 blew #5 piston

    Hi, I recently melted the L77 in my VF SSV, it has a walkinshaw 457 kit on it and #5 went lean, melted the piston, snapped a bit of the ring off and that was bouncing around in the chamber so the head is stuffed now too. I think I have about 3 options here: - best and most boring case I get...
  18. L

    Supercharged LS2 went BOOM

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a walkinshaw supercharged VF SSV redline ute. Really happy with the car however there is some bad news.... Took the car out for a run yesterday and on the way home gave it a bit of a long pull. Next thing I know, smoke spewing out the back (luckily I was close...
  19. N

    VE SSV L77 issue

    hi, i have a ve ssv, 3yrs ago i had to rebuild my engine after spinning a bottom end bearing. a couple weeks ago i noticed a tapping sound coming from the right side of the engine. i took it to my mechanic and he wanted to pull it down and rebuild it again but i can't afford that again atm. he...
  20. T

    What next.

    I've got a 2012 SS Thunder and I'm wondering what to upgrade next power wise, I've got most of the obvious stuff done. headers, cam, exhaust, tune, etc currently sitting at 348rwkw looking to go forced induction somewhere in the future. Is it worth getting forged pistons and rods for when i...
  21. B

    Holden and HSV Gen IV Engine Number Prefixes

    I've been compiling this list for quite some time, hopefully it will help identify these engines when offered as replacement or conversion units in the future. Please note that this list is a work in progress and while all care has been taken, being based mainly on information found across the...
  22. N

    [LS2] Does an LS2 Stroker Kit fit an L76

    Hi All, Just after a bit of clarity, will stroker kits (408 or 427) described as LS2 Stroker kits, be compatible with a VZ L76 V8 Engine? I am just wanting to make sure that I will have a few stroker options for the L76 engine. Basic searches so far seem to suggest that the LS2 kits will...
  23. T

    L98 stock cam needed

    Gday guys In the next few weeks im doing the lifters and timing chain in my 07 ve stato L98. Im just replacing the parts with stock parts as its just an everyday driver and don't want to go tune it or anything. I can find everything on ebay I need except for a stock L98 cam. Anyone able to...
  24. H

    vz maloo performance advice

    Hey guys, I'm about to dive into the performance side of things but im an electrician and don't know much in the way of performance. I live in Darwin and the choice of workshops isn't huge so I'm trying to get more advice, the more the better right? My car is a vz maloo ls2 manual, I...

    LSA crate motors. Peoples Opinions

    I have seen the new LSA 6.2 with 1900 supercharger for sale for $10500 - $12500. This seems like a great deal. What does everyone think?
  26. V

    [LS2] Suggestions or advice on rebuilding my LS2 with a stroker kit

    I plan to rebuild an LS2 with a stroker kit and some performance heads/ top end. Does anyone have any suggestions on how big to stroke it to I was thinking possibly 408 or maybe bigger perhaps 427. If anyone has done this I would be interested to know what size they went and what power they...
  27. A

    [VIC] Selling 2x 10K Autometer rev tacos, LS2 Throttle Body

    ITEMS: 2 Autometer rev tacos, LS2 Throttle Body LOCATION: Western Suburbs Hillside CONDITION: Used Excellent Condition PRICE: $150 each for the gauges, $220 for the Throttle body DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup would be good PAYMENT OPTIONS:Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or...