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  1. ThatWhiteVS

    LWT 17x7.5 Alloy Wheels

    Hi all, I have one alloy wheel off a car I wrecked a while back. It is a LWT brand wheel in the size of 17x7.5. Just looking for more info or if someone wants it. cheers
  2. M

    Vn factory wheels

    Hi all, is there a way to find out what wheels came on the car from factory, not the size but the type, did all of each model come with specific mags or were they optioned? We have a vn s and trying to find out the exact mags that it came with, it currently has vl calais wheels. I know that...
  3. danielnitschke

    VX - Holden Center Wheel Caps

    Hey Team! There were a few similar threads but nothing of exact nature. I've currently got ROH 235/45 17's on my VX Commodore, as pictured below. They've just got the boring ROH center caps on them at the moment. I reckon it would look much nicer with the Holden Logo in there. I've been...
  4. Mattde

    [NSW] WTB/ TRADE VZ Wheels/Tyres 19" or 20"

    DESCRIPTION: Swap/ Wanted to Buy / Trade ITEM: Some new(ish) 19's or 20's for my VZ. Wheels WITH tyres would be ideal but depending on price I could settle for just Wheels. Happy to trade my current BSA 17"s + Cash or whatever works. Just got two new front tyres ($200/tyre) put on them...

    Bare Alloy rim clean B4 paint. Prepsol or Thinners

    I am about to paint my bare metal alloy rims with a primer/build. What is best to clean rim before paint? Wax and Grease remover or Thinners? Thankyou in advance

    Can I paint Alloy or Plastic when its wet weather?

    I am preparing some alloy rims to paint and also have a VY bumper that is ready for a topcoat of pressure pack acrylic. Can I paint when it is raining outside, ie : high moisture content? Thankyou in advance

    Acceptable Rim Run Out for 18" copy VY SS rims

    I have two non genuine 18" VY SS rims that have a couple of flats spots where the tyres mount up (less than 4mm) Is this acceptable? My other two rims which are genuine are near on perfect. Thankyou in advance

    Factory Alloy Rims Coatings

    What are the factory alloy rims (silver in colour) coated with please? Paint, powered coating, anodized, etc Thankyou
  9. Shamous69

    [QLD] 2007 VE Commodore OMEGA

    ITEM: 2007 Holden Commodore VE OMEGA PRICE: $11,700 negotiable LOCATION: Toowoomba, QUEENSLAND YEAR: 08/2007 SERIES: VE BADGE: OMEGA ENGINE: 3.6L V6 TRANSMISSION: 4 Speed Automatic COLOUR: EVOKE Metallic Grey EXTERIOR CONDITION: Excellent. As new, just professionally...
  10. Mattde

    [NSW] VX PARTS, SUBS, 17" CHROMIES. Make an offer!

    Clearing out my spare parts, really just want these gone so make a reasonable offer and come get this stuff out of my way! ITEM: Stock Vx Tail lights. bit of wear and tear, think one of the clips is missing LOCATION: 2214 - Bankstown area CONDITION: Used PRICE: Make an offer...
  11. Charles

    Need new mags!!!

    Chasing some mags for me Clubsport. If anyone is selling some nice mags that would suit get at me PLEASE!!!!
  12. Hazard-ous

    [QLD] VE series II 18" alloy wheels with yokohama tyres

    ITEM: 1 set of (4) series II VE 18" alloy wheels with yokohama tyres LOCATION: Gladstone, Queensland CONDITION: used - near new PRICE: $900 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pick up or may consider sending via courier but the buyer is to source, arrange and pay (this includes additional...
  13. C

    [QLD] various vt parts for sale

    ITEM:up for sale are a few parts off a 1999 VT which i am getting rid of due to upgrading LOCATION: Ipswich, QLD CONDITION: Used PRICE: contact me and i will give you a price, as i have many different parts, all items are negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pickup only...
  14. T

    [VIC] wrecking VL berlina v8 diff, crossmember, steering wheel MORE

    ITEM: hi im wrecking out a holden vl berlina it has no engine or trans V8 diff which is 3.08 gears non lsd. complete front end assembly also v8. 16" mags tyres are stuffed. hayman reese towbar saas steering wheel front drivers door pretty straight also the complete car if you want with...
  15. stevebutler

    MY VT Berlina S1

    Hey guys, this is my VT Berlina S1. It is stock other than: ~19x245 CS8 Monaro Wheels ~black monaro headlights with blue halo parkers. ~clear side indicators ~Stock radio unit has been removed, temporary cd player in with the whole filling insert. Also i believe the colour is Orion...
  16. P

    Where can I buy standard mags for my commodore omega 07?

    Hi guys, Im new to this forum! Was just wondering if anyone knew where I could find some standard mags for my holden commodore omega 07 mod? Am located in Tasmania. Im after ones that look like the ones in the link ive attached. I dont mind buying good second hand ones though im not...
  17. H

    17" or 18" Wheels

    Getting wheels for my VZ ute and can't decide whether it is worth it to pay $300 more for 18 inch mags. Do they really look that much better? Let me know your thoughts!
  18. V

    mags for a vh?

    so my silly dilema is iv got vz ss rims on my vh, now there good but they arnt quiet the style i'm after. i was thinking more along the lines of dragways or gold simmons, but i'm not 2 sure if they would suit my sl/e. anyone had those mags or simular on they're vh or even some other...
  19. yentzelburger

    [WA] FS VR Commodore parts

    Alright peoples! We have the panels of 2 cars for sale here. From a blue / grey series 1 sedan we have 4 doors, 2 front gaurds, 1 bonnet (crinkled in one corner), 1 rear bumper and a boot lid with a spoiler. None are 100% perfect but they're not bent totally outta shape. (All these doors c/w...
  20. JSTCOZ

    17inch mags and lowering. What's the bad side?

    Hey all, I have just gotten a full time job and will soon be earning some money =). I was thinking of putting some 17's on and lowering the back of my car. As for the rims I aint sure what I want (i'll just look around) and for the springs i want the back end a few cm's off the tyre at...
  21. T

    [VIC] White walling

    hey i want to get my white walling done but i dont know where to i live in frankston and wondering if anyone knows an area close by much appreciated
  22. H

    18" mags selling info

    Iv got a set of 18" mags dunno what brand, there in ok condition all the tyres are bald its gonna cost me to much to get new tyres so just wondering if any one knows how much there worth cheers.