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  1. moocow

    Freshly rebuilt cammed engine runs hot

    Hey guys, I just did a top end rebuild and installed a lumpy cam and my heads were worked on while I had them out. While the engine runs pretty much perfectly, it gets excessively hot and I can't think why. I flushed the coolant and oil systems. I put anti freeze and anti boil coolant in...
  2. moocow

    Comp cam and chip package..better than crow?

    Hey guys, So I have my engine apart while I get my heads worked on and I'm thinking I'd like to change out my cam shaft for a stage 2. I know I'll need to upgrade the valve springs, but am I also gonna need to install a higher stall torque converter or anything else? Thanks :)
  3. T

    Lumpy sound VS Stato

    Howdy Peoples, I have an interesting problem. I have a VS Statesman and the most recent of problems to rear its ugly head is an awful lumpy sound from the front left wheel. I first thought a flat spot on a tire so changed all four, I thought maybe a wheel bearing so I changed that. I...
  4. aussie1612

    VL running lumpy

    VL engine hezitation Hey guys. I recently bought myself a VL SL commodore n/a RB30 with the 5 speed. She was just sitting in some old ladies garage with 98,000km on the clock. Now, there are a few little niggles that its got. - There is a buzzing noise coming from the fuel pump...
  5. MattyC

    VT 5L Lumpy Cam help

    Hi guys, I would like to make my stock VT 5L calais (apart from twin 2.5" catback) nice and lumpy as it is too plain atm... Would anyone know what CAM i should get and where I can buy and get it fitted in Perth?? I want it to be really lumpy, like reallyy lumpy! I love the shaking and...