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  1. S

    Omenous 1st experience; should I try again?

    Hello everyone, My name is Shady and I live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. So, here's a little story. last year, I sold my old Mercedes Benz (which probably was my 14th or 15th) after 10 joyous, tumultuous years. I'm not exactly in a desperate need to have a motor vehicle in my garage, but in...
  2. Alexander Cuomo

    Does anyone know what the Lumina trim level is?!!!

    On Wikipedia when looking at VY commodores there is no mention of the Lumina model apart from the chev lumina which is a completely different car. Where does it place with the other trim levels of VY commodores and what features does it have that the executive doesn't have? thanks
  3. K

    Vz Running Rough

    Started my vz v6 lumina drove for a little bit, car started running very rough and misfiring. Checked all areas for vacuum leaks, there were non. One by one I disconnected the coil packs while the car was running and found that “cylinder 1” had no change when disconnected. I than swapped coil...
  4. ReaperTBS

    Putting VZ Calais Seats in a Lumina

    Hi there! Anybody know if putting some VZ Calais powered seats (leather, preferably) in my Lumina would be as simple as removal from the rails, and installation to the lumina rails? Will i need any additional looms/bolts/mounts/anything to install them and get full fuctionality?
  5. mohamedelkady

    Oil leak under the engine!

    Hello, Three days ago I noticed some oil leaks under the car in the morning, I checked engine oil level and -unfortunately- it was 1.5 litre less :(, I added equivelent amount of oil and checked the bottom of the car, it was hard to determine the leak source (The car saffered some leaks year...
  6. Cameron Leary

    VX Commodore mods P plater edition

    I'm after ideas for what I should do with my commodore for a bit more power It's stock as a rock I'm the third owner. All I've done to it is replaced the front hub bearing and spent about 1500$ at the mechanics on bullsh#t. So far I've come up with > k&n filter > new or bigger throttle body(mech...
  7. mohamedelkady

    heater core leak, replace or disconnect?

    Please can you read my post here: https://forums.justcommodores.com.au/threads/heater-core-leak-replace-or-disconnect.266209/ I just posted it in the VE section by mistake and cannot move it back to VZ, sorry.
  8. mohamedelkady

    SRS Fault notification.

    Hi, I have a 2006 Chevy Lumina Ls aka. Commodore VZ V6. I went to a cleaning shop a week ago, after I restored the car the (SRS FAULT) and SRS lamp in the dash are appearing every time I switch the car on. Note that my Car was NOT equipped with airbags. When I referred to the owners manual, the...
  9. ReaperTBS

    VZ (Auto) turning off sporadically

    Hi there, Not sure if this is the right section to post this in, as i'm not sure what the issue is, but i assume electrical. I recently got my VZ (auto) back from the mechanic, as it had been stationary for about 9 months while i was away, and it wasn't maintained during that time. I got a...
  10. K

    Calais tailights and other

    Hey guys:) I was wondering if anyone new or could point me in the right direction of finding some either vz calais tailights or smoked altezza tailights as a pair?? Also where can I find fog lights with inserts and lights for a vz lumina?? And how do I program another key for the car?? Thanks in...
  11. vicky37613

    transmission oil quantity ???

    hey folks can anybody please guide me about quantity of transmission oil in commodore ve 2008 6 Cyc.
  12. A

    A hello from KSA & a few issues with my Lumina..

    Hi fellow Holdeners.. I hail from Saudi Arabia.. I own a '04 Chevy Lumina LS(Commodre VZ) and came across this forum searching for repair manuals... I must say there are a lot of passionate people in here...!! I am passionate myself but lack the techincal know-how, although I try my best to...
  13. J

    VE Lumina P plate mods?

    Best sounding Exhaust for a VE Lumina??? I was just wondering if people that have installed a system on their ve could tell me a good one :)
  14. J

    Car Alarm

    Hi, Recently purchased a 2005 Holden VZ Lumina, it has a fitted security alarm system. When you press 'Lock' on the wireless remote, the indicators flash then the horn sounds about 3-6 times. I read that you can lock your car without it sounding the horn by going into the Mode settings &...
  15. L

    Series 2 bodykit on a series 1?

    Hi guys, I have a series 1 VE Lumina '07 (No pics, joined today) and want to put a series 2 Calais bodykit on it. Front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, tail lights and headlights. I have asked someone about this outside of JC and I was told I would need to change the bonnet aswell because...
  16. ModySLR

    Recalls around the world for Commodores, Luminas and G8s

    Hello. I have been searching for recalls regarding the commodores around the world and I found this: 1. Road Safety Recalls Database 2. Search for a Recall | Safercar.gov | NHTSA for the second one you have to select year, car make then model. (year "2007-2011"/ Pontiac / G8)...
  17. M

    [ACT] Holden Lumina VX II 2001 rear spoiler in colour "quicksilver" needed

    Hi there, The rear spoiler has come off our Holden Lumina and I need to track down another one as they cost about $600+ new from Holden. :-O Apparently the spoiler for the Lumina was just made for this model, so other spoilers don't fit, but I am far from an expert on this stuff - just...
  18. A

    Lumina S DVD Modification Help

    Hi all, I have searched high and low for answers but i cant find any info... does anyone know how to put a dvd player/touchscreen mod into this car? the blaupunkt CD is covering the front with ac controls embedded into the panel so how can i change it? i dont mind cutting the plastic or...
  19. K

    VY Lumina

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Delete this thread please...
  20. VYHDT

    D3CID3R'S Old VY Commodore

    Hi all, thought I would finally get around to posting up some info/pics of the Mrs. & I's Pride n Joy Model: 2003 VY Lumina Body Kit: VY SS Colour: Delft Blue Engine Type: 3.8L Ecotec Engine Mods: CAI (YT Style) 4" Piping K&N Flat Panel Filter Exhaust: 2.5" Redback Catback Exhaust...
  21. D

    VX head unit

    I need to know if i can still control a custom fitted head unit with the VX Lumina stock/standard steering wheel with the controls (mute, volume, etc...)? Anybody?
  22. S

    My VX Lumina!!

    Pretty basic atm but iv been slowly getttin it better! Bought for $6,200 with the dent, bad side skirts, few minor scratches and couple of bad gouges on the back panel. Before Front left hand quater panel Side skirts Car And then $300 later (Panel beated/ Cut, Polish and...
  23. S

    Exclamation in my Lumina SS (Like GTO and Commodore) th350 or th400 ??

    Hi, my car Lumina 2002 SS I want to change my 4l60e to th350 or th400 ... what is the best choice? I driver my car daily go to my collage ... this is the parts on my car : LS1 5.7 Stock intake LS6 AFR Mongoose 205cc FULLY CNC 66cc Chambers COMPLETE|G5X3-114|Stainless Works 1 3/4 Off...