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  1. Pierson

    70mm throttle bodies, Buick v6

    Im looking for a mace 70mm throttle body to fit my vp ute and its listed on the mace website but theres no way to order. can anyone clear up hats going with it or know another way to get one? cheers.
  2. P

    VF V6 Commodore Sportwagon performance

    Hey guys so I recently brought a 2014 VF commodore Sportwagon s1 I know most people’s opinion on working a v6 but say what ya will. I’m looking at putting a cat back duel exhaust on but I know with only doing the exhaust you increase fuel consumption etc So just looking for recommendations on...
  3. holdencallous

    Manifold Spacer: is it worth it?

    Hey guys, I just recently installed a 25MM Manifold spacer on my VX in hopes that I would get a bit more down low, to be able to have it breathe better and to get better fuel economy. This is my experience. Putting it on, a breeze, you could be blind deaf and have no hands and still be able to...
  4. C

    Urgent help with ly7 vz timing chains from mace!!!!

    Hey guys, having an issue wilst installing the new timing chains. Have already timed the left bank and main chain after replacing the oil pump. Went to time the second bank after rotating to the second stage marks and it won't line up???? I've paid a lot of money and this is stressing me out...
  5. MACE


    Looking at beefing up your Alloytec/SIDI ride? We have the perfect excuse with 20% off our MACE Alloytec & SIDI Cams till the 7th of October. Don't miss out on this opportunity while stocks last!!!!!
  6. MACE


    Big discounts on our original Mace Engineering products like the Manifold Insulators, Plenum Spacers, and Intake kits! Check out our range today! https://www.maceengineering.com.au/Performance-products/On-Sale
  7. vscom88

    Vs l67 into VH running rough and crossfiring when cold only

    My ecotec (l67 top swapped) runs like a bag of **** and fouled up 4 of 6 iridium plugs only when cold. It's currently in a for a tune but we can't get the damn thing going properly despite mucking around with AFRs and map/maf tunes. It would idle lean (as per the wideband gauge) and once at...
  8. S

    Growler vs Mace intakes

    Just wondering if anyone knows the differences between Mace and Growler intakes (aside from a few hundred bucks)? Pros and cons of either etc? Cheers!
  9. Danthuyer

    250kW VF SV6 .......... now there are two

    Hi Everyone, Some of you already know the good news but for those who do not we have had another VF Commodore here in AUS install and tune these cams from the team @ MACE Engineering and we are happy to share the positive results with you. This particular vehicle started off with ~190rwkw...
  10. Danthuyer

    LFX 3.6L SIDi cams - RESULTS !!

    Hi Everyone, Some of you already know the good news but for those who do not we have had another VF Commodore here in AUS install and tune these cams from the team @ MACE Engineering and we are happy to share the positive results with you. This particular vehicle started off with ~190rwkw and...
  11. F

    69mm Throttle body Vy commodore

    I finished installing my new throttle body and when i went to start it my engine light came on, is this supposed to happen or did I install it incorrectly
  12. Mattde

    Alloytec V6 OTR style CIA...

    So Ksport Australia here in NSW posted a new style air intake to suit V6 VZ & VE. for $199 with free freight upon pre-order until Mid July it sounds like a good price for what it is. Looks Pretty neat IMO but thus far my speculations are as follows: - How does its performance match up to...
  13. Mattde

    VZ MACE manifold insulator & clearance

    So forgive me if this has been asked before (I cant quite seem to find a specific answer) Does anyone know if a MACE 12mm manifold insulator will fit under a Nolathane strut tower brace? So far as I can estimate there is only about a knuckle-space between the top of the manifold and the...
  14. W

    Sidi V6 Power?

    Does anyone know roughly how much power i would get with a full performance exhaust like headers, extractors and what not all the way back, vcm otr cai, manifold insulators, mace cams and mace tune? just want to know if its worth spending like the $4000 it would cost happy to drop that in to...
  15. Mattde

    [NSW] FS MACE 12mm Plenum Spacer suits VT-VY

    LOCATION: 2214 NSW DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup preferred but postage can be arranged at your expense. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Other! CONTACT DETAILS: PM or text at anytime: 0434724755 ITEM: MACE 12mm Plenum Spacer (Suits Ecotec VT-VY)...
  16. Mattde

    New Ride!

    Hey guys, So after ditching my VX i have finally upgraded to an '05 VZ! Already has: Growler CIA (K&N filter) SS Bodykit (so far as i can tell) Nolathane Strut Brace Some form of BSA 17"s but no idea what they are haha What you guys think? So since I am also new to completely...
  17. W

    HDT or MACE Tune?

