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mace engineering

  1. P

    Any LE0 Performance Mechanics near Perth

    Hi im looking to see if theres any Mechanics around Perth, preferably further south, who specialise in performance modding and tuning Alloytecs. Wanting todo a few performance mods, but roughly wanting labour prices and if anyone near me specialises in this
  2. MACE

    Happy Australia Day from MACE Engineering Group

    Let the kangaroos hop, the koalas snooze, and the BBQs sizzle! Today, we're not just celebrating a day; we're celebrating the spirit of this sun-kissed land we call home! Let's accelerate the joy and unity this Australia Day! Cheers to the red, white, and blue – and the roaring engines too...
  3. MACE

    Celebrate the Season with MACE Engineering!

    This Christmas and New Year, give your ride the gift of performance and reliability! Use Promo Code MACE2023 for exclusive deals: Enjoy a massive 10% OFF on all products at our AU and NZ websites! www.maceengineering.com.au �� www.maceengineering.co.nz Get 5% OFF on our eBay Store! Perfect for...
  4. MACE

    MACE ENGINEERING GROUP - Closing the Year on a High Note!

    As we power down for a well-deserved break, we want to share our heartfelt gratitude with you, our valued community. Your trust in MACE has driven us forward in 2023, and we're revving up for an even more exhilarating 2024. Key Dates: Last Working Day: Today Back in Gear: Thursday, 4th January...
  5. MACE

    ✨ Unwrap Joy, Share Love! Our Pre-Christmas Sale Extravaganza is here!

    ✨ Unwrap Joy, Share Love! Our Pre-Christmas Sale Extravaganza is here! Use promo code PREXMAS23 for unbeatable deals on all your automotive needs. Hurry, offer ends 17th December, Sunday at 11:30 PM. Don't miss out on the chance to gear up your ride for the holidays! Ensure a smooth...
  6. MACE


    MACE ENGINEERING GROUP BLACK FRIDAY BLOWOUT! ⭐Save Big on Performance and Engine Parts!⭐ YOUR CHANCE TO UPGRADE YOUR RIDE IS HERE! Promo Code "MACE2023" - Get a massive 10% OFF on all products at our AU and NZ websites! https://www.maceengineering.com.au...
  7. E

    Ecu tune vy 3.8

    Hey guys have a 04 spac 3.8vy been looking at mace engineering ecu tunes just to get a bit off grut out off it can people please explain how they work or what I ask for
  8. Whatdoin

    Just bout a CAI and

    Mace performance manifold kit for my vz commodore excited to get these on, anybody have any reviews ? It's all from Mace
  9. K

    Bigger injectors for my VZ after cams have gone in?

    Sorry if title doesnt help, new to the whole car mod thinf and couldnt find anything so I made an account to ask what I exactly need. I have a 04 VZ calais V6 (LY7 if that helps sorry) and I bought the camshaft package from mace engineering. I’ve been advised the valve springs will need to be...
  10. C

    L67 Performance rebuild help

    Im looking for some advice on rebuilding an l67, I’ve always done my own work on all my cars but a complete engine rebuild is something completely new for me, i’ve got the motor on a stand ready to be stripped down so I’m trying to put together a list of everything I’ll need before I start, I’m...
  11. Lochiemar22

    Installation and Dyno Tune Sydney

    Hi everyone, i’m looking to buy mace’s speed demon pack for my ve sv6 and was wondering if anyone knew who could install it for me in sydney. It’s basically otr intake, cams, throttle controller, manifold insulator, power pulls kit, plenum spacer kit. For best results it also needs a dyno tune...
  12. P

    Cam upgrade thoughts?

    Hey fellas, just after some info and thoughts. I’ve got a 2014 evoke wagon. Already have 2.5 xforce exhaust, otr and tune And am about to upgrade extractors and add high flow cats. My question is would a cam upgrade be a good pairing considering I’m already doing cats and extractors? Would it...
  13. JKIDD

    Vs L67 stroker.

