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  1. J

    Diff housing

    Hey guys, I’m having talks about who and where to get my diff upgrade done, and to keep costs low on both the labour and parts the guy I’m likely to go through suggested sourcing my own new/better diff housing for its intended use and to prevent a housing blowout should I end up doing what I...
  2. J

    Harrop TrueTrac LSD Rebuilds Adelaide

    Hi. mom looking at getting a 3.75 or 3.9 Harrop TrueTrac LSD conversion/rebuild on my 2014 Series 1 VF SS Commodore Sedan (auto), but I’m having a lot of trouble finding reputable places to facilitate this in Adelaide for any reasonable price. I know I can buy them off eBay, but all the...
  3. J

    Vs ute LSD

    Hi guys, probably a stupid question but I have finally found a live axle LSD for my vs ute however it doesn't have axles and I was wondering if open diff axles would fit into the lsd? Cheers
  4. Fredwillows

    VE sv6 auto Differential swap

    This might sound like a stupid question, Could you put an sv6 manual Lsd on an auto? 2006 series 1 sv6 auto 5 speed Thanks
  5. M

    Welded diff, honest opinions, answers and installation instructions

    Hey guys, So I've recently put a welded diff into my vt calais and I will be answering a few questions that I see go around honestly, dont forget this is my opinion so it may be different to yours so go easy on me :) also, I bought the diff instead of welding mine because mine was buggered from...
  6. Pie-VK

    [NSW] 3.91 M80 with Kaaz 2-Way LSD

    ITEM: I have an M80 out of a VY series II SS, 3.91 ratio with a Kaaz 2-way LSD (Model Number: DAG3810). Diff is tight, just needs new oil and friction modifier and its good to go. Comes with Manual and the 2 ABS sensors. This will fit any holden with a LS1 or Ecotec, will not fit any LS2...
  7. I

    3.45 Diff rebuild

    Hi, im on a budget and my diffs LSD has given up, im planning on rebuilding it with new clutch packs. Has anyone done this or know where to purchase these parts from? Thank you in advance
  8. A

    VE SS 3.45 diff problem

    Pretty certain it’s diff related but it only started happening yesterday, at low speeds a clunk in the rear occurs when turning sharp both left/right, when turning right up a hill it felt like both were about to lock up but just shuddered. No whine or anything driving or any clunks 20kmh+ Drives...
  9. K

    VL Diff Upgrade Questions.

    Hey all. Just to state one thing before I go any further. I'm only just starting to learn about working on cars, but have a bit of knowledge, currently studying Cert 3 Auto (First Year Apprentice). I've been doing a bit of reading and obviously all the Borg Warner BW75 / 78 series internals...
  10. Aaronthestig

    Vy2 lsd clunk

    Hey guys i have been having trouble with my LSD only spinning one wheel and was advised that i should change the diff oil, so 2days ago i replaced the diff oil with Red Line Heavy ShockProof oil as recommended to me (Red Line Synthetic Oil - Gear Oil for Differentials - Heavy ShockProof®) & now...
  11. femno

    [VIC] VS Auto Commodore Borg Warner LSD Live Axle Assembly Reconditioned SWAP VIC ONLY

    Hi guys, Im selling my VS V6 Ute but without the LSD, its Auto and fitted with a Borg Warner LSD. The Diff Assembly was rebuilt with the new LSD and new bearings about 5,000km ago. Since im selling the car I need a swap with someone elses Auto Live Axle diff assembly. So this is a sale...
  12. K


    Hey I am looking at putting a VT LSD diff into my VY Calais. Do you guys know whether you can just swap the part that the tailshaft bolts to (I think it is called the yoke) as they are different?
  13. Manual Calais

    vn s1 new diff gears, no calibration, rev limiter change

    Hi guys, I reccently got a lsd put in my vn manual v6 s1, at the same time i got the diff gears changed from 3.08 to 3.45. Ever since i got this done my car has not been going as well. For example, i used to beat my mates manual vs by a car length, now we are even, my mates auto vy same deal. i...
  14. A+d+a+m