    Hey guys just considering what tune to go with I went to HDT yesterday and they want $800 to tune my sv6 sidi ute or MACE ONLY charge $550 for there flash tune and ghost cam set up, would love to hear people oppions on both? I will be getting a orssom OTR aswell before the tune :)
  18. W

    Vs v6 project car.

    I currently have vs ute which currently can do 0-100 in 6.7 seconds. My current mods are extractors to a 3" high flow cat with 2.5"piping and a performance chip. I'm wanting to hit the 6 or under seconds to 100. Money isn't an issue. I'm very impressed with the feedback mace engineering...
  19. Mattde

    MACE VX Tune/Recal PCM opinions?

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has bought one of these and what your thoughts are? HOLDEN RECALIBRATED COMPUTER/PCM TO SUIT VU-VX V6 HOLDEN RECALIBRATED COMPUTER/PCM TO SUIT VU-VX V6 - Mace Engineering Group I've been considering it but would love to hear some opinions? I currently...
  20. Commo_Carl

    [VR-VS] How to install high ratio roller rockers from MACE

    Finally bought some MACE 1.9 high ratio roller rockers the other day. They are very easy to install and make a HUGE difference, especially on turbo applications. Got them for about $600 and they state on a stock motor you will see gains from 13-16kw, id say on turbo apps you'll see more like...
  21. T

    VY S Mods and Performance Problems

    Hi, I'm just looking for anyone who can give a bit of advice. Currently I have a (mostly) stock VY S, the only mod on it so far is a Lukey 2.5" Cat back exhaust. I've got my eye on some of the induction mods from MACE. Though I'm a bit reluctant to jump in and start installing them because...
  22. M

    69mm Throttle body any good...

    hi I got a vy v6 3.8 DUAL FUEL with none mods except for a 2/12 exhaust , i am thinking of getting a bigger 69mm throttle body from MACE Eng , So the question is are there any disadvantages of going for a bigger throttle body in short and long term over the engine..and also apart from a...
  23. A

    VY L67 A2A MACE intercooled - NEW VIDEO UP

    VY S-Pac L67 Intercooled (Powered by MACE ENGINEERING GROUP) Here’s what’s been done :) Car has been modified with the following bolt-on products. Engine Modifications - ‘MACE’ A2A Intercooler kit - ‘MACE’ ported LIM + blower outlet + adapter plate - ‘MACE’ 1.9 ratio...
  24. A

    Just fitted mace rockers 1.9s on l67 (review)

    Very easy to install job took around 3 hours as I took my time, being a first time job for me and I wanted it to be perfect. All that was needed for the job was a wrench set, a screw driver and a decent torque wrench. The rest is supplied by MACE. My car already included MACE 10psi boost...
  25. G

    My First Car- Holden Berlina VX '2000' SI

    Gabriel Olszewski Model: VX Series II Year: 2000 Colour: Shanghai Red Pearl (F154) Engine: 3.8ltr V6 Kilometers: 120,000 Engine mods: - Mace 82 Degree Thermostat - Mace 25mm Plenum Insulator (Bored) - Bored out and polished...
  26. JohnyRock

    Need To Know If MY MACE Plan I Correct ( NEWBY )

    As The Subject Sais Im A Newby When I Comes To Getting More Power Out Of A V6 Engine And I Just Wanna Get Every 1's Opinion To Weather What Im About To Order And Do Is Correct.. P.S Vt series 1 V6 ECOTEC.. 1st on my list 85mm mass airflow meter 2nd 70mm polished throttle body 3rd...
  27. A

    Mace product customer review

    Just recently installed the 81C thermostat from MACE and thought I would share my opinion with everyone. I fitted the thermostat on my supercharged VY and was delighted to notice a significant amount of power to still be available after a long drive and this can be justified easily even by...
  28. Schuey97

    MACE Memcal + Error 94

    Hey All I am currently trying to work out this problem with MACE, but thought I would also see if anyone else has had or come across this problem. I have a 95 VS Commodore with a T5 Manual Transmission. I bought a MACE Memcal and installed into the VS. The car runs awesome until you get...
  29. LM8185

    [NSW] Mace Ecotec V6 Twin Throttle TTB

    Hey all, I have a used Mace Engineering Twin Throttle Body Manifold with 2x 69mm TB's for sale. It was fitted to my car for about 5 months, but I had to take it off as the supercharger (Raptor) I purchased would not fit with the TTB manifold on. Once fitted, ideally the vehicle should...