    This is my Vs, im in the process of building an L67 for it, its got Mace Engineering 4.2ltr stroker kit, plus 0.040" oversized forged pistons and H-Beam rods. Stage 2 Crow cam (mace package), A2a intercooler kit, 3" (14psi) pulley (for now) will be going 20psi, 69mm throttle body, High voltage...
  14. Pierson

    70mm throttle bodies, Buick v6

    Im looking for a mace 70mm throttle body to fit my vp ute and its listed on the mace website but theres no way to order. can anyone clear up hats going with it or know another way to get one? cheers.
  15. V

    Plenum spacer 25mm

    Is anyone running the 25m plenum spacer on ln3 any problems? Mace website say only for the l67 and boosted applications not recommended for stock ecotec just curious as to wwether I should fit it or if it causes any problems or losses? Tia
  16. M

    Looking for a porter L67 blowers

    Looking 4 someone that ports L67 v6 blowers with program on a cnc machine besides mace very urgent!.
  17. M

    custom crow cam pushrods sizes 7050"7100" which 1 goes where?

    hi there, ive got a crow cams stage 3 cam kit 4 an L67 & an wondering how do i tell which pushrods go where hence they r 2 different sizes 7050" & 7100"...
  18. D

    VE V6 Parts - Not Used

    LOCATION: WA Perth DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up preferable or delivery for a nominal cost PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash Preferable CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] or 0426181122 OTHER INFO: So i spent a good 5k on parts and before i got to put most of them on i was t-boned...
  19. MACE


    Looking at beefing up your Alloytec/SIDI ride? We have the perfect excuse with 20% off our MACE Alloytec & SIDI Cams till the 7th of October. Don't miss out on this opportunity while stocks last!!!!!
  20. soleit

    Throttle controller

    i bought a throttle controller for my 09 SSV manual from Mace Engineering for $185 and timed 0-60 in SP mode if anyone is interested. Test area had a very slight incline, no real flat spots here. The car is still stock, only mod is a VCM OTR CAI. I only done 0-60 because I haven’t upgraded the...
  21. MACE

    What?! 33 More HP With Mufflers That DON’T Flow Any More!

    It's astonishing what sort of impact a properly setup exhaust can have...a gain of 33hp switching from separate straight pipes to a proper system with mufflers and X-pipe. http://www.hotrod.com/articles/33-hp-mufflers-dont-flow/
  22. MACE

    What Is an Oil Catch Can, and Why Doesn't Every Car Have One?

    For any car enthusiast, this article is for you. It's known that the harder a car is driven, the more blow-by gases there are. These gases mixed with oil particles from the crankcase end up in your intake via the PCV system and contaminate the manifold, and cause carbon build up on valves and...
  23. S

    Supercharging VU v6 Ute help

    Hey there, i'm wondering what would be the best performance ideas to supercharge my 2002 manual vu v6, i'm thinking go with the raptor supercharger kit, but i'm wondering what would be the most amount of boost i can run, engine has 200,000 kms, is the boost adjustable, and how easy is it to...
  24. N

    VZ Alloytec Timing Chain and Other Issues

    So I've picked up a 2006 Holden Commodore Acclaim (Wagon) with the Alloytec LE0. The car was purchased DOA, previous owner advised "timing chains snapped". From what we've been told they went into a shop came out a few hours later and it wouldn't start. They engine would turn over, making a...
  25. D

    Mace modded Vu 3.8l v6 ,HR roller rockers or cam ?

    Hey there Just wondering what is better for low to mid range power,high ratio roller rockers or to cam it with new timing chain etc ? I own a vu 3.8l v6 it's done 200,000km and these are current mods if it helps thank you -3into1 hurricane extractors - twin highflow cats - k&n fliter - Bosch...
  26. L


    i need to replace my cams and thinking of putting in mace 210/210 cams but i can't afford the dyno tune yet. If i put them in will it throw engine codes?
  27. C

    VY ECotec stock in VT body

    Hi Mace Engineering I have a VT V6 Ecotec with Mace Performance chip in stock engine but couple weeks ago the engine died. So, I have put in VY Ecotec engine which only done 126K and put in 10W 60 Penrite Racing oil with Ryco filter and also added ceratec from Liquoy Moly, but I can...
  28. C

    LFX 3.6 SIDI - Exhaust, OTR and tune

    Ok, I have a MY12 SV6 SIDI LFX ute that is manual. I've been looking at an OTR for it as I know that mace have been working modifying them for the LFX for some time now. Is it worth putting an OTR on a V6 ? I'd want to put the VCM one on as I know many people with them on their V8's, and they...
  29. W

    Vs v6 project car.

    I currently have vs ute which currently can do 0-100 in 6.7 seconds. My current mods are extractors to a 3" high flow cat with 2.5"piping and a performance chip. I'm wanting to hit the 6 or under seconds to 100. Money isn't an issue. I'm very impressed with the feedback mace engineering...
  30. S

    Info About Mace Cams on a ve sv6

    Hey everyone, i have a 2010 ve sv6 sidi ute and am looking to to put a set of mace cams on it and wondering what are people's thoughts on them?