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    [LS2] Opinions: worth going twin 3''

    I have a twin 2.5'' Manta S/S hotdog-muffler system on my cammed VZ Maloo Ute. Have pacemaker headers and hiflo cats. Now ive been thinking of going 3'' as the 2.5'' sounds good but lacks some bass and volume. Would a twin 3'' be more ballsy ? is there much difference id notice by changing ....

    My thoughts on MANTA exhaust ''Maloo==

    Had a active automotive stage 2b cam installed along with pacemakers hi flos and a stainless steel Manta catback hotdog centres to resonators at the rear!! All done at active auto. My car is a Black ,2005 VZ Maloo R8 , Manual. Other than the mods listed its only just had a NPC Clutch upgrade...
  3. D

    Need some boot struts for a VT Manta? Don't do what I did.

    Hi all, I just bought a really nice 5.7 VT Calais S2 HBD with factory fitted Manta kit. It's awesome, low km's and its been really well looked after. Don't know what took me so long to get a V8. Anyway, this is going to be a bit of a complaint post, but I don't want anyone else to waste...
  4. BigD

    Info on manta exhaust system

    OK! I just recently got a 04 Sv6 and wanna put a good exhaust on it, its got pasys atm with a **** system sounds like a tin can, ive been reading up on the forms and seen that the Manta 2.25 into 3 inch is a good one, all i wanna know... Is it??? I dont wanna spend money one something that...
  5. V

    [WA] 96 vs hsv manta

    ITEM: 96 VS HSV MANTA Series 2 LOCATION: Perth WA YEAR: 09/96 SERIES: HSV SERIES 2 BADGE: MANTA build 262 ENGINE: 185 kw, 5 litre TRANSMISSION: 5spd Manual COLOUR: Alabastor White CONDITION: In excellent condition TYRE CONDITION: front 40% worn, rear 30% worn...
  6. V

    [WA] 96 vs hsv manta

    ITEM: Series 2 96 VS HSV MANTA LOCATION: Perth WA YEAR: Built 09/96 ENGINE: 185kw 5 litre V8 TRANSMISSION: 5spd Manual COLOUR: Alabaster White CONDITION: Car is in excellent condition ODOMETER: 164000 REGO TILL: 12/09 plates 262MANTER included PRICE: $13000 or make an...
  7. V

    Vs manta front bumper

    hey guys, mate of mine just backed into me rig, ripped off front bar :bang: lol. so need something new, really like the look of the MANTA ones just wondering if anyone knows where i can get a hold of one of these. Also, rear quarter pannels on vr vs are round, is it possible to put a vn, vp...
  8. S

    VR SS Senator Grill?

    Just wondering can you get a vr/s senator or manta grill to fit the SS bar?