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  1. J

    Supercharging VP Commodore

    I was looking at supercharging my 1992 Vp S2 V6 with an Eaton M90. It has an LG2 engine. I was looking for preferably something that would bolt on as apposed to fabricating the existing manifold. I am new to this but from what I understand the same engines can be found in the states with...
  2. Miss_VT

    Supercharger pulley kit help!!

    Does anyone in Perth have a supercharger pulley remover tool? That I can borrow or does anyone know where I can get one??
  3. Turnerj

    VX Commodore's Eaton M90 with 18 PSI?

    So I have the Eaton M90 on my supercharged VX commodore. Currently I have it running at 12 PSI (intercooled) on my car and I want to push it to around 18 PSI. I have been doing research regarding how much PSI the supercharger can take and I haven't really found an answer that I am happy with...
  4. S

    Which engine to rebuild?

    Thinking of whilst I am on my P's and eagerly trying to learn, getting an engine and building it up could be an educational and fun exercise with a nice reward at the end. My old man has done many an engine swap and god knows what else so don't stress, experience people will be handy to prevent...