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  1. LawnPotato

    Torque Power Manifold Heater Hose Connections

    Howdy brains trust, I've gone down the 355 rabbit hole and I have just a few questions about my heater connections. It's a TP dual plane low rise EFI and I just need some confirmation on the correct way to hook up my heater hoses. Does it go heater to water pump, water pump to manifold, manifold...
  2. LawnPotato

    304 manifold bonnet clearance

    Ive got a VH with a 304 that's getting a decent cam (not sure which one yet) and some other head work. What I'm wondering is if I run a torquepower dual plane low rise and a quad throttle body, can I fit it under the bonnet? Coz I absolutely do not want it sticking out, that's not the look I'm...
  3. Bardy-II

    Intake Manifold

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering whether or not you can chuck the black VE upper manifold onto a VZ without any problems? Looks cooler wouldn't mind the switch up! Doesn't seem like it would make much a difference providing all the bolt holes line up etc!
  4. M

    12mm vs 25 mm manifold insulators for LFX

    Hey all. Looking to grab some manifold insulators for my 2013 lfx. Not sure to get 12mm or 25mm. Would there much of a difference? Please help
  5. Alexsvt

    Will a Haynes Manual help me find my vacuum leak? also ABShelp maybe?

    Hi all!! don't let my username fool you, i am currently running a 2006 VZ that i recently picked up FAIRLY CHEAP, i knew i'd have to fix up a few things but i am new to dealing with vacuum leaks and engine stuff. from the research i've done and talking with people i believe i am dealing with a...
  6. K

    VT commodore manifold

    so im in he process of getting my manifols setup for a passenger sided turbo and the size im using for my manifold is 1 1/2” sced 40 for the main manifold but would that size be to small for the crossover pipe? Does the crossover pipe have to be a bit bigger because of all 3 cylinders connect to...
  7. K

    Turbo manifold

    so im turbocharging my vt and im going to make my own manifold, would you guys recommend 2” pipe for that, is it too big or too small or just right?
  8. K

    Simple question id say about turbo manifold pipe size

    so im turbocharging my vt soon and im in the process of getting my manifold set up, ive got a t3t4 turbo and im not sure what size piping i should use for the manifold im only going to put probally around 7psi or so tops i recon so whats the max you guys think i should go when makin it? The...
  9. M

    Remove inlet manifold or work under it?

    Coils, plugs, and inlet manifold gasket replacement...easier to to remove the whole intake manifold to do the work, or prop it up with blocks enough to get access? Time isn't really an issue, if it only has to be done once.
  10. Slappy bruh

    Can I start my car with the Manifold off the engine?

    I need to change out one of my coils and have found out I can actually lift the manifold off the motor without having to split it, new gaskets etc. All the videos I've seen on YouTube where they've looked for a dud coil the car had been running and they just unplug them 1 at a time, but I don't...
  11. J

    Supercharging VP Commodore

    I was looking at supercharging my 1992 Vp S2 V6 with an Eaton M90. It has an LG2 engine. I was looking for preferably something that would bolt on as apposed to fabricating the existing manifold. I am new to this but from what I understand the same engines can be found in the states with...
  12. R

    304 355 Supercharger intake ideas

    Hi Peoples So i am building a VK with 355 supercharged motor and have some questions about intakes. The motor is built for boost, and i am using a Vortech V1-T trim. (work in progress) I am will run a 7" crank pulley and 3" charger pulley so it will be maxing out the impeller speed at max...
  13. R

    355 Supercharger intake ideas

    Hi Fellas Long time reader so i thought i would get in on the action. I am building a VK group 3 replica, and i have a 355 stroker build to boost to go in it. I am running a vortech V1-T trim with a front mount intercooler. What i am stuck with is intake design. There are lots of threads...
  14. V

    cpr6 manifold real life experience and results

    Hey guys, I've got the SV6 Adventra, handles well has a nice bit of grunt but on the down side likes a good drink. I was looking at ways to reduce fuel consumption and read about Performance Manifolds CPR6, adds about another 10% rwkw and reduces your fuel consumption to 8.6 km/100...
  15. speed__demond

    304 manifold change, high idle??

    okay so had a vac leak so I changed the manifold gaskets, car drives okay a little rough, but not too bad. ..but when in park or neutral it idles at about 1800, could this be from the manifold cleaner I sprayed out the tb with? or do I have another problem?? I was gunna see what it does...
  16. Mattde

    [NSW] WTB: CPR6 Manifold for VZ (SYD)

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: CPR6 Manifold. LOCATION: YOUR State and Region CONDITION: New or more likely- Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Prefer to arrange pickup (sydney area) Postage possible though. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash? CONTACT DETAILS: PM me! OTHER INFO: Thats...
  17. speed__demond

    304 manifold leak? 304

    hey all my car (vs 304, duel fuel) has a flat spot when accelerating harsh and runs rough when accelerating normaly, the idle also changes between 600-800 every 10 or so seconds. I tried the wd40 trick around the manifold/injectors and the idle did change, either dropping 100 or raising 100...
  18. R

    Octane Alley Manifold?

