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  1. jasevessvR

    [NSW] WTB VE II L98 Wagon Parts (Manual)

    ITEM: stock airbox including Maf, and full stock exhaust LOCATION: NSW but open to offers CONDITION: Used PRICE: Let me know please DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Other CONTACT DETAILS: 0425303667 OTHER INFO: needs to fit a manual...
  2. monstar

    [LS3] Engine Fluid Dynamics (breathing better)

    I did some research and development re NA induction recently. FWIW below is an overview of induction mods ordered in a hierarchy of positive impact (daily driving across the board): Ported throttle Aux air dam Ported intake Tuned MAF tube Air straightener Radius bars (RamAir / rod mod) Variable...
  3. Z

    [SA] WTB: Duspeed OTR to suit 2005 VZ SS

    ITEM: Duspeed OTR to suit 2005 VZ SS LS1 Auto.... Maf or Mafless fine. LOCATION: South Australia, Adelaide CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: Hopefully good. :-) DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: prefer pick up & pay cash, but willing to pay freight if packed up carefully and the price is right...
  4. B

    does running a maf sensor with a mafless tuned ecu affect it

    Does plugging in a maf sensor into a mafless tuned ecu affect it in anyway? my understanding is it ignores input from maf and reads another input
  5. moocow

    VS V6 constant high idle

    Hey guys, I have a 4.2L stroked ecotec which has had a manual conversion including the ecu and loom. Needs a tune or memcal to suit the engine mods (another problem entirely) but it was idling fine to start with. After a month or so of being on the road it started idling high. Upon start up...
  6. moocow

    very bad fuel economy

    hey guys c: my car is a 1995 vs berlina with a vt engine. I'd been noticing my fuel economy get worse and worse for a little while now. lately it has been really bad. a tank of fuel would be lucky to last me a week with light driving to work and back and the occasional other trip. a large...
  7. Braydenreid

    MAF Filter?

    im going to install a new CAI and wider piping and was wonderng if i should i take out the honeycomb mesh in the MAF? would it stuff up my car at all?
  8. ephect

    MAF issue & clearing codes

    i have a small issue, i know my MAF is possibly screwed, as a test i can unplug the sensor and the car continues to run without a hitch. it should cough and splutter as it doesnt know how much air its getting. So on that basis it makes sense that my car is running on a base map. I have a new MAF...