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  1. Fu Manchu

    [General] Alloytec Engine Assembly

    Found this great video showing the assembly process of the Alloytec engine. Might help someone. This one is twin turbo, but you get the idea. If only they put a twin turbo 3.6ltr in a Commodore. (Yeah, I know what I'm saying).
  2. J

    VE LY7 Engine

    Would anyone know if I can still get/where to get a LY7 SV6 Crate engine or reconditioned engine? Or possibly even cost to get full recon and what would be needed due to a bearing putting metal shavings all thru the engine?
  3. B

    Need serious help with my engine

    hi guys, i know i’ve been posting in this forum like crazy ever since i got my new secondhand engine.. it is a 3.6 alloytec.. just wanting some second opinions before i go putting it in my car. i had a look under the lower intake manifold and noticed that the valves in 5 cylinders are closed...
  4. YoungHoldenMan

    HELP! What transmission could/will fit a 07 ve sv6?

    My transmission has recently shat its self in my 2007 VE SV6 Holden. Ive been looking around for a M82 transmission (the type of gearbox currently in the car) and finding it hard to find one at a price I can afford. Just wondering if any other gearbox's would fit? like a 6 speed? Also, I'm...
  5. N

    New throttle body

    I need to replace my throttle body on my 06 Calais and I was just wondering would I need to get it tuned after I change it? I'm thinking of going to the wreckers and getting one from an old VZ would that make any difference from buying a brand new one?
  6. christojesus

    My LY7 Build 2009 pontiac G8

    Ive been slowly doing the build of the ly7 over here in canada and i thought id share my progress so far as i am on of the very few guys in north america that is building this motor. well hopefully you will enjoy my videos and progress to come and as well maybe offer som pointers. Cheers!
  7. Revhigh

    VZ V6 Alloytec 190 SV6 & Executive 175 Stealth Controllers (Throttle Boosters)

    For the VZ V6 guys that are sick of throttle lag, these suit the Holden VZ V6 High Feature Alloytec now. Revhigh Checkout the reviews on our facebook page!! :) https://www.facebook.com/revhigh.obsessions.5/?fref=ts
  8. R

    VCM OTR on a alloytec ly7 sv6?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if it is possible to put a vcm otr on an lv7 alloytec sv6? Seen and read heaps on the orrsom one and not a fan so far. Thanks
  9. christojesus

    deciding between Cams for LY7

    I'm trying to decide between cams for my LY7 im stuck between 210/210 or 226/226. does the larger cam require the suporting mods ie. lifters valve springs ect. only want to dig into the motor once so want to do everything right the first time. and thinking about upgrading the top end of the...