    Does anyone know anything about this manifold? Looks like a competitor to the CPR6. They're claiming 25-30 rwhp, although on the same page, 20-25 rwhp. Interesting that it looks a lot like the standard manifold. Alloytec - Holden alloytec High Performance Inlet Manifold - Octane Alley...
  19. Mattde

    VZ MACE manifold insulator & clearance

    So forgive me if this has been asked before (I cant quite seem to find a specific answer) Does anyone know if a MACE 12mm manifold insulator will fit under a Nolathane strut tower brace? So far as I can estimate there is only about a knuckle-space between the top of the manifold and the...
  20. N

    WB 304 horsepower gains?

    Hi all, Just after a bit of advice on setting up my 304 WB ute to lay a bit more power to the wheels. Currently sits around the 220rwhp with fresh rebuild, 10.1 compression & what seems to be a mild C.O.M.E cam & chip,Bluetops, standard inlet manifold. Custom Cold Air Intake/K&N hi flow ...
  21. Mattde

    Supercharger help?

    So I've won a secondhand Supercharger on ebay for what I would consider a decent price. details are as follows: "Holden ecotec supercharger, air intake and pipe, fuel rails and injectors and computer. Comes with mounting bolts and throttle body with sensors. Selling due to upgrading my setup...
  22. 9

    job done: intake manifold gaskets

    hey guys, just changed the intake manifold gaskets on my 3.8ltr V6 ecotech and thought I'd share some pictures. Car has done close to 290.000km and is a 99 VT Series II. Going by the date imprinted on the old gaskets and the state they are in, this might actually be the first time this job was...
  23. Petrievl

    Buick Plastic 3.8 Manifold Ideas?

    hey everyone, just thoughts over the last few weeks, putting a plastic manifold on an ecotec 3.8 from the buick regals, bonnevilles etc.. ovbiously loom, plugs etc. would have to be modified but im going to give it a shot in the next few weeks on a sparey ecotec. any ideas, know of...
  24. vscom88

    Twin Throttle bodys on an ecotec modifying the loom to run the ISCM and TPS solenoids

    Hey guys, I'm ready to buy this plenum chamber for my ecotec engine that is currently sitting in my garage ( Uploaded in the photos ) The question i want to know is, how would i go about cruise control ? Cruise control runs down the left side and is cable controlled so what would that do if...
  25. O

    The BIG VK Manifold Question!

    Hey Guys, I'm calling in some help on this one. This question will not be for the feint hearted I don't think. I have an 85' VK Commo with the black 202 carby motor. I've done an electronic dizzy conversion; and a Weber 34ADM Conversion (all running sweet). I've replaced the entire...
  26. WarShrike

    [Other] WTB: VS-Vy Ecotec NA V6 intake manifold

    I'm wanting to buy the whole upper and lower intake manifold assembly with the fuel rail, hoses, etc. I don't need the injectors though as I'll be running 60lb/hrs with the setup. LOCATION: I'm in Texas here in the US. CONDITION: new or used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Need to...
  27. uNEEk

    Any Information on rebuild ecotec, Cam/Heads/Manifold.

    Hello all, i have recently been looking at new gear to do a minor rebuild on my spare ecotec that i have sittting in my shed. I have been looking on a few websites in the US for 3800 cams/heads/rockers etc. And i just want some advice from anyone who has used the parts, or knows more about...
  28. apoc585

    304 Intake Manifolds

    Wat intake manifolds are people using and how do they find them? wat would people recommend? Im almost finished my 355 to go into my vs maloo and this is the last piece. I have a banana manifold atm but have been told they are way too restrictive. Cheers in advance for all opinions and...
  29. tysonVL

    [VL] Manifold stud access? vl

    Hi, just wondering the easiest way to access the rear manifold studs because one has snapped. It's flush with the hole and i've got all the stuff I need to get it out, (easy out etc) but need to find a way to get in there, or will I need to take the whole thing apart till it's possible? Thanks
  30. V

    VR V6 intake manifold

    Hey guys, i was reading on a forum site that a company was considering building new intake manifolds for VR 3800 V6s with the throttle body on the front, so we can run OTR CAI's.. im VERY interested in purchasing one. Anyone know if or where i can get one?!
  31. Dan VS 231

    Vacumn problem? (VS Ecotec)

    Ok so my car is running again after many hours in the shed and a bunch of new parts. Now there seems to be a problem with a vacumn unit that mounts to the back of the manifold. The unit has two vacumn pipes that run under the manifold, one runs to the pollution canister up front and the...