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manual conversion auto vr

  1. 9

    shaking manual gearbox between 2500 and 3500 rpm ??? any ideas ??

    hey all i have just done a manual conversion to my 1994 vr commy it drives fine no slipping nice changes between gears but it shakes a little between 2500 and 3500 rpm in all gears including neutral i have followed the how to guide from the start (well done by the way was very easy to follow)and...
  2. G

    VR Series 2 manual conversion questions

    Hi i plan to convert my auto vr series 2 to a manual this coming weekend. My question is will a manual setup from a vn fit the vr? my vr has the 3.8 ltr non ecotec. i have been told that the vr is a 8 bolt flywheel and the vn is a 6 bolt is this true? So really the only thing i will need to buy...