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lumina ss

  1. Weasel

    O2 Sensor replacement for Lumina SS 5.7 (Commodore VZ)

    Hi All, I'm new to the forums and first off I have to say thanks to all!!! I have already found a huge amount of info here. Sorry if what I'm asking is already posted somewhere, I tried searching, there's just so much :D I have an issue with an SVS warning that comes up whenever I just...
  2. topdzl

    Increasing stabilty

    Hi I believe I have commodore 2000 vt ss 5.7 as it's well known in the middle east as Lumina SS. I'm facing a big challenge to increase my car stability, this is the first stage of tuning my car to a better performance. It seems lots of people are lowering their cars and I believe that would...