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  1. S

    Opinions on Car Servicing and Maintenance

    The previous owner of my VXII had the car serviced every 10,000km and repaired anything the mechanic advised her to. I've never taken any of my cars for a service and have always maintained what I could myself. Every week or so I do the usual checks - tyres, oil, power steering fluid, and power...
  2. C

    Electric Sunroof Maintenance

    I've been reading about sunroof maintenance on the web and one of the recommendations is to use WD-40 to lubricated the tracking rails. What type of grease do you use to maintain the sunroof apart from the use of WD-40? Apart from keeping the sunroof clean and ensuring nothing is...
  3. A

    DIY safety campaign – tell us what you think!

    Nearly 50 Aussie men have died over the past decade after getting under their car which had been raised for DIY repair or maintenance work using a jack, ramp or stands. That’s nearly five deaths a year, not counting the many other serious and often irreversible injuries people have suffered...
  4. VRV6BT1

    buick v6 valve stem seals.

    G'day, My car is blowing a puff of blue smoke on startup. I am of the understanding that this is the valve stem seals. Question 1. What is the benefit if any of using and installing brass or metal valve stem seals. Question 2. Is it a hard procedure? Question 3. Is there anything...