    Buying second had Diff, what to check and look for

    So my cars diff has decided to die on me, both the bearings and gears are ruined. I was looking into getting the diff rebuilt but in the mean time i found a Diff for $150 that suits my car. I was just wondering what i should look for or "listen" for when checking a diff that is out of a car...
  15. Ripcell

    [VIC] 3.45 diff gears and LSD center

    ITEM: 3.45 diff gears and LSD center LOCATION: Vic CONDITION: Used PRICE: $350 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pickup from ferntree gully PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT INFO: 0425358343 OTHER INFO: 3.45 gears and LSD out of my VZ. Had 113k on the clock when they came out...
  16. M

    Open diff or LSD??

    hey guys Im looking at buying a diff center off someone but the owner isnt too sure whether its an LSD or open diff. its advertised as a LSD but after a few searches on google im pretty sure its an open diff. Ill post some pics and can someone please verify what it is? thanks heaps !:)
  17. G

    VT-VX Fitting a LSD DIff, 3.07 or 3.46?

    G-day. Well basically I am sick of the old Commodore diff and its single-pegger shenanigans. So I am looking to upgrade to a LSD Diff, however I cannot afford an aftermarket unit and so was looking for a used stock one. When browsing it seems that the most common ratios are 3.07, 3.08 and 3.46...
  18. D

    VY SS LSD, gasket?

    Hi guys, Just a quick question.. Does the vacuum plate on a VY LSD use a gasket, or just the liquid sealant???
  19. T

    L67 + LSD Towing Caravan around Australia

    Hey Guys, I'm planning a trip around the coast of Australia with a slight detour into Uluru and my mate just bought me an LSD for my VX II Calais that I'm gonna be driving for the trip. I was wondering if I should put the diff onto the commodore now or just use the current standard diff that...
  20. adam sv6

    [VIC] Wtb: Ve lsd 3.27

    DESCRIPTION: want to buy a 3.27 ratio LSD for a ve commodore. LOCATION: Vic, 3038. CONDITION: new/used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will pickup from Melbourne regions. PAYMENT OPTIONS: cash CONTACT DETAILS: this forum or pm (checked very often) OTHER INFO: has to be a working LSD...
  21. Chris_

    [VIC] WTB - VE LSD diff centre 3.45

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: VE Commodore 3.45 LSD diff centre LOCATION: Vic Northern Suburbs CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay shipping, will travel up to 1.5 hrs from CBD PAYMENT OPTIONS: Paypal, Cash CONTACT DETAILS: PM me OTHER INFO: Looking for...
  22. Q

    mini spool

    hey peeps, I have a mate that has a vp 5L drift car, It has a 3.08 LSD in it at the moment but he is looking to mini spool it. have looked on ebay for him and found a couple to suit borgwarner diffs but not sure which one he will need, he wants to go 3.45 ratio, I have also read that you...
  23. V

    please tell me if i have an lsd!

    Hey guys i bought a diff and the guy said it was an LSD but wasnt sure! i jacked it up and when you rotate one wheel, they both spin the same way! so it sounds like a LSD? and i got my brother to hold one wheel and and if i turn it hard it does spin in the opposite direction. Here is a video of...
  24. V

    How do i get the diff by it self? Like how to i get the axle housing off!

    Hey guys, i have a vs lsd whole rear end and want to have just the diff so how do i get the arms/ axle off?
  25. Defected

    [VIC] Wrecking VN series1 v6 3.45 LSD

    ITEM: Series 1 v6 Commodore LOCATION: Croydon Nth, Victoria 3136 CONDITION:Used PRICE: Open for offers on parts DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: Email [email protected]om or post here OTHER INFO: Hail damaged body, passenger side doors are...
  26. Zerone_V

    DIY Differential Swap for VE Commodore

    Hi Everyone, Firstly, Thankyou in advance for any help that I receive. I am looking at swapping my Differential during the Christmas Break. (I have a second hand LSD Diff I wish to fit to my non LSD VE V8) I have already sourced the Diff, and have had a quick look at the workshop manual...
  27. B

    9 inch in vr ute?

    Havin trouble finding a decent diff for my ute, i was sittin round scratchin my head wen i remembered i got a xf with a good lsd in it, can anyone tell me wats required for a conversion?
  28. B

    new diff for vr ute?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know where i can get an lsd for my vr ute v6? im on the sunshine coast, thanx,
  29. A

    [VIC] WTB 3.45 or 3.46 ratio LSD diff to suit VY v6!!!!!!

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy 3.45 or 3.46 ratio LSD to suit VY v6!!!!!! ITEM: lsd in good nik LOCATION: VIC CONDITION: used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: whateva works best PAYMENT OPTIONS: whatever works best CONTACT DETAILS: PM, Phone: 0431 349 872 OTHER INFO: any diff...
  30. agrsv8

    [SA] Surge tank, VP SS full exhaust and LSD, VT Headlights, Tyres, Sub + Amp + Capacitor

    LOCATION: Adelaide, Tea Tree Area ITEM: polished 2l Surge Tank with An fittings CONDITION: New PRICE: Firm $80 ----------------------------------------------- ITEM: VP SS IRS Twin 2.5" full exhaust, Tri-Y headers, Primaries sandblasted and repainted in heat proof silver, twin redback...
  31. W

    3.45 LSD Questions

    I just found this Ford Holden Falcon Commodore 3.45 28 spline LSD complet (eBay item 250798051638 end time 07-Apr-11 19:19:35 AEST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats on ebay and was wondering if it would be able to be put into my manual vs wagon. Also, is 3.45 a good ratio for a 5 speed? I mostly drive...

    [VIC] wtb vk sedan lsd diff

    DESCRIPTION:Wanted to Buy ITEM:Vk sedan 25 spline lsd centre for borg, or a complete disc brake diff assy that will fit into a vk sedan, ratio 3.08 or 3.23 preferred. LOCATION: victoria/ bayswater CONDITION: New or Used? DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will pick up if not to far away...
  33. sp001in

    [QLD] Vy - VZ parts - LSD diff, VZ SS rear IRS setup, vy ss 6 stacker stereo

    ITEM: VY 3.08 LSD - out of V6 ute - non abs!, slight knock under load. LSD works fine. new oil, with holdens $75 anti shutter additive to try and eliminate knock. Will probably need new crown and pinion. LOCATION: Sandstone Point, QLD (near Bribie Island) CONDITION: Used/ needs work PRICE...
  34. V

    VY Roller Rockers + LSD?

    Ive been told by many people on this site that i should get roller rockers and an LSD( with changed gear ratio?) on my car for better acceleration and fun-nes to drive. So now i need to know info about wheres good to go in perth for either of these items. i want to get them installed...
  35. iaydemir

    [VIC] WTB: LSD diff for VY V6

    DESCRIPTION: WTB LSD diff ITEM: After a LSD diff for a v6 VY LOCATION: Victoria, Northern Suburbs CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Not fussed, will work out if i find the part. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM OTHER INFO: LSD diff for VY...
  36. S

    Good LSD Suggestions for VE HSV GTS 307

    Hi, i recently fuc*ed my diff and am looking for a new one 3:45.1 ratio, does anyone recommend a good diff i looked at a CAPA one but i thought id ask.
  37. MattyC

    VT V8 Std diff swap to LSD

    Hey, Posting to ask if anyone could help me in getting my Differential changed from the Standard open diff to one with LSD, or what needs to be done to my current diff to make it LSD. The car is in extremely good condition and I wouldn't want to replace the diff with a crap one that would...
  38. luvaofcarz

    What diff does a Series 1, 1998 VT S pack have?

    Hey Guys, I am just wondering what diff is in my Series 1, VT S pack. I am interested in changing it and am just wondering whether: 1) it is worth changing the diff gears 2) whether or not my diff is the IRS or the LSD as well. Is there any way I can tell? Thanks.
  39. C

    lsd diff

    can any one tell me if i can get a lsd center for my G70 diff or do i reqire a whole new diff ?? any advice would be appriciated
  40. S

    What do you think of fitting an lsd do to my vs myself is it hard

    Is it hard to fit an lsd centre to a car my vs needs one and i dont want to spool it so i wnat to know if ne1 can help me